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  1. thank you everybody for your responses! As it turns out, we are no longer relocating, but I'm sure this post will be useful for others
  2. lynniep

    Am I The Only One?

    I absolutely sympathise. My situation is quite different, but I utterly get where you're coming from an in a way you (all the posters on here) have helped me make my decision. My hubby has always wanted to live in Oz. I still dont know why specifically - he just tells me so. He moved there briefly in 2004, then came back for to UK for me - we got married, and moved to Sydney for 15 months. Not permanently - I had taken a sabbatical and told him I would make a decision whilst out there if I wanted to stay, or return. I was pretty torn actually, as I loved it, but even though I made some friends I missed home, and my family (well, my dad). Towards the end of my sabbatical I found out I was pregnant, and really wanted my folks and friends around me, so came back. He followed reluctantly three months later after he'd made some money. I was so happy to be home - there was this tight feeling in my chest that I hadn't realised was there - but it went as soon as I stepped off the plane at Heathrow. Sadly he has pined ever since - reads the SMH every day, has a whinge now and again, sometimes a lot. He keeps saying 'you're being selfish - it will be better for the boys' but I honestly don't know why or how? because it has beaches and its warmer in summer? Fast forward and he's had an amazing job offer which would take us back to Sydney. I've been having a really hard time making the decision. I've tried to ignore my gut feeling and be practical. Is it better for my boys from a life quality point of view? Can we afford it even though he'll be paid lots, considering the house prices? To be honest, Sydney isn't winning. And from all the comments above, I suspect a few years down the line I'll be desperate to come home and won't have the option because he would never leave, and he'd never let me take the boys with me. Its not ideal, because one of us is always going to be unhappy. He said to me in an email today he's going to tell them 'no' because he can't face my whingeing for the next 10 years. But then thats what I have whilst we are here.
  3. lynniep

    Can we afford it!!

    He's been offered the job at Optus North Ryde Paul - he's an accountant. Thats the last place he worked when he left Sydney, and they never really wanted him to go (and he never wanted to go either) I work in IT, and I dont really want to give up work completely (although I would be happy to do that, for a while, until we were organised). As far as he's concered, we can go live in the Blue Mountains and I can play housewife. Now not that the Blue Mountains arent lovely - for a holiday - but its not me. Where I live now is perfect for me - 20 mins from Cambridge, 45 mins on the train to London, 5 minutes from the nearest town (Huntingdon). I cannot fathom living in 'the middle of nowhere'. I understand where he's coming from - he wants space and greenery and wotnot, but I need buildings and people and action close by (ok, not so much the action lol) So we need to compromise somehow before I even consider it.
  4. lynniep

    Can we afford it!!

