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    7 years in and wanting to leave!

    Hi all, what made you finalise your decision to move back and did you all want to go? I am very homesick, I don't have family to go back to but don't feel I belong here. We've been through some of the toughest times and I feel so alone. Everyday is a struggle and I have to pretend I'm happy, some days I feel so sad and rubbish that I'm not taken seriously. I'm ignored if try and talk about my feelings, the other half only wants to talk about what makes him happy, his job, doesn't want to accept my feelings. We agreed that we would give it 2 years and then return but I have done much longer than that and I'm now feeling like I've been grossly mislead and that basically I'm just gonna have to pack my case and leave! I can't talk to anyone else as my feelings are dismissed, I'm so fed up and miserable. It's making me ill to stay yet that seems ok as long as I don't talk about it. I never thought I'd end up in this position, never felt so lonely and unsupported before...:confused:
  2. 2Posh2Push


    Narangba is about 40 mins from the sunshine coast and about 50mins into the CBD of Brisbane. From my house it takes me 10 mins to the local shopping mall at Morayfield and 15mins the other way to the North Lakes Shopping plaza, 20 mins to Strathpine Plaza and 25 mins to Chermside which I have yet to visit so will let you know on that one! Its massive though... There are 2 primary schools in the area - Jinibara state school www.jinibarrass.eq.edu.au and Narangba Valley state school Home page My daughter attends Jinibara as we live outside the catchment for Narangba Valley and it is a lovely school. She used to cling to me at school time in Uk but here she is so confident and happy and a different child! The secondary school has an excellant reputation here - Narangba Valley SHS There are alot of nurserys in the area - 2 of which are right next to the schools. www.sesamelane.com.au Tadpoles Early Learning Centres - Child Care in South East Queensland www.childcare.com.au My local shops are less than 5 mins by car - they consist of Woolworths (grocery store - not like in UK) pizza place, dvd/video rental, newsagent, bakery, fish n chip shop, bank, chemist, dentist, real estate, pool shop, tavern, gym, vets and a tavern. There is another small selection of shops in Narangba at Main Street which include doctors, dentist, library, chemist, pizza, IGA (grocery's) real estate, butchers and more, 5 mins to Burpengary and you have another selection of shops including the Burpengary Plaza, Subway, Red Rooster (like KFC) gym, and many more. When we need a beach fix we go to Bongaree on Bribie Island (20mins away) or Settlement Lagoon ,Redcliffe(20 mins away) which are both fantastic for families. Redcliffe City Council - Discover Redcliffe and have the time of your life We spent Xmas day on Bongaree with friends having a barbi and enjoying the Kayaks with all the kids. Brisbane Queensland Australia - suburbs - maps - accommodation - events - street and business directory - restaurants - ourbrisbane.com is a really good site for finding suburbs you may like and anything you need to know about schools, things to do etc. Real Estate, Property, Land and Homes for Sale, lease and rent - realestate.com.au is great for sussing out rental prices etc. Hope this gives you enough to be getting on with!!!!
  3. think that must be a white tip present as looks similar to my husbands stomach hence why he went into theatre! Hes fine now and he didnt feel the bit at the time so i reckon its where like all blokes he likes to throw his clothes on the floor in a heap!!!
  4. i normally get hubby to remove anything i wont touch but he was bitten by a spider and ended up in hospital so now i done take any chances with my 3 lil uns running about! My son who is 2 is a menace - forever bring me bugs to 'cuddle' - no chance!!!
  5. That would be my worst nightmare I hate bugs!!!! Our 1st day at our house I saw a big spider dead in the bottom of the pool - the gardener tells me casually he thinks hes dead but be careful as they can jump 12 ft! I grabbed my youngest away from the edge and knew I was turning white and then he laughed and I got the fact that this was the great aussie humour. We have had cockroaches, DID U KNOW THEY CAN FLY?! I just thought they were horrible looking bugs who made a horrible scuttling noise until I morteined one in mid flight. Last week came face to face with a very squidgy bright green frog with red beady eyes in my hallway. I actually caught him in some tupperware to show my kids - a fact I am very proud of. This week whilst unpacking the contents of our container a lizard thing ran across the floor. I think they arent anything to worry about but my god they are fast little bleeders. There was me and the lizard thing running around in circles trying to get away from eachother. To top it all I saw a massive brown spider on the wall outside my kids room, now i hate them with a vengeance and I will not normally go near them but hubby was in hospital so I had no choice. I got 2 tins of mortein spray (he was never getting out alive), walked gingerly up to it from a safe distance, sprayed these cans, held my breath and then when I could summon the courage to look I found it was a big lump of bloody tree bark!!! :biglaugh:
  6. 2Posh2Push

    whats going on with me !!!!

