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    my son has the result from the ultrasound … NO ABNORMALITIES … it is an infection … antibiotics prescribed … HUGE relief … but please gentlemen … a blood test once a year …it could save your life …
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    Forth is a very small town 10 minutes inland from Devonport. Great farming country and it has a pub nearly 150 years old. Had lunch there yesterday. I seem to remember PIO member amibovered's wife had rellies who ran the pub at one time.
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    I am officially an Australian! Had my virtual ceremony yesterday - such a relief to finally be at the end of the visa odyssey. Thanks to everyone on here over the past couple of years - it's such a faceless system that it was really great to have some company along the journey
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    Case numbers link to hospital admissions, so an indicator as to bed shortages and postponement of routine treatment, diagnostics, electives. With an existing backlog of 6 million treatments and the potential for that to double, plus with new ilnnesses that may go untreated...it is very serious. Case numbers have been rising steadily, so you would expect hospital admissions to rise but following on with a short time lag. Winter averages in the NHS peak period for respiratory illnesses are worked out between Dec and end-Feb with the hopelessly dark and damp months....so it's not there for another 6 weeks. I think you're right. UK has under 80% coverage and quite small numbers of current vaccinations, so they are not rocking up to 90% anytime soon. Australia will go past 90% easily and include kids and more safe living measures, so studying that subsequent data will give more indication as to a minimum vaccination level needed for this pandemic to be truly curbed....if it works over here. Interestingly, from the UK government saying yesterday that they had "no plans", the Home Secretary is today saying that restrictions are "more likely" if they do not get their vaccination rate up very quickly. With the ability to read and forecast from the current data, they have no excuse not to plan ahead this time. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-58985617
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    https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-58976577 Do anybody think they'll do it again....wait until the horse has bolted and then pretend they didn't know?
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    Isn’t that in itself justification for double jabbing kids? Less likely to catch Covid and pass it on. Seems quite simple logic but perhaps I’m missing something. I’m glad my youngest is double jabbed
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    If there's an emergency she'll be treated under Medicare so there's no need to worry about her treatment in Australia, really. The problem is that it's a very long flight, and (God forbid) she could get sick on the flight - then she could be deplaned in Singapore or Dubai or wherever. So insurance is a must, I think.
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    It is. Children cannot get a second dose. It's a major obstacle right now for any Australian citizens under 18 living in the UK who want to return to Australia without hotel quarantine. The reason is because of a shortage of doses. Those in the UK who received the earlier doses are now ready for a booster and the decision has been made to prioritise that over second doses for children, rationalising that some protection (one dose) is better than none.
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    I certainly wouldn't suggest this is the case in this particular example, but generally when people do what you describe it's when they are presented strong evidence and arguments that don't align with their beliefs. Cognitive bias often won't allow the person to change their views and so they resort to whataboutism or any number of other common fallacious arguments to avoid having ingrained positions challenged. Again, not suggesting that's the case here. Just highlighting the usual reason for such behaviour.
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    My thoughts exactly. Impossible to debate.
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    SInce the UK's "Freedom Day" 90- days ago they have lost a further 13,460 people and more than 13,000 children have been hospitalised just in England. It's not even winter yet. They were at virtually identical figures 12 months ago today and calling for a "circuit breaker" lockdown, buggered it up through indecision and a stupid populist campaign for Johnson to "save Christmas" , caused another 27,000 premature deaths and ended up being forced into another massively damaging lockdown from Jan 6th until July 19th. If Australia needed any more warning that the end of lockdown is only the start of a new phase of lighter restrictions and sensible precautions. Get vaccinated people.
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    Yes, it's a quesadilla when the filling is mostly cheese and then it's grilled. It's a Mexican Toastie.
