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  1. gail39

    Dental costs.

    hi garyox..we had to get braces for my 13yr old and got 2 different quotes and $800 difference so we went for the cheaper ones..same job no different..but if you pay the big deposit of $1500 we managed to claim some of it back at the end of the tax year...and pay $50 per week til next september for the pleasure of having braces....and my son has to have them too but for not as long as the daughter does,so wont cost $4800 like nikis have done.But saying that they are very up on looking after the kids teeth out here,,,its just wether u can afford them or not,,, hope this helps
  2. gail39

    Scary Australian Creatures...

    we had a red bellied black snake in the old shed!!!! frightened the life out of me...hubbie was very inquisitive and tried to hit it with a shovel......very frightened of us though!!!
  3. oh gammon steaks yum!!! will av to go cal the next time you go LOL
  4. gail39

    Stimulus Package

    hi the people who are getting this payment of up to $900 are people who have paid tax for the period of 2007-2008 and completed a tax return.If you have paid tax and are living in australia and earnt up to $80,000 then you will receive the $900. only if you have retuened your tax return.hope this helps gail
  5. gail39

    To Take the Dog or Not?????

    hi denise we had a border terrier in uk called jack and we weighed up all the pros and cons,and decided as we had only had him for over 1year,we decided to leave him in uk. We miss him like mad but he is so happy with people that he knows,and can go rabbitting every day on the riverbank with his new family...it is a hard decision but i couldnt put him through the trauma of the flight as he didnt like loud noises,so we feel we made a good decision for him.Good luck in what ever you decide.. gail
  6. gail39

    Stimulus Package

    hi lesley it is for people who have paid tax and completed a tax return for 2007-2008..my hubbie will get it but i wont as i didnt start my casual job til september last year....maybe if they do it again for 2008-2009 i might stand a chance:cute:
  7. gail39

    Stimulus Package

    it is for taxpayers who did a tax return for 2008...my hubbie will get it as he has paid tax and completed a tax return..i wont as i havent worked enough....and not done a tax return as my part-time job only started later last year....
  8. gail39

    Have been dying to do this WOOOPPPEEEE!!!!!

    congrats and have you been already to oz already...when you say fun begins again?
  9. gail39

    The Film - Australia

    i didnt like the beginning of it either and agree with you,glad i didnt pay to watch it at the cinema......:SLEEP:
  10. Arrived Friday night was Very hot, then a 40 min drive to Flagstone(near Jimboomba) to our friends house where we stayed for 10 days. Flagstone is very nice, a bit too quiet for my likeing and you cant get Broadband just dial up ARRGGHH!!. You do see Kangaroos though! lol. you can get broadband here we got it straight away with bigpond...never had any problems!!
  11. gail39

    1 year on in queensland

    hey mark chin up im sure things will improve sorry to hear you are having a hard time of it..gail and martin
  12. gail39

    5 weeks in brisbane

    good honest post nat it is all swings and roundabouts.....but it is nice to come home have a swim and a barbie...better than been stuck inside LOL
  13. gail39

    Jimboomba, Beaudesert

    glad I aint on my own on this one then LOL
  14. gail39

    Jimboomba, Beaudesert

    first i thought this thread was about selling your suburb not slagging it off.??? We have lived in jimboomba for 18months now and like where we live.We like it because we feel it reminds us of home,we are out in the country and not in the sticks,we are 20,from springfield lakes,25mins or less from browns plains,40mins from brisbane and 1hr 15 approx to the gold coast and surfers paradise.We lived in yorkshire and found our nearest beach to be morecambe just under a hour which has no comparison with the Gold coast .(much better).We could drive over 1hr 30mins back home to go to Scarborough and whitby..so it all depends wether you want to live in surburbia or the country.I do not class Jimboomba as being horrible,and at the end of the day it all depends on what you want from life.My husband has never been out of work whilst we have been here,even though he has done different things.He is now working at Bribie Island which he likes but like anything he has to commute,(not every day as he comes home mid-week).But he says he is happy as he has the best of both worlds,he gets to see the beaches and the country side when he comes home.As for commuting to work I think you will have to do that where ever you live in Australia as it is so spread out.I personally would not want the commute to get off Bribie Island as it can take you 20-30 minutes to do that before you even get on the motorways!! We are all different and at the end of the day if you dont like where you live you can always try somewhere else.!!
  15. hi annemarie we flew with emirates 18months ago and thought they were really good..the service and the food was good...hope all goes well for you gailxx