    Hi mandie, I am not far from you in narangba and would love to meet up with you for a chat and good cuppa! I know exactly where you are coming from. I was extremely excited to be going to Oz and although I knew I would miss my m8's as I had a good set I had missed my sister and best friend more as they had left to live in oz over a year earlier. We had a few days in Singapore which was fab and couldnt wait to get here. But the minute we stepped off the plane at Brisbane we felt this horrible tension. My sister and my best friend were both at the airport to greet us with their families but the atmosphere was awful! They dont get on and we didnt know who to talk to 1st or more etc for fear of upsetting the other. They dont live near eachother so we had pressure of deciding where to live knowing we would upset someone if it wasnt by them. In the end we chose Narangba as it took my husband an hour and a half to get to brisbane from caloundra and wasnt worth my kids not seeing their dad in the morning or night just to be by my sister when we came over for all of our futures. We had only been here 2 weeks and my husband was sent away to Adelaide for training. I hated being on my own but managed. Then my husband was bitten by a spider there and by the end of the week was so poorly he was taken into theatre to remove a massive abcess that had developed within the bite. I was on my own again taking my daughter to her 1st day at school on my own and then my lil uns to their 1st day at nursery too. To say I was feeling as if everything had come crashing down was an understatement.... I missed my friends support then I can tell you - BUT I survived. My new house is opposite a lake and a park and my kids have their own rooms. My daughter loves her new school and when I went to feed the ducks the other day I looked at the view of the mountains from my house I knew I could never go back. I have decided to do something positive - either return to college or set up my own playgroup as there is a need in Narangba for it. That way I can meet other mums. I really hope you are feeling better soon and if I can be of use in anyway please feel free to let me know. Sorry this is an essay but I have not been on here for ages and that was great to get off my chest, lol. Now I will enjoy my rather large glass of wine.... take care, sending hugs to you xxx
  7. 2Posh2Push

    9 weeks in Brisbane

    Hi all, Mr push here (Craig). I have been reading the posts on here for ages and just wanted to share my experiences to date. As the title says, we have been here for 9 weeks now and came over on a skilled 136 visa. It only seems like yesterday that our home was being packed up in England, we used Mark Chudley (Mark Chudley international shipping, furniture transport & storage) to ship our stuff and I must say they were excellent and I would highly recommend them. That was at the end of August and we flew out on the 3rd of September with Singapore Airlines who were fantastic with our 3 kids (6, 3 & 2), had a stop over for a few days, which was well needed and landed in Brisbane on the 7th. We had a day flight from Singapore which enabled us to see some fantastic scenery as our flight path was over the middle of Australia. We have friends and family who moved to Brisbane last year, so had some help and a bit of familiarity on arrival. We did find it difficult to find a rental as there was not much about at the time, so we ended up in some holiday rentals which did help us to decide on where we wanted to permanently settle and have made Narangba our base. Its just north of Brisbane and takes about 40 minuites to do the commute, we are 40 mins from the Sunshine coast and 20 mins from Bribie Island which both have some wonderful beaches. We have been lucky enough to find a brand new rental with a pool that overlooks a large lake to the front which is a massive improvement on our house in the UK. We had not been to Australia before, so did not know what to expect, which I suppose that has its good and bad sides. It has been a great help using the forums to get all sorts of information both good and bad which has helped us to prepare for our new life down under. I have been fortunate enough that a job came up in Brisbane with the company that I was working for in the UK, so that was one major worry out of the way. I do get paid slightly less than the UK, I work as a service engineer and have a company car which I am not taxed on here, so with this and the family benifit, we are better off financially. It's so far so good for us and I'm sure that there will be more hard times ahead, but we are determined to give it our best shot and make it work. We moved for a number of reasons, but the main one was to give our kids the chance to experience a different way of life. Sorry for the essay, but I just wanted to pass on my thoughts as when I was preparing for the move I found these threads most useful. There is loads more I could say, but I will save that for my next post. Cheers Craig
  8. 2Posh2Push

    i'm getting ready to jump !! someone find me a bridge

    duh! i should have read the other posts but my toddler and baby ill so had a quick scan and typed away before i realised!Glad it was all ok, just waiting for house sale to go through 4th time lucky and then I will be able to follow my dream too!!!
  9. 2Posh2Push

    i'm getting ready to jump !! someone find me a bridge

    sorry to hear about your news cal. after all the help people have got from you on here there will be so many good wishes coming your way that it won't be a problem hon. Sending loadsa luv and hugs from Bristol to Brisbane!
  10. 2Posh2Push

    having a really,really bad evening

    Feeling awful for you hon and sending a big hug. Our house has been sold 4 times so far and each pulled out for different reasons! We are hoping that finally it will go through this time or i will go mad. Until we've exchanged I wont beleive it and its so annoying that people can do this to to you. All the best,
  11. 2Posh2Push

    Who's going to Melbourne

    thanks for that and congrats on getting your visa by the way - haven't been on here for awhile as house sale fell through last min and was abit fed up! xxx
  12. 2Posh2Push

    Who's going to Melbourne

    That made me larf! Me n OH thinking of coming to Melbourne now as its very possible that he can have a transfer with the company he's with now. Anyone advise on the good areas?! cheers, em
  13. 2Posh2Push

    What if we dont sell the house????

    I sympathise totally its been the most stressful bit for us. Put our house on market in Feb, 1st couple who seen it put in an offer which we accepted then they pulled out a week later saying they couldnt afford it!?! Next couple we agreed to take of the market if they gave us full amount and sold within 2 wks which they did, 2 wks later their 1st time buyer lost his job so we had to start again. They found another buyer over the weekend so again the sold sign went up and we were due to exchange 2wks ago and they pulled out saying they were splitting up?!?!? I was so cross i could have thumped them! I so desperately want to see my sis in Brisbane and my best friends is due her baby and i was supposed to be going into the hospital with her but it may be too late now. Why is there so many timewasters out there!!! Been so down I couldnt get on the Poms site for ages, but feeling better today so I'm back, ha ha. Chin up, it will happen hon. xxx
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    congrats - its a great feeling, may see you around sometime!
  15. 2Posh2Push


    they better bloody work or i will end up with an afro everyday and then i'll have to shave it all off. I've just about managed to persevere with growing it as well!!!