    I'm pondering this very same thing right now. Hubby has been offered : $145k (excl super) 15% bonus Relocation expenses 6 months accomodation We have two little ones, the eldest is due to start kindy (here in September, but would be Jan if in Oz - not sure what the cutoffs are for applications though - have sent emails to try to find out!) The youngest 20 months. He would go in a heartbeat - we lived in Artarmon for 15 months back in 2005-6, and he would never have come 'home'. My decision ( I was torn, because I actually really liked it out there, but my pregnancy made the decision for me - wanted to go back to UK) I love where we live now - good schools, hardly any crime, clean, lots of open spaces and parks (ok no beaches but can get to one within a couple of hours if I really wanted to) And our own 4 bed detached. I work part time at the mo, so I don't spend every day away from my littlies. Neither of us love our jobs, but they are very convenient (I'm 25 mins from home/kids and he is 15 mins away) The appeal of Sydney is more job options for me (and hubby obviuosly although his is there on a plate if he wants it) but I doubt I'd be able to work for a while due to childcare restraints. (Not just cost, but getting a place as well) Even if I am paid twice what I am now, the childcare costs appear to be at least twice as much as what I pay now. I wouldnt want to be much more than 30 minutes commute away, which means spending about $700k on a home from what I can gather ( and thats prices now - not in the future after we've rented) that would fit our criteria. I can't actually see that we'd be any better off over there. And as I write it down, the less I want to risk this...
  5. Apologies if this is in the wrong thread - please tell me to shift it if so! i'm going to ramble now...thinking as I type Hubby has been offered a job in NSW (North Ryde). Its an EXCELLENT offer (and not going into it blind - lived near there for 15 months back around 2005). Havent made a decision yet, but before I do, I'm floundering over how long it will take us to sort the move out if we go ahead. ( I say 'I', because hubby has already made his mind up - he'd have never come back to UK if it was up to him) We will be given relocation expenses and 6 months accomodation at the other end so thats not such a big worry thank goodness. Over here I need to give a months notice at work. I have two young children both in daycare (1 and 4) I cannot really get much done whilst I'm still working. I have a TON of 'stuff' I'd really want to sell before we (if we) go - which would all need, well, sorting, and selling. Nothing major, just stuff (kids equipment, furniture, tons of clothing, outdoor play stuff, bikes, etc etc. Hassle, bah. I'd also need to do up the house a bit (quite a lot actually) to make it market-ready. Two cars to sell. Just stuff, you know. And I'll have to do it all myself (although hubby will be in charge of the house sale) I'm guessing we'd put the house on the market and leave the country even if its sold or not, I dont know, what do people normally do? I dont think renting is a plan at all, we need the money as a lump sum. I reckon as well as the months notice for work, in which time I'd get very little practical stuff done (my boys are, ahem, demanding) I'd need at least another month where I'd leave the kids in nursery and get things done. I'd prefer 6 weeks though. Anyone else who has done this with a family - how long did you need to really get ready?
  6. thanks everyone for the responses. firstly, famousfive, yes you'd be right in saying my heart isnt in it, but I'm getting there (hence the post - I want to know about the practicalites). As I said it was the pull offriends and family that brought me home before, but that situation has changed. My dad is no longer around. My older friends have started their own families and I rarely see them (although it is lovely when I do) and I have new friends whom I'd miss but a lot of them are moving on as well. The family we have left is small (only my stepmum & sister and motherinlaw and sister in law and the boys cousins. We arent close although I will be sad at taking the boys from their only other family and we dont live nearby so rarely see them. whopperdaisy, I know what you're saying and you're right. I dont want to get 'stuck' in Oz for the rest of my life. What I want is to be able to settle there this time without the pull of 'home' so even if the worst happened and I couldnt come back to the uk, it wouldnt feel like I was trapped. gail your post was extremely helpful. Thanks for the heads up on the difficulty of finding childcare. thats what Im really concerned about. Whilst hubby can probably earn enough for us to get by I want to work as well so we can have a decent life, otherwise theres no point in it all! Joey was born in March (so will be 4 next year), and I doubt we'd get there before next summer (here I mean) so he'd probably start the year after in the month before he turned 5. Also the comment on secondary school is very valid, even though it wont be for some years yet. Will look into that as well. Girls nights out - also very valid for me. Its very much the thing where I live that the mums try to get together for nights out (not that I manage it very often!), and even when we meet up with the kids - its more about us having a chinwag than it is really for the kids to play. I do worry about not being able to find new friends. thats why I love it here, although its taken nearly four years I now have a network of good friends, and women that are just aquaintances but I still could go for a cuppa with. I need to get that back again. I'm sorry you feel like it hasnt worked, and you too funkymonkey Lx
  7. Quick bit of background – hubby and I married 5 and a half years ago, and moved to a Sydney suburb a few months later. The deal was that I decide during that time (on sabbatical from job over here) whether I wanted to stay or not because I never really wanted to leave UK in the first place. Lived there 15 months, both working full time. Hubby loves it and wanted to stay. I liked it, but never really settled – missed my dad and my friends a lot, but made a massive list of pros and cons of both and were it not for the family and friends aspect I think I would have stayed. I did enjoy the lifestyle even hthough I’m not a beach/sea person!! Hubby not sociable so family/friends aspect doesn’t affect him at all even though his mum and sister/nieces live here. Decision was made for me when I found out I was pregnant. I really wanted the support of my family and wanted to go home. So I left and hubby reluctantly followed 3 months later. Ever since he has been pining to go back. He reads the Oz papers ever day online. He is doggedly determined to hate it here and wont make friends. My eldest is now 3 and a half and his brother is 8 months. Hubby wants to go back whilst we’re still young enough to resettle. I don’t have the same pull of family I had before (the main reason was my dad whom I lost in April, but thank god we came back and he got to meet his two grandsons before he died) although I’m still fond of my step mum and mother in law. The friends I had when I left last time are still there, but we’ve all moved on and had families and I cant see them very often because of distance. I have a new set of ‘mum’ friends whom I’d be sad to leave, but I started again here - I can do the same somewhere else. But I do love the town I live in. I find there’s always lots to do with the kids, the parks are great, there are lots of surestart activites and places to take them like soft play, farms etc etc. They are both at nursery now as I start back to work part time at the end of the month. Eldest is partially funded as he’s now 3. He will start school next September. Basically I find that I’m never lonely and never feel like I’m stuck with two littlies and no life, and there’s lots for them to do. My experience of Sydney was obviously through the eyes of someone with no real responsibilies. I have no idea of childrens facilities, nurseries, school etc. All I did was go to the pub and the gym! I have no idea whether its feasible to work part time (I test software and I know theres plenty of that type of work about so probably would be) When do kids start school over there - is it the same as here - the September after their fourth birthday? And I'm also trying to find out about help with funding for nurseries. Hubby keeps saying ‘its not about us, its about them and whats best for them’ Well, I partially agree, but this is my life too. I’m nearly 36 and I was settling nicely, but I think we could make a go of it, as long as I don’t end up friendless with two small children. I’m pretty sociable if the facilities are there to help, so I guess that’s what I’m asking. For the experiences of people who have done it with small children. We would probably move back to the Sydney region.
  8. lynniep

    English PC's will they work in OZ?

    I don't think they're more expensive. If anything they seem cheaper - but that might just be because I'm a little out of touch since I the last time I bought a pc in the UK it was 1995! Have a look at the aussie sites as examples: http://www.dell.com.au, http://www.dse.com.au/cgi-bin/dse.storefront, http://www.digitalcity.net.au/ you may find Im wrong!
  9. lynniep

    opening a bank account ?

    I actually opened a travellers account with citibank before I came over http://www.citibank.com.au/ and go to the 'Take off with a Traveller Account' link. Its fairly straightforward, and you can deposit money in it before you go. I never actually looked around, I just came across this one and thought I may as well set it up. Its all done online, although when you get here you have to go and pick up your paperwork at wherever it specifies and make a phone call to set up passwords etc. Its not necessarily an account to keep (after 6 months I'm starting to look around for other options - I'm not strictly a 'traveller' since I havent left Sydney) but I'm glad I had something sorted before I arrived especially when I got a job. They charge for all transactions (the banks over here charge left right and centre, but most will actually give you a number of 'free' withdrawals before they start charging. Make sure you check the fees. You can also use it for EFTPOS transactions in most shops, but very few banks here do visa debit cards, which is annoying because I like to buy things online, and I don't want to have to use a credit card to do that. You are probably better off finding something else which would be more long-term, but if you have trouble then you can always use this option as a back up plan!
  10. lynniep

    second thoughts

    We've been here (Sydney) about 6 months now and its growing on me all the time, and although I generally don't miss the UK hugely, I miss my family and friends every day and I can't wait till I see them again. Which is probably not going to be for another 6 months :-( Whilst I don't think those feelings are going to change even with time, you just get on with it day by day and try to look forward to when you can see them. I worry about my dad, who is knocking on a bit (70) and hasnt been on top form for a long time now. My sister is about to have her first child, and I won't be around for the birth :-( My mates are also irreplaceable, and I constantly find myself thinking 'oh I should show L___ this' etc and then realising I can't. I told dad on the phone the other week though after a particularly bad bout of fretting, that we were thinking about coming back after a year, and he told me not to be such a wimp, to stop worrying about what might happen and get on with it because it doesnt have to be forever. He said of course he missed me, but its not like we saw them (the folks) that often anyway, which is true. I'm so lucky to have a dad who will still give me good advice ;-)
  11. lynniep

    Area for living near Chatswood

    We live in Artarmon which is 'next door' to Chatswood. Its growing on me actually - although theres not a lot of night life action! There are a few bars and restaurants open there of an evening, but I'd generally get a bus to Crows Nest. They're currently redeveloping the station at Chatswood and its starting to look quite swanky. Chatswoods v. handy if working in the city because it takes about 20 minutes by train - and has a fairly substantial 'town centre'. Personally I like Thursday nights when all the market stalls are out and they usually have some random entertainment going on. (Thursdays here are generally late night opening) For house prices check out domain.com.au. Its not that cheap because its fairly close to the city, but there are some lovely areas. Very leafy. Your not right next to the sea, but you're not far off if you want to catch a ferry somewhere from North Sydney for instance (about a 15 minute bus/10 minute train ride from Chatswood) I'm not sure if you'd prefer a house or a unit. we're renting the latter, but if you're going to make a killing from your N. London house, there are some beautiful houses with plenty of room for a growing family. Culturally - youre looking at a very high proportion of chinese residents- Im just mentioning this because its an obvious observation any visitor would make about Chatswood. It seems a pretty family friendly place and theres enough entertainment to not have to head into the city if you don't want to (theatres, cinemas, gyms and so on) If theres anything specific you want an opinion on please ask L
  12. lynniep

    Accountancy Positions

    just so you're aware though, my mgmt acct hubby earns around 100k base (more than he earned in london), we pay $350 a week rent (2 bed 2 bath) to live on lower north shore, and it takes him 15 minutes on the bus to get to work in North Sydney. It takes me about half an hour (walk + train) to get to the city. They are crying out for good accountants here. Well screaming it seems. It doesnt have to be stressful, although I'm sure its great in Brisbane. I really loved Brisbane when we visited - the temperature's just a bit too much for us though. I can't comment on accountancy job availabity in Qld so sorry about that!
  13. Hi Paula I'm not quite in the same position as you, since we moved over here with pretty much no responsibilities (no house, no kids!) but I'll give you my pennies worth if it helps some We've been here nearly six months now and it gets easier as time goes by. I was pining big time for my mates to start with. I still am, but its not as bad as it was, although a lot of the time I find myself thinking - 'oh the girls would love this' and so on. I miss my family but we didnt see them that much anyway so its not too big an issue. We;re temporary residents on business visas, so its a slightly different situation. I know you need to apply for your Aussie driving licence within 3 months of moving over here if you're a permanent - otherwise you have to retake your test - so make sure you sort that out! When we came over it was April, and the flight deals were pretty good (well, if you class 650 quid as 'cheap'!). We came with Singapore air and did a free stopover there. We can change our return flight home at no charge within the year. I think quantas generally do the best deals though. (anyone feel free to argue - its been a long timesince i checked) When we first got here, we stayed in a private room in a hostel for a week or so. We used excess baggage to have our stuffed shipped over. We found them pretty convenient, and they stored our things until we had a shipping address. If you check my other posts, I've written a kind of review on them (I think - it could have been on another site!) As far as renting goes, we found a unit (apartment) quite quickly (ie within a week). We live on the North Shore, in Artarmon, which is about a 20 minute train journey into the city. We find it probably a bit too quiet for our liking, but its within easy reach of more 'lively' places. I'm not sure if with the twins what you'd prefer. There are always a lot of schoolkids in different uniforms on the train, so there must be a fair few schools in the vicinity, but as it doesnt affect me I don't take much notice. The kids are so well behaved here it never fails to amaze me! Generally its a 6 month minimum rental. I'd advise sticking 'fairly' close to the city to start with so you have a chance to explore and get to know the surrounding area, then consider places further afield, where the house prices are very cheap compared to UK. check out http://www.domain.com.au. Jobswise - Im not really much help. Check out http://www.seek.com.au for an idea of jobs in your area of expertise. I'm in IT and hubby is an accountant, and there are a lot of jobs available to us at the moment. If you're not keen on the city itself, places like Paramatta are pretty big and probably full of opportunities for people in the travel industry. Ok, I'd better go my lunch break is over so I'll stop waffling. If theres anything specific I might be able to help with feel free to ask! Lynn x
  14. lynniep

    Excess Baggage

    Bet, please read my response in >> Forum: News & Gossip Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2005 9:21 am Subject: Shippers I'm too lazy to cut and post it again here - I think you can click on my username and see all my posts though if thats quicker. It should be of some use to you I hope :-)
  15. lynniep

    Pros/Cons of move to Sydney

    ps I mentioned that the house spiders were huge - I don't want to frighten anyone - I've never actually seen one in the house!! Only in the foliage outside. And although they're big mamas - they just sit on their webs. They don't start jumping out at you or anything!