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  1. Where's Mark78?

    Gday Tim, how's WA treating you?
  2. Where's Mark78?

    Hello, It’s nice to see someone asking about me lol I’m still alive and moved back to Sydney at the start of the year. I’ve been quite due to being offline for a while & study commitments chewing up my time. How are you? Still moving to oz?
  3. opening a bank account ?

    You're actually spoilt for choice when it comes to Visa Debit Cards. Some of the providers: http://www.hsbc.com.au (national) http://www.national.com.au (national) http://www.stgeorge.com.au (national) http://www.suncorp.com.au (national) http://www.bendigobank.com.au (national) http://www.heritageonline.com.au (national) http://www.imb.com.au (national) http://www.eldersruralbank.com.au (national) http://www.LaikiBank.com.au (national) http://www.greater.com.au (NSW only) http://www.newcastlepermanent.com.au (NSW Only) http://www.westpac.com.au (Vic Only) http://www.adelaidebank.com.au (SA Only) http://www.homeonline.com.au (WA Only) Also, most Credit Unions around the country (there are too many to list).
  4. electrician moving to oz

    The average UK resident is taxed 6% more than an Aussie one. The UK being the 11th highest taxed place in the world and Aus the 15th highest. UK – 37.4% OZ – 31.5% A typical person in oz earning say $A50k would be $A3k per year worse off if living in the UK on the same salary. $3K buys a lot of beer – about 100 slabs :wink: It could be worse - we could all be living in Sweden, where each resident gets taxed 54.2% on average :shock:
  5. Banks which one to use.

    Commbank is the largest Bank in oz and will be a good starting point to open an account from abroad and transfer funds. Once over there, and settled in, you can always shop around and look at the best fee structure to suit you. Usually the smaller credit unions and building Societies offer the cheapest banking in my opinion. None will offer accounts unless residing in oz though.
  6. Banks which one to use.

    Just so you know, you could have that Bank Account for 100 years, with perfect financial behaviour, and a nice wad of cash deposited every month, but it won’t boost your credit rating. Why?…Because in Aus, bank accounts aren’t listed on one’s credit history file. There is no credit involved as credit isn’t given to personal account holders – usually only business account holders are given overdraft (credit) options. A 13 year old kid can go into an aussie bank and get a Bank Account with just as many options as you or indeed me. Employment is no concern to the bank, only ID is, which is why you found it so easy to open an account. It's win win for the bank with zero risk. There are also UK tax implications on the interest you will earn in the oz account. Not sure of the details of how much etc, but no doubt you will need to look into this come tax time. The cash card you talk of is given to “every” account holder. It’s just so one can use the EFT system and also ATM’s. At the end of the day, there really isn’t a point opening an aussie account and depositing cash into it, until you’re close to moving because once you get out there, bank account or no bank account, you will still have zilch credit history. Also, having a long relationship with a bank means “jack” these days. Most banks will throw money at you if you have job and negative-free credit history. They don’t care if you have history (an account) with them or not. In Aus, banks don't have access to who you have an account with or how much you have deposited with each. So, in theory you can have an account with as many banks as you want (try a few out) and it won't look dodgy. I love oz privacy laws. If you’re concerned about obtaining a phone/elec/gas account on arrival with no credit history, don’t be. These providers will give the benefit of the doubt to people with zero credit history. Everyone has to start somewhere. Only when one has negative history will they be concerned and probably ask for a bond upfront. If you want to build a credit history, once you’ve been employed for a few months in Aus, obtain a credit or store card, and obviously atleast make the minimum repayments without incurring defaults. Obviously, the longer you have a credit agreement without issues, the better it will look to future lenders. Making utility payments (with no defaults) over a period of time will also look good on your record. *Defaults are late payments of 60+ days that are listed on one’s credit history by lenders. After this action is taken, If the debtor pays the amount owing, the record will still stay on their file for 3 years but the default will indicate that the problem has been resolved. If the debtor doesn’t pay what’s owing, the record will stay on their file for 5 years, with comments of “skipper” or “runner” – which, depending on the amount, is as bad as being bankrupt in the eyes of most lenders.
  7. Where to live in Syndey?

