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  1. northernbird

    Medicare and insurance

    This used to be true, in fact my cousin had to take it out before her 457 could even be issued. Obviously the rules have changed since then.
  2. northernbird

    A month in Oz Where would you go?

    A pure holiday assuming money no issue would be between SA and TAS. No interest in anywhere else.
  3. northernbird

    Who is the most famous person you have met?

    Adam Gilchrist, Terry Wogan, Michael Crawford, Gloria Hunniford, Lord Geoffrey Howe and Jack Straw. Not a very exciting group of people.
  4. northernbird

    What's your Favourite Takeaway?

    In my suburb we have an amazing pizza, chinese and japanese. a few kms away a few great thai places. Indian doesn't do it for me anymore, too heavy. Thai is my favourite though.
  5. northernbird

    RIP Eric Bristow

    I am a big darts and football fan and these are from my era too. Very sad.
  6. northernbird

    What's your favourite soup?

    homemade all the way for me. Like a laksa, pho come to think of it most asian soups. I make a lovely pea and ham, broccoli and blue cheese and chicken noodle. I love soup.
  7. northernbird

    what are you doing right now?

    Hope this works, I am being a pushy showbiz Mum and uploading it to as many places as I can!! I know I am biased but I think she is pretty talented. 29890197_207741596649022_7896407638391390208_n.mp4
  8. northernbird

    what are you doing right now?

    Thanks very much x
  9. northernbird

    what are you doing right now?

    Off to bed after a busy weekend with the youngest. She's just started busking locally and is doing great. See link below, what do you think? https://www.facebook.com/linseyscommunityevents/videos/640547552949701/
  10. northernbird

    Who are you?

    Favorite smell - fresh laundryFirst job - Secretarial YTS traineeDream job - MidwifeFavorite pizza - yuk, don't like pizzaFavourite Animal - dogFavorite dog - BoxerFavorite cat - no preferenceFavorite foot attire - hideous to look at but comfy crocsFavorite candy - Wispa GoldFavorite ice cream - VanillaWhat annoys you - Narcissism and people who think they are better than youWhat is the most visited website on your device - FacebookColor of your vehicle - metallic redColor of eyes - brownFavorite Holiday - 1 month touring Florida back in 2004Night owl, morning or day person - night owlFavorite day of week - FridayTattoos - NoFavourite Food - Thai foodFavorite Drink - rose wineFavourite day out - anything as long as I am relaxed and with people I loveFavorite color - RedFavorite vegetable - fennelFavourite Film - Four Weddings and a FuneralDo you prefer Spring, Summer,Autumn or Winter - Spring
  11. northernbird

    Chunky children.

    google will be your friend.
  12. northernbird

    Chunky children.

    In the lower socioeconomic areas, as they are everywhere else around the world.
  13. northernbird

    Head lice

    I've never had them but my daughters have had them a couple of times each, mostly when they started having sleepovers between the ages of 12-14. Not all parents are vigilant in checking their kids heads.
  14. northernbird

    Chunky children.

    I don't look or behave like either of my parents.
  15. northernbird

    Chunky children.

    You see I say that makes you a really unpleasant person. Judging someone on their looks before getting to know them. Not a great lesson to be teaching your kids, in my opinion of course.