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For any of our members who are taking their citizenship test soon it may be worth while reading the following.

A question in the Australian citizenship test lists three incorrect answers for the country's population size, potentially disadvantaging candidates, SBS News has learned.

An applicant from the UK – who asked to remain anonymous – told SBS News of the apparent error after sitting the test this week.

The woman said she had meticulously prepared for the test by reading the recommended preparation booklet called Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond.

The Department of Home Affairs says the booklet has "all the information you need to help you pass the citizenship test".

The English-language booklet currently lists Australia's population as "about 24 million people".

The applicant SBS News spoke to said she was "about five or six questions into the test and a question came up about population ".

"I knew from the booklet that [Australia's] population is 'about 24 million' … But that was not an option. The three options were '18 million', '22 million' and '30 million'," she said.

The woman raised her hand during the test and told the examiner she knew the answer was 24 million according to the booklet.

"I told the examiner, 'I think there's a mistake in the exam' ... He said 22 million is the right one."

"He said the system is 'difficult' to update [and] wasn't surprised about it."

The woman selected the answer of 22 million and went on to pass the test. While she said it was "all a really bizarre experience," she was more worried about the broader implications of the error.

"It made me think, 'well, I know 22 million is wrong, I know 18 million is wrong, should I just put 30 million?'"

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2018 Budget: Unwrapping the ‘Christmas in May’ proposed measures

‘Christmas in May’ is the unofficial catchphrase of this year’s Federal Budget (given a Federal election is on the horizon), but officially it’s being referred to by the Government as a ‘Plan for a Stronger Economy’.

The 2018-19 Federal Budget, delivered on 8 May 2018 by Treasurer Scott Morrison, saw many proposed measures announced. These proposed measures carry on with the main principles that underpinned last year’s Federal Budget, e.g. stronger growth, guaranteeing the essentials and living within our means.

Below is an overview of some of the main proposed measures that may be relevant to you and your personal finances.
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Earlier we looked at the professions that were in high demand in Australia and will be for the coming years. Now let’s look at the highest wages based on careers.

My anaesthetist is a very lovely middle aged gentleman and although he has saved my life numerous times when I receive his bill at the end he nearly causes me a heart attack.

No wonder an anesthetist has been ranked at number two in the top ten list of Australia’s highest earners revealed by the Australian Taxation Office.

Surgeons come out on the top of the list, while anaesthetists and internal medicine specialists rank 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The top ten also includes CEOs, managers, financial dealers and psychiatrists.

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Melbourne has recorded the largest and fastest growth of the major cities in 12 months, ballooning by more than 125,000.

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released on Tuesday show that together, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane accounted for in excess of 70 per cent of Australia's population growth in 2016-17.

For the first time on record, Sydney grew by more than 100,000 to 5.1 million, while Darwin, Adelaide and Perth only grew each at one per cent or less.

Net overseas migration contributed 80,000 to Melbourne's growth last year and 84,700 in Sydney.

But unlike Melbourne, the harbour city experienced a net internal migration loss, with 18,100 more people leaving Sydney for other parts of the country than arrived.

ABS demography director Anthony Grubb said the estimates are the first to include data on what is driving population change, such as through internal and overseas migration.

"It is now possible to not only see how much population is changing in an area, but to understand why this change is occurring," he said.
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Hi all,

Just wondering, do PomsinOz members get a discount if shipping with PSS?

I note that they have a stickied post on this specific sub forum and was wondering if they are affiliated.

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This timeline and info thread is for those who have lodged their applications post 1st July,2012, under the new skillselect scheme.

 The Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186) is for skilled workers from outside Australia or skilled temporary residents who currently live and work in Australia. It is part of the permanent Employer Sponsored visa program.

To apply for this visa, you must:

be nominated by an approved employer

be younger than 50 years of age

meet the skills and qualifications requirements

meet English language requirements.

If you are nominated to apply for this visa, you must lodge your application online within six months of the date the nomination was approved.

When you apply, you must select one of the visa’s three streams.

Choose the Temporary Residence Transition stream if you are a subclass 457 visa holder who has worked for your employer for two years in the nominated occupation and your employer wants to offer you a permanent position in that occupation.

Choose the Direct Entry stream if you have never, or only briefly, worked in the Australian labour market and have not held a subclass 457 visa for the last two years, or if you are applying directly from outside Australia.

