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  1. The Broughtons

    The Graduate Teacher Issue

    Hi there, My friend suggested I have a look at your thread and see if I can shed any light on your situation. Reading through, mine was a little different but I'll share my story anyway. In 2005, my hubbie and I decided we were going to migrate to Australia. I had been teaching in the Uk for 6 years by then and had graduated from uni having completed a 3 year BA in Primary Education. I too failed my skills assessment despite my degree being purely education based and having more than enough teaching experience. I was not ready to give up on my aussie dream so I did a little research on what might be required in order for me to pass the skills assessment. I was informed that another year of study at uni - studying anything would be enough to pass the skills assessment, and as a bonus it didn't have to be a full-time year at uni. I enrolled at my local uni to do a graduate diploma in education, leadership and management. This was a part time course over a year. I had already completed study that earnt me cat points towards a masters and was convinced by my tutor to finish my dissertation and graduate with an MA instead of a diploma. I did and successfully completed my skills assessment. I do know however that I had a very tight timeline to get the skills assessment completed because all the rules were in the process of changing. I did meet the deadline and in 2006 my skills assessment was successful, in 2007 we were awarded a skilled independent 136 visa. We have been living in Australia since September 2007, are eligible for citizenship and have started our aussie family. I'm not sure how much of this will help you but I hope you can see from my story that where there's a will, there's a way. I didn't give up and found my way here. Felicity
  2. The Broughtons


    I apologise now if anyone thinks this is sad but - George Michael on his 25Live tour at the NEC December 2006. An absolutely fab night and just George singing for at least 2 hours. I had no voice for teaching the next day - my kids thought that was great. Robbie Williams at Milton Keynes Bowl was also a great concert, ABC were his support act and they were fab too. Felicity:cute:
  3. The Broughtons

    Any Truckies out there ?

    Hey there, I'm not convinced that you are stuffed. I have just had a look through the vic roads website If you are in Victoria on a temporary visa, you can drive on your overseas licence (provided it is a current, valid licence) for an indefinite period provided your overseas licence is in English (or you have an English translation), or you have an International Driving Permit. You already knew this bit. The next bit states: However, if your overseas licence includes a heavy vehicle category (eg. truck or bus licence), you must still complete a full heavy vehicle licence test to convert it to the equivalent heavy vehicle category in Victoria. Read more about what you need to do to get a Heavy vehicle licence. I know that this is if people are turning the UK licence into an aussie one but I couldn't find anything on there that said you can't take the test and hold an aussie licence. The wording seems to me that you don't have to change your licence if you don't want to. No-one takes away your UK licence from you when you go to get an aussie one so I think you coul do this if you wanted to. I'm sure you've already looked at this but I thought I'd post the link anyway just in case. Heavy vehicle licences : VicRoads I think it cost about $1000 in total for my OH, he had an assessment, 3 4 hour driving sessions - he was being tested in a Kenworth which meant he had to double de-clutch rather than driving what he used to. If he hadn't been tested in one of these, he would be restricted as to what he can actually drive. He now has no restrictions. As yet he hasn't done any driving work, he is a postie but is looking at an internal transfer and driving for Australia Post instead. Mornington is a great place to live. Lots of poms choose it and are very happy here. We love the fact that there is a bit of everything, it isn't that hard to get to the city from here and we have plenty of access to the beaches and the rest of the peninsula is beautiful too. Hope this helps, Felicity
  4. The Broughtons

    Any Truckies out there ?

    Good luck if you can ever get a straight answer via email from vicroads! After asking many people lots of questions when we arrived here we were told other half could not drive any hgv vehicles over here without taking a test. As he had already got his hgv class 1 he was able to take the heavy combination test and now has to hold this for a set length of time before he can take his multi combination (truck and multi trailers) test. He did this within the first month of us being in Australia so it would be possible to pretty much get off a plane, have an assessment with a driving company (vicroads themselves don't do the training) and get a test booked really quickly. TDT and DECA were recommended to OH and he used TDT. Hope this helps a little bit, Felicity
  5. The Broughtons

    Activating Visa

    Perhaps they're allowing a little extra time for people due to the backlog that happened in September! Who knows, perhaps some of those Mr Visa Men are a little bit nice after all! Nice to have a little bit of extra time to play with Kim. Felicity:wubclub:
  6. The Broughtons

    book club?

