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  1. You can check chemist and cosmetics prices at: http://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/
  2. The cost of living will vary depending on how settled you become, and when you are able to find the best places to shop. I moved home recently, and started again from scratch in a new house in a new suburb. I have kept good records to see how I am doing financially over the last 50 weeks. These are my costs over that 50 week period, average per week. (for 1 adult and 1 teenage child) $52.43 Car (1 small car, petrol and maint only) $14.73 EatOut & Takeaway $15.48 Household (non grocery) $10.57 Clothing $77.67 Food and Household (Supermarkets, butchers etc) $20.95 Medical $ 6.27 Education (State Education) It is of course easy to spend more, but we live and eat pretty well; lots of steak, legs of lamb, chicken breast, pork roasts etc in the freezer now
  3. ABCDiamond

    Breast Screening

    In the event of suspicious lumps being found, some people will get referred to a Private Specialist for further examinations/tests. People "in the know" will ask for a public system referral instead or aswell. The public one may come through faster, and is free, and may even be better Experience in these things goes a long way.
  4. ABCDiamond

    £5k for Car is it enough.

    Most companies will recognise the UK No Claims. Proof isn't always needed, but may be if you later on have a claim.
  5. ABCDiamond

    £5k for Car is it enough.

    Car Insurance in Australia The minimum insurance that you must have is the COMPULSORY third party (CTP) cover. This may be known by different names in the different Australian States. In NSW it is normally called a "Green Slip", in Queensland it is known as CTP, in Tasmania MAIB ... In Victoria, you pay the CTP/TAC charge at the same time as you pay the Registration (TAC = Transport Accident Commission ). Compulsory Third Party is a compulsory insurance to cover Injury to Third Parties, that must be taken out when registering a motor vehicle. It covers the owner or driver of the motor vehicle in the event of an accident against any legal liability or obligation that they may have to anyone that they injure, it only covers personal injury, it DOES NOT cover damage to other property, cars etc Optional extra covers can be taken out with an insurer of your choice, it can be a different insurer to the above compulsory cover if you wish. These covers are normally either Comprehensive cover or Third party Property with Fire and Theft. Third Party Property Insurance This covers any damage that you may cause to another persons property, whether another car, a brick wall, etc. This extra cover, when added to the above CTP, makes the total cover equivalent to the UK Third Party Only cover, and should be the minimum that you consider. Car registration Victoria Motor Car registration fees for 1 July 2008–30 June 2009 were: 12 Months registration period: $ 89.00 Pensioner Concession on Light Motor Vehicle $128.00 Hybrid Motor Vehicle $178.00 Light Motor Vehicle The above fee do not include compulsory third party insurance or Insurance Duty. On buying a car valued at about $10,000, in Geelong, you will be looking at about $1,000 in CTP, Rego, and stamp duty on purchase. Some car dealers will pay this if you push hard enough. (they always do for me now) Comprehensive cover may be about $500, but you do need to check for quotations, as this can vary a lot.
  6. ABCDiamond

    New in Brisbane / Carindale

    This will give you the address and map The Spice Avenue Balti Restaurant - British Indian Food in Queensland, Australia
  7. ABCDiamond

    Childcare costs??

    Yes, that is correct.
  8. ABCDiamond

    Childcare costs??

    You are correct, there is currently no Income Test for the "Child Care Rebate", previously called "Child Care Tax Rebate".
  9. ABCDiamond

    Uk LTD company in OZ??

    You will need to register trading names here in Australia. Your UK company will not be recognised here as such. Depending on what exactly you are doing, will depend on if you need to keep the UK one aswell.
  10. ABCDiamond

    Which Bank?

    I agree. Go for the easiest to set up initially from the UK, then sort out something permanent when you are here. Having said that, I have had accounts with: CBA State Bank (now closed) Barclays Bank (now closed - in Australia) ANZ St George Westpac HSBC Actually I still have accounts with all except CBA and the ones that closed down on me ! Oh yes, and a Woolworth's Credit card
  11. Mothers meeting !!! Oh god, how come I always end up talking to the nice friendly ladies :laugh:
  12. I've lived here in the Brisbane Bayside, for 7 years now, and agree that it is an area that should be looked at, unless you want city living. I do however, recommend avoiding the gated complexes. From what I have heard over the years, many of the people that do not like the area seem to have lived in those complexes. I haven't, but would be concerned enough, from what I have heard, to avoid them.
  13. ABCDiamond

    New in Brisbane / Carindale

    If you drop in to the Spice Avenue "British Style" curry restaurant at Birkdale, you will probably find a load of British locals already in there It is a common spot for meet ups in the Brisbane Bayside.
  14. ABCDiamond

    Childcare costs??

    This is something I did ages ago, for Queensland, but I would imagine similar figures would be found in South Australia. There will also be more expensive ones...
  15. ABCDiamond

    Child car seats rules

    A couple of links for info on this... Australia wide: A Simple Guide to Child Restraints http://www.ntc.gov.au/filemedia/bulletins/SaferRestraintofChildrenFeb08.pdf QLD specific: Frequently asked questions also: and