Choose the Agreement stream if you are being sponsored by an employer through a tailored and negotiated labour agreement or regional migration agreement.
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We need an a live in au pair for 2-3 weeks from around the 8th May when I will be overseas and my husband works long hours. Based in stunning Avoca Beach on the Central Coast, NSW. Kids are used to babysitters and have had an au pair before. Work is pretty routine, mainly being 'mum' to the kids (ages 8 and 10), getting them to school on time and meeting them out of school, supervising homework and getting them to after school activities.  Day times are mainly free time (9.30 till 3pm) and weekends are free.

Can pay $200 per week with full board and use of a car.

I'm keen for a young person to apply as the kids are fun and energetic - they love kicking a ball around and playing games, hide and seek etc. Need basic household skills ie can shop and cook a family meal, and use a vacuum etc   I will screen closely anyone that's interested and must have excellent references and be fluent English speaking.

pm me if interested.
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Australia Migration Visas being refused
I’ve heard from 5 members recently who have been refused their visa. One member actually arrived in Australia and got turned back at the airport along with a 3 year ban, whilst the remainder of their family remain in Australia.

The ones who have been refused have all applied themselves, some have even posted on here asking for help but ignored the advice given.
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Switching from earning an income through employment to generating an income in retirement can require some careful planning. Often income will come from many different sources and the combination that works for you will depend on your individual circumstances.

It pays to seek financial advice to help determine which sources of income will best meet your needs and living costs and support you through your retirement.


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Hi all - review below over the past few months - thanks.

Bringing up the rear, the Aussie dollar fare worst in the last week of Q1 with an average loss of 1.2% against its major counterparts. It lost twice that much - four and a quarter cents - to the pound, which was the leader of the bunch.

Part of the Aussie's problem was home-grown: disappointing jobs data showed unemployment ticking up to 5.6%. Part was exogenous: a broadening of the US administration's protectionist tariffs to include China and the appointment of the bellicose John Bolton as National Security Advisor.

Looking back at the quarter, the Aussie dollar has had the occasional move higher but overall has slumped in value versus the US dollar and the pound. Consumer confidence figures were mixed, posting a slightly positive result in March after a 2.3% drop in February. Similarly retail sales offered a mixed bag of monthly results.

Looking ahead to Q2 the pound will continue to be driven by the ongoing negations between the UK and the EU, whilst the prospect of a May interest rate rise by the Bank of England may add some strength to the currency.

Similarly the ongoing tensions between the US and China in relation to trade and tariffs will likely have a continued effect on commodity backed currencies.
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When it comes to investing, there are various investment methods available to build and maintain wealth over the long-term. For example, depending on your circumstances, you may invest directly (e.g. share portfolio), indirectly (e.g. managed fund), or a combination of these.

Managed funds are professionally managed investment vehicles that allow investors to pool their money together to invest. They may differ in the way they invest (e.g. asset allocation, investment philosophy, risk tolerance and investment time horizon) and the fees and charges attached to them can differ.
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There are still a lot of people who don’t know about Scoot, the last I heard it had been taken over by Singapore Airlines and is their budget carrier. The good news is you can score flights to Europe for $319 at numerous times of the year. They also do business class fares for $999 although I wouldn’t expect flat bed seats or free champagne but if your budget is low and you want to get back to see family I don’t think the $319 is bad if you can find a cheap connection flight from Athens to the UK.

Their current special runs from the travel dates below. 


Travel Period: By 30 Nov 2018 
Sale period (Perth Time): 0400hr 27 Mar 2018 (Tue) – 2359hr 31 Mar 2018 (Sat)
Sale period (Gold Coast Time): 0600hr 27 Mar 2018 (Tue) – 0159hr 01Apr 2018 (Sun)
Sale period (Sydney/Melbourne Time): 0700hr 27 Mar 2018 (Tue) – 0259hr 01Apr 2018 (Sun) 


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Lake Nash Station is looking to recruit a number of station hands/ringers for the current season.

Experience and horse riding abilities preferred, but a good attitude and solid work ethic will see you successful in this role.

This position qualifies for Second Year Visa sign off.

Please apply via lakenashstn@georginapastoral.com.au or 07 4748 4877.
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Stock camp position available 

Looking for station hands to join our team for the 2018 season. Applicants must be able to ride a motorbike or horse preferred both. Previous station experience preferred but not essential. Duties will include but are not limited to mustering, drafting, processing cattle, fencing water runs, feeding lick and all other general station duties. Stockcamp is based in cloncurry but travel around all our places. All meals and accomodation is provided along with a good wage. Only single male accomodation available. 

Please send resume or for more information on the available positions please call or email me.

Phone: 07 47468533
Email: rplant22@outlook.com.au
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Fears of a trade war drive sterling gains against Australian dollar

 While the atmosphere is somewhat calmer this week, fear of a trade war between the US and China has not entirely dissipated. This is one of the reasons that the pound is making gains against the Australian dollar; a trade war could impact exports of iron ore to China and have a knock on effect on the Australian economy.

 In addition, the Reserve Bank of Australia looks set to keep its interest rate at 1.5% for the foreseeable future, while the Bank of England dropped heavy hints that the pound might see a hike in interest rates as soon as May.

Should you have upcoming international payments to make then moneycorp can help – receive expert guidance and great exchange rates – click on the following link for more information and register through this page to receive no transfer fees on your international payments: https://www.moneycorp.com/uk/campaigns/partners/pio/
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Please don’t forget we have an articles directory covering everything from Migration, tax, pensions, money, Suburb guides, education, welfare benefits etc. 

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The list will probably surprise you. Remember these are your registered breeders with Dogs Qld (Like the Kennel Club in the UK) the number will probably be a lot higher for the BYB (back yard breeders) and the cross breeds, it’s these that usually end up flooding the shelters/rescues as 99% of Registered breeders will always take their dog back if your circumstances change.

1 - French Bulldog with 1523 Registered 

2 - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - 1496 Registered 

3 - Border Collie - 911 Registered 

4 - Labrador - 891 Registered 

5 - Golden Retriever - 711 Registered 

6 - German Shepherd - 624 Registered 

7 - Pug - 447 Registered

8 - Cocker Spaniel - 442 Registered 

9 - Miniature Schnauzer - 426 Registered 

10 - Rottweiler - 415 Registered


So the top 10 dog breeds a total of 7,886 were Registered, a large majority of these would have been kept by the breeder themselves. When you think the population of Queensland is nearly 5 million people cannot blame Registered dog breeders for flooding the market/rescues etc with Dogs.
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The average wage in Melbourne is now at $81,842. As with the other states the highest paying job is an architect with a wage of $139,747.

Teachers are seeing a growth rate of 6% with their salaries also rising by 21%



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The average wage in Sydney is $84,525 with the highest paying job being an architect who earns around $137,000 a year. Mining has had a 20% growth in Sydney.


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The average salary for Perth is $81,308.  The highest paying job is an architect at over $135,000 pa.

Salaries that are on the rise are in Planning and have a growth of 47%


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The average salary in Brisbane is said to be $80,810. With the highest paying jobs being in mining and medical and bring in around $130k a year. The fastest growing industry is financial services.


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Living in Australia: Do You Need to Lodge a UK Tax Return?
A question asked regularly by those who are moving to Australia is whether there is a need to lodge a UK tax return.

HM Revenue & Customs – or HMRC – issues tax returns in April each year to individuals who are already in the UK Self Assessment tax system.

Once HMRC has issued a tax return or a Notice to File to a taxpayer the return must be lodged by the due date if a late filing penalty is to be avoided.

Note: The due date for lodging a UK tax return is usually:

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I would like to welcome Alan Collett as our new expert for all tax related questions.

If you have an questions at all on tax please feel free to visit his forum here:

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Living in Australia and Selling a Property in the UK? Watch the UK’s Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Regime for Non Residents
Since the start of the 2015/16 tax year the UK has required capital gains tax to be considered when a non UK resident individual sells a residential property in the UK.

Before the 6th of April, 2015 no capital gains tax was payable.

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Hi All,

I've been reading posts for many months now where people have struggled with the restrictions around providing UK buy-to-let mortgages to UK expats in Australia.  Largely the difficulties arise because the mortgage provider is required to be regulated both in the UK and Australia, meaning they need a presence in both countries.  This significantly limits the size of the market.  Prices for these products quoted to me by brokers have been much higher than equivalent products provided to UK residents.  Further the broker fees have been in the thousands, not hundreds.  This might be a familiar story for some of you, or at least it will become thus in the not too distant future.
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