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  1. spud-u-like

    $89300 PA is it enough for an ok lifestyle

    Is that after tax??
  2. spud-u-like

    Weapon (AK47) to Australia

    Thanks George, I currently work in WA and commute from the UK.....I'll wait till I return next week and make contact with the local police and see if I can make a start on the paperwork.
  3. spud-u-like

    Weapon (AK47) to Australia

    I have a fully decommissioned AK47 assault rifle that has been fully decommissioned to the point that it won't be able to be converted to fire in the future, the weapon comes with the decommissioning certificate from a reputable gun smith. My question is does anyone know or can offer advise if I can bring this weapon out to Oz with me as part of my furniture consignment? Thanks in advance
  4. spud-u-like

    Who has the longest commlute?

    I'm fly in/fly out from Tom Price (Pilbara Region) to the Uk every 3 months.......
  5. spud-u-like

    Scaffolding in Australia

    Hi Ben, I'm currently working in the Pilbara and am in the safety business so cover a large geographical area and quite a few big projects, every site I have been on has scaffolders of some sort, either large scale with numerous lifts (modular or tube and clip) or the smaller projects to provide a physical safety barrier. There is a huge amount of work out here with many companies, try Austral, Monodelphus, Lycopodium etc. I am on site daily interacting with the above mentioned companies and project managers/supervisors and scaffolders are definitely in demand!
  6. How do you rate Secret Harbour, was down Mandurah last weekend on a reccy and it looks (from the bus) very nice, I loved Mandurah by the way!
  7. spud-u-like

    Flying on Fri morn

    I fly to Perth (457 visa), via Singapore, on Fri morning with Singapore Airlines from Manchester (09.10am)anyone else travelling on this flight??
  8. spud-u-like

    Lodged our 457 Visa's today

    Yep that 46 yr old was me!!
  9. I was asked for - Birth cert Marriage Cert Copy of passport CV Professional (courses)certificates Proof of previous employment letters (going back 5 years) Police disclosure doc My sponsor used Fragoman and they were very good, 3 weeks for my 457 to be approved. Spud
  10. spud-u-like

    Thinking about going home.

    Can I ask you what are your views on Geraldton.....I'm heading out to the Pilbara region in a month working and I'm potentially looking at this area to settle for my wife and I?
  11. spud-u-like

    457 Processing Times March 2012

    My sponsor used Fragoman.....took exactly 3 weeks to get my 457 visa.
  12. spud-u-like

    457 Visa Granted!!

    Yeah when you get sponsorship and your visa is lodged with the department of immigration you get a TRN (transaction reference number), with your other details entered you can check the status of your online visa application, see link below - https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/inquiry/query/query.do?action=eVisa Once its requested by your case officer you may have to attend a medical or xray (might be both, one or the other or not at all) dependent on your occupation, these details are again uploaded to enable you to check your visa status.This process is called ehealth as only certain clinics/hospitals have the capacity to upload your meds to the DIAC web site Hope this helps
  13. spud-u-like

    457 Visa Granted!!

    Yeah Rio, and NEBOSH construction
  14. spud-u-like

    457 Visa Granted!!

    Yeah great feeling...now all the other bits to consider, handing my notice in, packing, flights etc!!
  15. spud-u-like

    457 Visa Granted!!

    The only med I needed was a chest Xray...I'm going as a mines safety specialist to Western Oz. No I don't recall a form 80?? what is that one??