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    Here we go again! Same garbage spouted when a young couple want to start a new life in a country they love. @Blue Flujust put a sock in it, mate, all you seem to do is whinge about everyrhing Austalian and then rabbit on about global politics. Get out of the rut and enjoy life, there’s a good lad. Cheers, Bobj.
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    IT HAS NOT SPREAD …. wonderful news … I have been allocated two lovely nurses to see me through it all … operation in one week … Thank you everyone for your kind posts …
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    Very much enjoying having my sister here. She came for our son's wedding last month and will be here until March thus missing out on the Scottish winter. We have been fairly busy sightseeing, starting off in Sydney (where the wedding took place) then to Melbourne to catch up with a cousin's family ................ new babies to coo over as cousin's twin daughters have toddlers and new babies. Now we are home in Tassie and relaxing. Weather has been beautiful but rain is on the way.
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    Hi to all on PIO, A little update hope you and yours are all well X It has been a roller coaster over the last few months; since I last wrote on here I have been very busy (did I expect anything else) .....side note a rather experienced health care professional recently discussed a potential diagnosis (off the record and not official) of ADHD ..for me ...cheeky ...but something for me to consider ...when I get time....is this why I never settled in Aus? I am no longer employed as a Paramedic around Manchester.....................(an amazing bunch of people to work with) Because I am now employed as a Paramedic for the Welsh ambulance service I am finally home following some intense interviews, clinical tests and a months' worth of blue light emergency driving assessments ... I got the Job for the people of Wales (and England as we operate over the border).. I am proud to serve all before me, regardless, it is a privilege to serve all..... I have also found a very small 350-year-old! cottage in a small village ...that I have been accepted for a mortgage for. I have to be honest I have had many 'wobbles' over the past few months... I am in some ways my own worst enemy...maybe I like to test / torture myself.. for example, I have set up a screen saver on my desktop computer ..it scrolls past pictures of my children and my life in Australia ...I love seeing my children's pictures scroll past, aaaaand it absolutely destroys me at the same time .... I miss them, that aching has not and will never go away... My wife (ex wife) I cannot as yet get used to the past tense in that statement, has definitely moved on as she has had a number of ..liasons, dates what ever you want to call them...and has now got a stable partner again, I am happy that she is happy again.....but it is a very bitter pill to swallow. If I am honest....I still miss her ... I carry my wedding ring around with me in my 'manbag' which goes every where with me ....yes I know this is not probably healthy but it suits me ..for now...after all I am thousands of miles away, I recently went on a coffee date....I enjoyed myself (nothing physical), I was honest, ridiculous though it sounds I felt guilty for meeting another women...I guess its to soon for me.... Many times I have wanted to go back...but the logical part of me realises that that would be harder than staying put....plus my wife (ex) has said I cannot go back..... being single again, in mid-life presents new challenges, it is at times very lonely and without purpose, once you have been a functional father being without your children and partner sets you adrift .... I now can see those that are also invisible, ....as I am also invisible....I shop at the large super-markets ...I sometimes feel embarrassment, ...a cursory nod to those in the same boat ...until you wear the uniform of singularity you will not know how this feels..... I have never noticed to quote the Beatles ' All the lonely people' before.....(next time you are shopping really take a look)...its the person with a small milk and micro meals.... Anyhow I am hopeful to complete on my (and my children's) small cottage in a small Welsh village within the next month...it needs work...but then so do I .... don't we all....I absolutely love my Job....I make a difference , every day.... I make sure of it.....the 93 yr. old who was my patient recently...we both sat and ate cake and tea ...we may be from different decades... but we are the same .....
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    Thank you everyone … it means a lot … hopefully it is treatable … I get the results of the scan on Tuesday … I hope by posting this news it may prompt some people to do bowel cancer tests and to be aware of the symptoms … mine was just constipation …
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    My operation went well … the nurses and staff in Midland Hospital were brilliant and very caring … and the food was first class …
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    Your trip sounds great to me. Half of these journeys anre about the scenery and views from the window. We are back from our Orient Express experience. You know how things rarely live up to the hype and how holiday accommodation never lives up to the photos, well this was honestly the opposite. It was an amazing experience that exceeded expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to heartily recommend it to anyone. They really have honed the experience and you can tell that the staff are proud to be there and well aware that for most of the people on board this is the culmination of a long-held ambition and years of hard work and saving and they go out of their way to make every moment really special. Happy to share more detail if people want to know more about it. Pretty cool to see that many of the carriages were made in Smethwick, a few miles away from where I grew up in the Black Country. I wish my Nan had lived long enough for me to have been able to take her, she would have gotten such joy from it. A few pics
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    Iknowcb...I havent been on here much (well I dont really post on here anymore) but thought I would update those who are still following my journey VISAS GRANTED!! Our 491 visas were granted late December (when we thought immi had shut for the holidays, nope lol). Obviously gotta do the 3 years regional until we get PR that is fine by us as we don't want to live in a capital city anyway Heading out in June and starting to apply for jobs and get things organised now Dreams really do come true, just gotta put in the work and persevere PS: we used the Down Under Centre who are excellent at what they do!
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    The reality is, in my view alone, Australia is still much better than the UK. Just a more laid back attitude and simple pleasures (heat, beach, more outdoor spaces). I probably earn less than I did in the UK (yes I'm that one guy who didn't get paid more when moving here) but it goes further. I live slap bang in Sydney's Inner West, there isn't really a more expensive lifestyle anywhere in Australia but it's still hands down more fun than anywhere in London. Is it perfect ? Certainly not, but I don't see the crime cess pit and drug addled youth that others seem to say is everywhere, yes plenty of drugs in Newtown but it's the "recreational" variety not the "life ruined" demogeaphic That said drugs in the modern world are like rats in the London underground. If you can't see some straight in front you it's because you aren't looking hard enough. That said it's mainly innocuous and certainly it is way more prevalent in the cities in the UK and US than AUS
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    Our trip back also defined where we want to live, and it’s definitely Australia and not UK, which is interesting that although I’m fairly sure I’m a lot older than you, we have reached the same decision, and we have also made the decision that we are unlikely to bother to go back again. We have a son and our only grandchildren in UK, some posters will know that our DIL, has never been particularly interested in having any sort of relationship with us. On this trip both my husband and I caught covid, and even though they live less than 10 minutes from the flat we rented in Bristol, not once was any help offered by her, ( she doesn’t work) my son wasn’t much better to be honest, but he worked away in London, 3 days a week, and we knew that he had a long standing trip organised the weekend we were sick, and is almost worn out coping as he does everything She couldn’t even be bothered to ask us how we were, when we eventually saw her. My Australian DIL emailed several times to see how we were, and I know that even though they live an hour away, shopping and food would have been done for us. The grandsons were allowed to spend almost all their time gaming, I know lots do, so both my husband and I wondered why we had bothered, as there was little time in their lives to have much to do with us. It felt We talk more on whatsApp than face to face The contrast here in Australia is that we have a son and daughter plus partners here, and extended family who emigrated here from Africa who actually like us and enjoy spending time together. We have many great friends in UK, who we loved catching up with, but we have made equally good friends here. Reference the example of my family who emigrated here, like other families I know,, from Africa, there are now 3 or more generations living here now, so the brave ones who first came here, are now grandparents and even great grandparents and have their extended family near them in their new country, and their children, grandchildren have cousins, aunts and uncles. Im not knocking UK, no where suits everyone, and people genuinely miss everything, but it’s also possible to establish a multi generation family here, it just takes time.
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    I think ‘family’ is a loosely defined concept and not all it’s cracked up to be. Our trip back has taught us much including who is ‘family’ and how family evolves. Flying back into Perth cemented that this is where we belong. I just wish the UK was easier, quicker and cheaper to get to.