    If you like Cecile Aherne then you'll love Marion Keyes. Just read This Charming Man and loved it. Felicity:yes:
  7. The Broughtons

    Happy Anniversary To Us!!!

    And doesn't it only seem like a few months since we were all sat at our computers on a Friday night for a good old chat!!! Congrats on a happy first six months Dan and family, I hope the next six are just as good. We're heading for 10 months now!!! Felicity:cute:
  8. The Broughtons


    It is annoying that those of us who regularly donated in the UK can't here but I shall ensure that I pop along to donate whenever I manage to visit the UK. You can join the international bone marrow register though - it's not the same as being able to regularly give blood but you never know, you could be a close match for someone who desperately needs a bone marrow transplant. I'm still registered for this (did my registration in the UK though so don't know how you'd go about it here). Felicity:cute:
  9. The Broughtons

    Personalised plates

    We love it here. We're very glad we chose to settle here, it has kept the homesickness at bay and we feel right at home now. Have a look through the Victoria section - there are loads of poms here and many of them have written something about the peninsula Felicity
  10. The Broughtons

    who has taken the longest to get to oz ?

    Hi Tony, First skills assessment July 05. Back to uni - graduated in October 06. Second skills assessment October 06. Visa application November 06. Visa acknowledged Dec 1st 06. Visa granted May 1st 07. Arrived in Oz 14 Sept 07. 2 years and 2 months from start to arrival. Felicity:wubclub:
  11. The Broughtons


    I came to Australia on a skilled independent visa as a teacher so I can't help with the working visa side of things. I can, however, suggest that you get in touch with these guys. I worked for ANZUK as a supply teacher briefly when I first got here and I know that they help Aussie teachers teach in UK and vice versa. Check out the site ANZUK Teachers - Teach in the UK, Teach in Melbourne Australia & Jobs Search Hope this helps a bit! Felicity:cute:
  12. The Broughtons


    There is a build-a-bear in Chadstone shopping centre (Melbourne). Keep trying to sneak over there whilst we're out shopping but OH isn't having any of it. I would like an aussie bear to go with my birthday dog and graduation bear though! Build-A-Bear Workshop - Stores locations can be found here. Felicity:wubclub:
  13. The Broughtons


    My OH rarely gets bitten so I suffer on his behalf. I usually get left with huge swellings (I'm not exaggerating either. I have yet to try the vit B but I do have the don't bite me bands. You can get them from Rays Outdoors and other camping shops and I reckon recycling them is a good idea - leave them in a glad bag for a day or so with citronella oil! I also have a good hyrocortisone (spelling???) cream from the doctors for when the inevitable does actually happen and this does ease the swelling and itching. Felicity:cute:
  14. The Broughtons

    Personalised plates

    I have personalised plates on my car here in Melbourne. It cost me $400 and the only condition is that when (or if) I sell my car I have to either sell it with those plates or put a new rego on it (not too expensive according to the woman in Vic roads). I can then put my plates onto my new motor!!! Felicity:cute:
  15. The Broughtons

    PE Teaching

    It would depend on which state you were going to. There isn't a national curriculum in Australia, each state has it's own. If you were heading to Victoria, I would recommend that you had a look at this site: Health and Physical Education | Physical Personal and Social Learning | Prep to Year 10 Curriculum and Standards | Victorian Essential Learning Standards NSW = Home - Board of Studies NSW ACT = DET - Teaching and Learning QLD = Curriculum: Learning, Teaching and Assessment SA = SACSA WA = Curriculum Framework NT = Department of Employment, Education and Training TAS = Tasmanian Curriculum : Tasmanian Curriculum Felicity:wubclub: