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  1. Official nurses thread!

    Cheers Ali Good to see you're still on here, hope all is well with you x
  2. Official nurses thread!

    Does anyone know the annual leave entitlement when working for the state please? Thanks in advance Sharon
  3. Full time mum, part time nurse!

    Hi Cal, good to see some of the originals on here still hope life is treating you well? No doubt will speak soon x
  4. Full time mum, part time nurse!

    Hi People nurse
  5. Hi hun x kept bottling it really but now my boy has started asking to move!! he's 6 now and I have started seriously thinking about it again, I am at an age where if I don't do it now I never will and I hate living with regrets! Being back on here is the first step I say!! SCoop x
  6. I was all set to move to Aus 6 years ago when my little boy came along to disrupt plans! I thought I should stay close to family but am now again thinkin of the move down under! I am reading the cost of living has gone up over there! Are there any nurses out there that can offer some idea of income for a community nurse or single parents to offer input on how you manage in your own? Thanks in advance:wacko:
  7. Cost of Living - Sticky?

    Hi, are the fees for state or Private school? Cheers
  8. Just wishing to know do Australia have any family friendly policies like we have here? I am a single parent with a preschooler, and hope to move to the Sunshine Coast. Hoping to be able to mange a permanent job without too much agency. Thanks in anticipation SCoop x
  9. Rentals and Animals

    Bless ya Cal Made the bad decision not to go but to move near the folks instead!!! What a bad error of judgement!! I now only have two dogs who are showing their age. My little boy is now 3 and I am again thinking of migrating!! Going out for hols next year all being well, will do some research on child care and pre and post school clubs. Don't suppose you know if they have such a thing as family friendly policies in the health system?? Sorry for the questions Cal but you seem to have a handle on most things hun Take Care SCoop x
  10. Hi Wardy Was reading the thread the other night and felt a little nostalgic. Have tried to settle here, making the move close to the folks, now realising this was a mistake. I am going to visit friends in Aus next year and do a little research on child care around shift patterns. With my boy being a preschooler and Aus kids starting school later it may be a challenge. I am hoping it will work out the desire to move just will not go away. Expect to see me on here a little more in the future, if you can bear it. Take care SCoop x
  11. Hi there It has been a dream of mine to move down under for a few years now. I suspended my move a couple of years ago thinking it would be wrong to take my boy away from his family. I am now regretting that decision. I may regret moving but I have decided to give it a go. I have just moved house to be near my folks to get help to be told that my boy will grow up to be a pansy because I tell him not to hit people. The help I was promised has not materialised. It may take me a while to make the move financially but I am going to make it happen this time. I have had enough of trying to live my life to keep others happy when it is never reciprocated. Where are you thinking of moving too? Hope it all goes well for you. Sharon x
  12. Hello from Mo

    Hi Guys Not been on for a while!! Wont go in for that story!! Last time I was over there Lays where the same as walkers!! Give em a go .let me know if I'm talking tosh. Good to hear you doing okay, despite the odd bad day. Starting to regret not going through with the move!! Will seriously think about moving when the boy in school I think. Take Care Regards SCoop x
  13. g'day from Brisbane

    Glad to see you made it Cal n Gary. Good luck with your new life hope it all goes well for you. Love SCoop x
  14. welcome back SCoop.

    Hi Cal Trying to catch up with whats been happening whilst I have been offline!! Big Congrats to you xx nearly there. xx I have made the tough decision but it feels right at the moment. I just don't want to take my little boy away from his family at such a young age!! We don't have a large family and I just feel it's important for him to be close to them whilst he can. I have received contact from my agent regarding acknowledgement received from DIMIA so may do the medicals and validate as this will give a five year window! Hope all your plans go smoothly hun. Good luck with it all Love Sharon x
  15. welcome back SCoop.

    Cheers Chuck Let me know how it went with Ian. Hope it all works out for you hun :wink: SCoop 8) x