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    Reminiscing about landing here on a 457 over 12 years ago and the rose tinted glasses, that many on here sought to shatter very quickly, still here, citizens and got PR within 12 months of landing.. things changed and it wasn’t so easy for a while, the doom and gloomers went into overdrive, posting messages designed to quickly shatter others roses tinted glasses, and constantly warn them ‘oh you can’t stay here forever’. Many of us came here on a whim and an opportunity and I feel it’s nice to see that for the determined, yes, there is a chance.. the chance we all got! Good luck to ya all xx
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    We will need help I think for a while, have to be realistic and accept offers of help, which have already been kindly offered. Our son lives in Brisbane an hour away. We do have some lovely friends, and good neighbors, one friend of my son came yesterday to help get my supper and tidy up while son and husband rushed of to A&E. I can obviously do things, and am, but would be stupid to not to be careful, till my check up, and I can’t risk my right shoulder giving way.. certainly a steep learning curve.
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    Yippee I’m finally going home, had a good MOT, hopefully just a blip, should be sorted out now. nothing too serious thankfully, because I’m a grey haired old granny they thought I needed looking after, got to take it easy for a while, and fingers crossed I stay well. Shan’t miss my 5am Ecg’s!!!
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    All the best with making a decision but you have probably just answered your question there. We had never been to Aus before we moved here but it was always in my head for some reason to try living here. My biggest fear of moving here was not moving here (if that makes sense). I didn’t want to end up like most the guys I worked with in 20 years time saying I wish I had done that. Your only here once and our old life in the UK will always be there if ever we wanted to go back, but there will be no more “what ifs” as we will have at least tried living here. We came here (Me,Wife & 2 girls 10 & 5) with no job offers, nowhere to live and didn’t know anyone. We had a plan and luckily we nailed every step of it and soon settled in. Fast forward 3yrs we are all happy, have an extra addition to the the family who is 1 and also should have our house which we have had built finished in 6 weeks time. If you are struggling to find reasons to move here then there’s no point fighting it, if you stay in the UK I’m sure you will still have a good life, it will just be different that’s all.
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    Iknowcb.... We are now moving to Wollongong, NSW been offered a job there and I've accepted! We're very excited, just under 3 months to go
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    I met my partner via someone I met on here. We had a baby in December.
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    Our next door neighbour has just given us a bowl of peaches from her garden. Far tastier and more juicy than the ones from the shops. The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra is having a (free) concert in a park next to the river this evening. It will be too crowded for me but it's only 5 minutes from home so we'll take a stroll up the road and listen for a while at a distance.
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    I'm catching up with Harpo for drinks tomorrow night! He's well and very settled here now. Been trying to coax him back on here but he says his days of arguing with people online are over! I do miss Pablo. Lovely bloke, I don't think he ever made it out here in the end for various reasons.
