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    We woke up this morning to some great news from our wonderful migration expert Paul Hand that our 189 visa has been granted. It is a bit of a weight off the shoulders. We are not looking to move for a few months but at least now we know that our dream is reality. I hope a few others have been granted also over the last few days?
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    I can't believe how easily fooled you are Simmo. OK I understand you don't like M Obama but really? You are too hooked on social media and the drivel most of it is.
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    I'm not OK with war crimes. I'm perfectly OK with a journalist (which Assange is not) of integrity (which Assange is not) revealing targeted criminal activity while protecting their sources (if necessary) and any innocent people whose information may be otherwise divulged. I am not OK with mass, industrial scale, indiscriminate hacking of private/classified information without any regard for innocent people who may be harmed/killed as a result. If you or a loved one was harmed as a result of this hacking, I doubt you would be OK with it either. Make no mistake, Assange's MO is hacking. He was doing it by the time he was 16 and was very lucky to avoid a massive gaol term - on all counts it would have amounted to nearly 300 years - in Australia in the 1990's for hacking and fraud, including of the Australian Telecom system. He avoided it partly by striking a plea bargain and pulling the mental health, disturbed childhood card.
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    I'll take that as a compliment. I'd love to be in my mid 40s again, even though that would mean I'd be working for another 15 years. I'm old enough to remember the men landing on the moon, and I know it was real because you couldn't see the strings like you could on Thunderbirds and Stingray.
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    Marmite. People vote for trump because they love trump. People vote for biden because they hate trump. I don't think many vote for biden because they like him.
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    I think I’m fine, that sounds daft I know, but heart rate has been a bit up and down, much more than usual , 124 down to 47, but I reckon I’m ok, and perhaps just a bit stressed. Will set an alarm in future when I’m away and out of routine.
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    Hope you feel much better soon. I've had many fall during my years of working with horses. Luckily never broke anything but it was bluddy painful and a bit of a shock too. Now I amble around on my trusty old gelding who is 28 years old and hasn't any tricks up his sleeve like bucking or frisking around on windy days.
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    Apologies, I thought that would have been obvious. My point being that the "truth" has become somewhat variable and with subjects such as gender, COVID, politics etc.. the guardians of "truth" might be a tad biased. It's a shame that peoples opinions on these subjects can so easily be divided along left and right. I think discord among adults before smart phones was so much more civilised , they would say what they honestly believed rather than the official line of thier tribes.
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    He was arrested because he published information which was classified (secret) military information. This is regarded as illegal. If I do something which is illegal I have to be prepared to cop the consequences, regardless of whether I agree with the illegality. Assange considers himself a highly intelligent being: therefore he should have been prepared to cop the consequences. This was not a journalist undertaking a targetted whistle blowing exercise. This was a massive, indiscriminate hack of sensitive material, much of which could be damaging (even fatal) to innocent people.
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    Nope, the only one i can see on this thread was removed by another mod in 2022. Could be the fact the same topic is being discussed on 2 different threads thats causing confusion.. Cal x
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    G’day mate, having never been to Tassie, I cannot comment on the pros and cons of of the state and it was well. over 50 years ago when I lived there in the SW. My concern would be you and your good lady having a good circle of friends and activities..Hope, your retirement will be long and happy. Cheers, Bobj.
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    Just because a person doesn't have a qualification or formal training as a journalist, that doesn't mean they can't be a journalist. Assange has had sufficient works published to legitimately claim to a journalist, and that's well-documented. I agree, he's a very good hacker too, but that doesn't mean he isn't a journalist. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_Assange#Written_works,_television_show,_and_views The question is was he acting in a journalistic capacity when he stole those secrets and published them, or were his actions merely serving his own agenda?
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    Stayed in Riverglen Chalets, now in Bunker Bay till we fly home, great time catching up with long term friends here.
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    Pacing is such an unnatural gait. I really dislike the whole pacing/trotting racing game but it's good to know he is being "re-used" after his racing career. Perhaps not the ideal mount for you though as you really need to concentrate on what you are doing and not on what he might be getting up to. Hope it doesn't put you off horse riding.
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    I know it's a long shot, as who is the president has little say over what actually happens in America. But she isn't hated as much as biden and trump, and that gives her a chance. I'm not expecting miracles, I just hope that after 8 years of Michelle's presidency we might be able to shrug and say that wasn't too bad. I don't expect her to stop creating wars and start helping the ever increasing poor in America. But no one will do that. Americas position in the world is fading, and they are going to go down fighting. The next eight years are pretty crucial. This could be important. I don't like the options so far.
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    Sorry to hear that, although given the seriousness of equestrian-related injuries it sounds like you had a lucky escape. Get well soon.
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    I should add I am perfectly ok with the investigation/trials of alleged war crimes by Australian military held recently in Australia.
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    Bunbury is the major hospital in that area. There is a hospital in Busselton, and they have recently upped their heart specialists.
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    The current legal limit for blood tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels is 2micrograms/L. It’s highly likely that if you’ve been prescribed medical cannabis preparations containing THC, you will exceed this limit. So if you’re taking it and driving this says you’re highly likely to be over the limit. This is what makes CBD an impractical drug for drivers.
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    If you do journalism you are a journalist.
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    I'm guessing the journalists who were machine gunned by the attack helicopter probably would have reported the act in a responsible way, dotting the i's and crossing the t's, except that they're dead of course because they were machine gunned. But hey. Perhaps we were better off not knowing.
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    My thoughts exactly! It's hard to find someone offering lessons around her and this is a new set up. It won't put me off but perhaps I won't go back there.
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    I assume that's a joke. And you do know, don't you, that Trump (and I'm sure many other presidents) have used private emails too. And let's not even think about Whatsapp et al
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    Thanks for that detailed reply and link. I don’t think I’d like to connect with fellow cruisers beforehand though to be honest. A chat at the bar or in the pool is as far as I go. I’m a bit antisocial unless it’s on my terms. That’s what worries me a bit about cruising and ‘forced’ interaction with others
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    You don't need to go on any of those retreat things @simmo. Though I wouldn't mind going to a Buddhist one for a few days. Eat healthily and get good exercise and your body will look after itself.