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  1. bruce 7

    Registered Nurse Jobs Sunshine Coast

    If the Sunshine Coast is where you know you will definitely be moving to and your wife has worked in a particular speciality, my advice would be to search and see if you can find the Nurse Unit Manager contact details and send a chatty e-mail with her CV to them - you have nothing to lose. I did that before we came out, albeit over 10 years ago and had some great responses from managers. They may not have a job then, but they may communicate if there is a temporary position or something coming up or can even provide some suggestions. Good luck, Elena
  2. bruce 7

    Elderly mother

    I don't normally comment on these things but this thread has really struck a chord with me. Fisher1 you are so correct that no-one has any idea why people don't/can't move back and we have no right to question. I am in a very similar situation with my elderly mother in the UK and I can tell you it is hell on earth! I can't move back due to circumstances and I can reassure you that none of those circumstances are that I just don't want to move back. My husband and I have discussed this until we are blue in the face looking for a solution - it is a lose-lose situation. I am not sitting in Australia living it up without a care in the world it has greatly affected me mentally - it is really upsetting when people think that you are selfish if you don't go back but have no idea or interest in understanding why you haven't gone back - I have to live with my decision everyday. Elena
  3. bruce 7

    A Decade in Aus

    Great post Ali. We have been here 9 years this month, so were applying for our visas and found Poms in Oz when you and Cal were moving. I found both of your posts so helpful and full of a positive attitude. Once we moved here the positive, yet truthful attitude that you both had certainly continued to help me. We are now truly settled and love it here - not so much a better life just a life that suits us and the kids. Elena
  4. bruce 7

    UK Diploma Nurses - NZ & OZ Rego

    Hi Trevor You may be right about registration being suffice - but certainly in Queensland Health it would seem that degree - and now Masters for Grade 7 is what is expected. Good luck anyway. Yes profile picture is McDiarmid Park - hubbie is from Perth! Elena
  5. bruce 7

    UK Diploma Nurses - NZ & OZ Rego

    Have you actually looked at job vacancies though? I may be wrong but I am sure that Registered Nurse vacancies in Australia require you to have a Bachelor's Degree to apply. Elena
  6. bruce 7

    What life really like to live in Queensland?

    Hi Suzanne In answer to your question "What is life really like to live in Queensland?" - I would say pretty damn good!!! We have been here for nearly 9 years now, living on the Redcliffe Peninsula and we love it (although it was hard at first). We like the weather and the variety of things to do. Not so keen on the Gold Coast but love going up to the Sunshine Coast or into the city and of course always happy just to hang out in Redcliffe. We both work full-time and I have started studying again and we have two teenage kids, so life does sometimes take over, but it is up to us to make the most of our surroundings. Even when things are really busy, we make an effort to do something every few weeks. If it is just you and your husband then you don't need to worry about making sure that you are getting children settled, so just take your time and you will find a suburb that suits you best for lifestyle and travelling. Most areas have markets and activities on at the weekend to enjoy and lots of stuff is free. Good luck with the move and wherever you decide to move. Elena
  7. bruce 7

    Miserable in brissie!

    Hi. Dayboro is very rural, I know a few people who have built there then moved due to the isolation. We are late 40's and hubby got bike last year, we live in Redcliffe if you fancy catching up with him and enjoying a bike ride. Elena
  8. bruce 7

    Child Immunisations - Hep B??

    Hi this is done as part of the babies immunisation schedule in Australia. They used to have a catch up programme but not sure if that is finished (used to be done in year 8 but that has definitely stopped now), and if it is stopped then you may have to pay for the vaccinations which will cost about $150 a shot and there are 3. If you are planning to put your child into childcare you might not get any rebates back if their not vaccinated. There are no worries health wise waiting until you get here. My friend who went to NZ had her daughters vaccinated before going out, we waited until we came to Australia but both girls were done via the catch up programme. It's 3 injections over 6 months. Hope this helps. Elena
  9. Have you thought about a magna pool? They use different chemicals and the pool is concrete. It's what we have and we love it. Elena
  10. bruce 7


    Hi yes it is easy to enrol in schools. When we arrived it was the beginning of January and enrolled our girls the week before school started. The school was open with office staff, I walked in filled in a few forms had a meeting with the principal and that was that! We were in the catchment area and for some schools it may be slightly harder. To the OP re North Lakes State school - I have just finished working there for 8 months in a non teaching role and although it has lots of students it doesn't feel overly big and the staff I thought were lovely and caring. It may have a large enrolment but the class sizes don't appear to be large. It is on 2 campuses so the years 10,11 and 12 are based at a different campus. Elena
  11. This is something I also wanted to know. I am flying back to the UK in April for the first time since becoming a citizen. When I booked my flights they took my Oz passport number. Going Oz straight to Dubai, Dubai to Glasgow and same coming back. Not too worried about entering UK with British passport but when what about at Dubai and when I check in to come back do I show my UK or Oz passport, or do I only show UK passport at passport control? I am sure it is all very simple but at the moment I just can't get my head around it! Thanks Elena
  12. bruce 7

    Good places to live Nth of Brisbane

    If you are thinking Redcliffe but unsure (we live there and love it though), how about looking at Shorncliffe, Sandgate or Brighton. Sandgate has a train station and I personally think that area is also lovely. Elena
  13. bruce 7

    Good places to live Nth of Brisbane

    Hi we live in Redcliffe and have been here for 6 years in January. Daughters are nearly 16 and 13 now. I personally have found the schools on the Peninsula good and hear good things about all of the high schools on the Peninsula (some have the good and bad as many schools do). I can't comment on any schools in Petrie area though. Probably suggest checking out their websites and then visiting them when you get here. We were lucky than someone at the bank recommended a primary school and we weren't disappointed. Good luck, if you need any further info, hopefully I can help. Elena
  14. bruce 7


    Hi Scarborough is lovely and safe. Will be a perfect place to relax and unwind after the end of your busy days in the first few weeks. We live on the Redcliffe Peninsula and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Elena
  15. bruce 7

    teenager in need of friends north Brisbane

    That's disappointing about the school, when we came over the school was great. I think Redcliffe golf club does stuff for kids and maybe North Lakes does it also. What about life guard training? Good luck anyway. Elena