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    Just thought I'd update with some good news that may give hope to those still in the queue. Our visa's were granted on 5th Jan after an almost 6.5 year wait (versus the 18 months to two years we were originally advised). We would have been a couple of months earlier, but the German police clearance was comically slow, especially for my wife as they seemingly did not understand the naming conventions in her home country (which basically follows the Spanish system) - this despite not having an issue with it last year when they issued clearances to us. They also only communicate via normal post and won't take calls - so it takes around 8-10 weeks for two way communication. By contrast the UAE clearance took seconds online and then 10 minutes in the consulate while they signed the printed document. AFP clearance also very easy. Dealing with Centrelink was a pain for my son and daughter, with CB slightly less so. Issues were normally a) getting in touch and then b) finding someone who had even heard of the process. Son's solution was to go to a Centrelink in a smaller town out of Melbourne as they are much less busy. Seemed to work. Daughter also had her AOS declined as she had been on parental leave last year, so her taxable income for then was too low. This despite her contract being submitted showing her full income and that she was now back at work. Never mind, son stepped in instead. All good then despite the hiccoughs as we now have our sparkling new visas! We were granted them onshore and do not have to exit/re-enter as we were here on 24 March 2021 (Covid-19 visa concessions). Since applying, we have gained two son-in-laws and one daughter-in-law (all here in Aus and five of the six citizens, with the last one completing that process soon), plus two grandchildren with three more on the way in March, April and May! I left the company I was working with, but when granted a BVB in March 2022 with no working restrictions, I was able to start a new business in Australia with local shareholders that is progressing nicely. I also had a quadruple heart bypass in 2019, but no heart attack and bounced back fit and strong and with a new perspective on moving to Aus. So, a lot of changes since applying, but all affirmed the choice we made. The feeling of a weight lifting when we received the grant notification was tremendous and a little surprising as neither of us thought we were feeling any pressure. I guess we had learnt to live with it. Oh yes - there was also Covid! TL;DR - visas have been granted and we are very happy. This forum has been a useful source of info and encouragement over the years. I hope all those still waiting get their good news in a reasonable time and have wonderful futures ahead. Cheers, PaulM P.S. - we are very glad we used a registered immigration agent! Money well spent.
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    Between loved ones, or in a formal setting such as school or the workplace, it may well be delivered and received as supportive and useful feedback. But on a public forum among strangers it is perhaps more likely to come across as unnecessary criticism, rather than one filled with bonhomie, tbh. Tx
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    We used them. now I’m home I’m thinking of putting it on my husband when he’s in Bunnings
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    Hi Palmtrees - your situation rang a chord with ourselves. In 1988 my wife and I were both young similar ages to yourselves, We had 2 young kids. We were doing very well in the UK. I had my dream job, a nice house within walking distance to my job and good schools. We always had the intention of emigrating to NZ, but friend of ours visited us from Canada and sold as the idea of emigrating to Canada. We applied in 1989 and got accepted to emigrate to Canada. We sold the house and gave away or sold the furniture, etc and emigrated. We only lasted 6 months we realised we had made a mistake and came back. It was most daunting to come back but it was the best thing we ever did and this country was so good to us, I managed to retire at a very young age, my children both flourished in the UK and went on to have successful careers. In 2023 we are now emigrating again we have our 143 visa for Australia. Sorry for the long story. The reason why I am sharing this story is we were faced with the same dilemma . We decided to take the risk and emigrate to Canada . Now in our old age and looking back we do not regret it for one moment, at the time it was tough. We returned to UK after only 6 months and we have done better in the UK then we could have done anywhere else in the world. So my two pence worth is take a deep breath and go for it. If things don't work out if you decide to come back, your situation may be even better than the one you let behind. Best of luck for whatever you decide to do.
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    Hi! I don’t know if this is still active, I was just reading your comment @SarahW and I was in your position, felt like I was reading something I had written. My children are now 10 and 4, although both born in Oz, my hubby is Australian. We were over there for just over 10 years and probably after about 2 years there I knew I wanted to come home to the UK. I felt everything you felt and completely understand where your head and heart is at. We moved back to the UK in April last year after 5 years of planning, and have never looked back. My kids are in a lovely school here, we are surrounded by family and friends again, and everything that means home to me. My husband misses Oz but agreed that after 10+ years there it was time to make the move before the kids got too old. I love the lifestyle here maybe because I’m English but the history, the weather, the country, Christmas! I love it all! I’m so grateful we were able to make the move, the hole in my heart is full and couldn’t imagine moving back to Australia, I am so much happier here. I’d definitely talk to your husband, you’re not spoiling anyones life by saying what you want too, this is your life as well and don’t get to a point in your life where it’s no longer a choice, whether it happens or not, talk it out, I think your 2 year plan is good and you may come back and decide that’s enough to go back and enjoy your life in Oz or it could cement your stance, either way you need to know to ‘close’ the page, otherwise you’ll never know and be in a state of curiosity. All the best, hope everything works out for you.
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