    Do we need to hold your hand and take you out there too! :lol: http://www.sydneyferries.info/timetables/manly.php By ferry 30mins, by Jet Cat 15mins. Jet Cat costs more.
  8. Where to live in Syndey?

    Have a look at the suburbs that myself and Sarah listed. Sharing will be good to meet some locals, but it could make it hard when the missus moves over. From experience, most people will want a commitment of more than a couple of months. Anyway, if you’re going to be sharing I would register with this site - http://flatmates.com.au (it’s free). This site gives you the chance to read the profiles of those looking for a flat mate in any given area, and make contact. It also enables you, as a person looking for a pad, to set up a profile and let people contact you via email etc. I’ve used the site in the past, with great success as it allows you to learn in detail about a flat mate or pad (well, more than a small newspaper advert anyway), before meeting. Just a tip of advice though, if you do set up a profile, leave out that you’re a new immigrant, as some people might just think that you’re an unreliable backpacker. If you stress that you’re a City working professional (as you will be), I’m sure you’ll have no probs finding a decent pad some place with another like-minded person. There’s another 2p that you owe me!
  9. Where to live in Syndey?

    Yeahhhhh!!! Mark, I'm with you. I grew up in all these suburbs in Sydney. Moving from Canberra in the early 80's to the glam Nth Shore was - WOW! Not to be defeated at all! Most of my time I grew up in Mona Vale/Newport - my family now live in Dee Why and Narrabeen. Lots of friends in Cremorne, Neutral Bay, Lane Cove, Crows Nest etc......all fantastic places. MANLY MANLY MANLY! But aren’t you moving to Melbourne when you return?...Traitor! :lol:
  10. Where to live in Syndey?

    I agree. I grew up happily in Sydney, and managed to see most of oz during this time. For domestic travel, Sydney is probably the best-located city in oz, being in the middle of Brisbane and Melbourne (the next two most populated cities). Far North Qld (Cairns etc) and New Zealand are also within easy reach, flying. Sydney might seem very expensive on paper, but in reality with the salaries being higher for educated, skilled workers, it’s not as bad as it might seem. If you’re an unskilled worker, affording a mortgage in a decent suburb of Sydney would probably be out of the question, unfortunately. Sydney has more career oppourtunity than any other city, due to most companies having their Head Office operations located there. IT/Commerce workers especially would be crazy to move to somewhere like Adelaide or Perth and perhaps even Brisbane. Rico, living by the beach really only makes sense if you’re going to use it often. If you’re not into swimming/surfing etc there’s no point really as it will only make your commute to work longer and busier. If you’d prefer somewhere in Sydney that’s not on the beach, but conveniently located on the Syd harbour and “near” the beaches, for w/end visits, then I would suggest looking at some of the Lower North Shore suburbs of: Milsons Point Cremorne Point McMahons Point Kirribilli And surroundings. There should be plenty of 1-bedroom apartments to choose from in the above areas. And only a 10-minute ferry ride to work. Bliss! If on the other hand, you do want to live by the beach and don’t mind a bit of a commute, I would suggest looking around the Manly, Mona Vale, Dee Why & Narabeen suburbs. Just my 2p.
  11. what do Aussie's...

    Usually aussies just refer to it as the UK or Britain. I've never heard of "up over" or anything like that.
  12. Glaswegian moving to Sydney!!

    If you show effort with people, I'm sure you'll have no problem meeting a few drinking buddies at work. Most aussies will love showing you the best places to have a drink or three.
  13. Car sales - online links

    Sorry, I've just come across your post. Generally, European models are more expensive in oz, due to obvious shipping costs. Also cars over $48K (I think it is) unfortunately attract "luxury car tax". You won't see as many european cars in oz for this reason. Home made Holdens/Fords/Mitsibishi and asian cars are more common.
  14. I need Volunteers!!!

    Actually, certain sign-up details and different static IP's indicates that they're most probably not the same person. The posts aren't even related in anyway either.
  15. Spammer Alert

    John, relax mate, there's no need to start threads on this. I do read the forum when I can, and delete what's not appropriate. Anyway, problem has now been sorted, which hopefully will keep everyone happy. :wink: