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Apr  2013
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March was another busy month with over 1,300 new members joining.

This month we've got 457 visa news, our monthly competition and a feature on 'My Visa Manager'.
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Government rhetoric continues against 457 visas
The Australian Government says a 21% increase in the number of foreign skilled visa holders in February, compared to the same month last year, justifies its crackdown on the 457 visa program.

However the figures, revealed in a report from the Immigration Department, also show the number of visas granted has been on "a general downward trend" since peaking last August.

The report states the number of visas granted this financial year to the end of February was just 4.8% higher than the same period a year earlier.

It also says the February figure of just more than 5,000 visas granted represents a 12.3% decrease from the previous month.

Immigration Minister Brendan O'Connor instead chose to highlight the 21% rise in the total number of visa holders, saying it is much higher than any increase in the employment rate and underlines the need to tighten the program.

"The 457 increase continues... which completely and utterly underlines the need to bring about the reforms so that the 457 visa is used for the purposes it was constructed - which of course is to fill temporary shortages," he said.

"I say to those naysayers and critics of the reforms that there is clear evidence that the increase in 457s is running much faster than the employment rate."

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Company Profile: My Visa Manager


There is a saying that nothing is permanent in this world except change! If not in all strata’s of life, this is 100% true for Australian migration rules where changes are more frequent than any other immigration policy, especially if you compare the Australian migration policy changes with its NZ neighbour. It’s not always easy even for the professionals to keep up with all the changes, for example, since 2010 there are three major policy changes around Skilled Migration Scheme. As professional, registered migration agents, we have assisted our UK clientele with updated information, taking them through choosing the right occupation from the approved occupations list. In the last year, we have assisted Plumbers, Teachers, Nurses, HR Advisers, Marketing Specialist, Actuary, Accountants, Cartographer, Environmental Research Scientist, Engineers etc. the list can go on. What we feel proud of is our settled clients in Australia, still sending referrals and likes on our Facebook . Thanks to our clients and dedicated staff whose main focus is to provide friendly, accurate and highly professional advice to people interested to move down under.

Migration can be potentially one of the biggest, most important decisions you make in your life. Starting a new life in a new country is a challenge, and finding a job is an important step in this journey. You need trusted professionals whom you can rely on to help you to turn your dream into a reality.

MyVisa Manager’s licensed advisers have extensive experience helping a diverse range of clients come from all corners of the world including the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Fiji, China, South Korea and the Middle East - even far-flung and exotic places like Kazakhstan and Nepal!

Our advisers are licensed and adhere strictly to the Code of Conduct of the immigration authorities of New Zealand (IAA) and Australia (MARA). We work closely with each and every one of our clients to ensure they have the best possible chance of migrating to Australia or New Zealand. We also provide assistance to job-seekers to help you get started on your journey.

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457 Visa workers earning 15pc more than Australian average
FOREIGN workers granted a 457 visa are earning base salaries that are $10,708, or 15% higher than the Australian average for full-time employees.

In every industry, apart from mining and information technology, and in every area outside of the ACT, the most recent temporary visa-holders earn more than the average industry or state rate.

Immigration Minister Brendan O'Connor expressed concern this week at the rate of growth of the program and the potential for 457 visas to be used to drive down the wages of local workers.

"We are of the view that you need a temporary skill stream to respond to shortages in sectors across this country,'' he said in Perth last Thursday. "But what we do not accept is people should be using 457s in a manner that is contrary to the intentions of that scheme.

"What we do not accept is that the 457s should be brought in to reduce employment conditions and reduce the nominal and real rates of pay of local workers."

According to figures issued last week by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, there were 46,870 primary applications granted for the subclass 457 visa category in the eight months to the end of February.

The average base salary (not including overtime, superannuation, bonuses or salary package items) nominated by sponsors for these new entrants was $83,300. The average annual ordinary-time earnings for a full-time adult worker in Australia was $72,592 in November, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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Transferring money to or from Australia? Save money by using the experts
moneycorpBy John from Moneycorp

When should I transfer my money overseas and how can I make sure I get the best exchange rate? This is a key question if you are looking to move to Australia or have already moved there. The exchange rate fluctuates every day therefore this can make a big difference to your finances when making money transfers to or from Australia.

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Moneycorp, the UK’s leading money transfer company, have a team of experts who can help you with your money transfers, no matter the size. They offer free information and guidance on the Australian dollar, helping you decide on the best time to send your money overseas.

Poms in Oz & Moneycorp

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Australian PM committed to 'sizeable' immigration program
Australian PM, JULIA Gillard says Australia will continue to run "a sizeable immigration program" as she steers the nation towards a population of more than 40 million by 2050.

The former "big Australia" opponent said she did not anticipate a change in the overall rate of immigration and would not impose population targets, while defending her government's treatment of asylum-seekers.

The Prime Minister, who has ordered a crackdown on visas for foreign workers, said her government was appropriately focused on skilled migrants and those who would become permanent residents and later citizens of Australia.

"We will continue in the years to come in my view to be a nation that welcomes migrants and particularly welcomes skilled migrants, and we continue to operate quite a sizeable immigration program,"

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released recently, show net overseas migration jumped by almost a third, to 228,000, in the 12 months to September 30 last year.

When the Prime Minister warned in the 2010 election campaign against "hurtling towards a big Australia" of more than 35 million by 2050, net overseas migration was running at about 176,000 a year.

But, in her first comments since last week's figures, Ms Gillard was uncritical of the rate of immigration or population growth.

"We will continue to see immigration. It will be important to economic growth," she said.

"In terms of estimating population numbers for the future, I'm not one that says you need to set a target.

"I think what you've got to do is manage your migration program in line with your nation's needs, which means that there will always be some year-by-year adjustment."

She said the government was concerned with settlement patterns, and suggested the national broadband network would boost the number of migrants locating themselves in regional areas.
British expat pensions value halve in 10 years
New research shows the income of British expat pensioners has fallen by 50% in the past 10 years – and as if that wasn’t bad enough rising inflation is expected to push company pension funds deeper into the red.

The falling value of the pound has hit pension income by nearly 50% says international pensions payment firm Equiniti Paymaster.

They looked at how the currency fluctuations hit 50,000 pensioner expats and just about everyone has seen the value of their pension go down.

Most expat pensioners are living in the Eurozone, that’s around 12% of them, and a retiree who stopped working in March 2003 would have received a pension of 7,300 Euros.

However, that figure has now dropped to 5,692 Euros, a fall of 22%.

Expats who retired to Canada saw a 36% slump; those in New Zealand are now 38% poorer while those living in the US saw a small drop of 8%.

One of the biggest British expat communities is in Australia and those who retired there are the biggest losers with pensions dropping in value by 47%.

Two countries saw pension values increase in the past 10 years – Jamaica, which saw pensions rise by 66% as Sterling performed well against the island’s dollar while South African retirees saw a 6% rise.

Keith Boughton, a director at the firm, said: “Sterling was worth significantly more 10 years ago than now. Expats retiring abroad enjoyed good value from their pension.

“Now expat pensioners are struggling to safeguard their spending power and income as the plunging pound has left them with a financial hole to plug.”

To compound the worrying situation, the value of company pension schemes is set to drop considerably because of falling corporate bond yields and rising inflation – and this will impact what the pension firms will pay out in the coming months.

With inflation predicted to rise later this year, company pension schemes will be hit hard.
Monthly competition
imageOur competition this month is for Australian residents only. The winner will receive an electronic portable luggage scale - ideal for helping you avoid those excess baggage charges!

To enter the competition, head over to the April competition page on the forum (login required).
Australian news in brief
  • Short-term visitor arrivals to Australia decreased in February 2013 for the first time since April 2011.
  • WA govt announces plan to give magnetite iron ore miners a royalty concession in a bid to get big mining projects off the ground.
  • Latest IPSOS 'Mind and Mood' report reveals that on the 457 visa issue, Australians were confused about skilled migration, what type of workers the economy needed and whether foreign workers were going to "take away Australian jobs".
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