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    We've been here since 92 and have never got tired of the beaches. We never "sunbathe" like we used to on holiday from the UK, so sitting and melting, as you put it, wouldn't be on our radar. I have a surf ski and paddle board at the surf club, both kids have been in the club since 7, most of our friendship group have the same interests and the beach is where we see them mostly. In summer one or the other of us is there for ski, board or swimming anywhere between 5:30am and 7:00am. My wife is there this morning for yoga. We are always doing something when we're down the beach. It is pleasant just to sit and relax for a bit and maybe have a snooze. I've always found the sound of the ocean soothing and relaxing. Our rellies love that they can walk to the beach when they visit. Saves us the hassle of having to ferry them everywhere.
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    Mine overheats easily and will get into any body of water at any opportunity. Even on ‘freezing’ cold winter days.
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    There is also an entire ethnic group of Karen people so I'm surprised in this supposedly woke world they are allowed to use the term as an insult. I'm mean I know insulting white people and/or appropriating their culture is OK with woke people but insulting a minority ethnic group? I thought that was a no no?
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    Eldest grandchild is 12, not able to vaccinate her yet in uk but can do here. Her parents will vaccinate her as soon as they can. Her mum is a physio working in respiratory care and has seen too much of the suffering from COVID first hand.
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    Spoke to my sister in UK last night. She and husband are travelling to their other home in Florida in November. The house has been empty since Feb 2020 and they are anxious to check it over properly even though neighbours have been keeping an eye on it. They will be self isolating before travel and not seeing any of their children or grandchildren either to ensure they are negative and can travel. The grandkids schools (primary) are breeding grounds for COVID and they have brought the infection back several times, not too poorly themselves but passing it on to others in the family. The parents have all been fully vaccinated but still got poorly. Most people I know are being sensible and self isolating if infected and most still wear masks in crowds. self imposed quarantine is definitely a thing now if you want to test negative for travel.
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    Quite a few of the submissions to the senate enquiry made mention of the unfairness of non contributory 804 allowing people to remain in Australia on bridging visas whereas people paying large sums for contributory visas had to wait offshore
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    I'm actually very surprised they're so lenient about allowing people to stay after arriving on a tourist visa. It seems to make a mockery of the whole visa process, really.
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    Too late now! I’m a big fan of personal choice and self determination so you have to do what you are happy with. There’s a place here that you can get an antibody test post covid vaccine to see levels, so might do that in a month or so. Costs £50 and I’m on reduced hours at the moment so might have to wait. I’ve just seen your Joe Biden thing in your signature. Made me do a big lol!
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    It’s disappointing. The initial roll out was military precision. I should have a 3rd primary dose as due to meds I was on my first two doses probably didn’t work as well as the general population. It’s the same jab if you have pfizer but noted differently on your record as you then need a booster in 6 months. The issue is if you get moderna as the booster is a half dose but the 3rd primary should be a full dose. Literally no one knows about it, the communication has been so garbled. Because I’m a nurse I was eligible for a booster so went and got that and will worry about my booster in 6 months then. The advice will probably be different again then anyway. My gp reception had no idea what I was talking about so I gave up. God knows how people who aren’t eligible for the booster but are eligible for the 3rd primary dose are managing. It’s gotten a bit shambolic in parts.
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    The economy here, FIFO, mining, oil and gas have all been kept going and probably more buoyant than usual because of the lockdown. If we open up, allow workers in without extreme testing and isolation bang goes those industries with a couple of cases of covid.
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    That is really good. I knew they'd missed the starting gun on vaccinating children, but did not realise the full coverage for children between 12-17 was so poor...6% in England and 4% in Scotland? Then cases between 10-19 yr olds are 15,000 per day, perpetuating the spread and directly correlating to lack of vaccination? That would appear to be a key weakness.
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    We are on the island of Lanzarote and yes, most towns within island come alive around 8.30pm.... when im tucking my girls up to sleep. We dont tend to go out much at all.... we are more laid back, enjoy beache days, walks, bbqs. Some would call us boring!!! As long as i have a beach within 30min drive... and supermarket and schools close by, id be sorted!
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    Im an Ausralian citizen by descent and the rest of family on family visa. The island we live on is tiny, north to south is like 70km, you couold drive complete island in couple of hours, population 180,000... its basically a volcanic rock surrounded by sea. We have hills, volcanos which we have loved to explore. The beaches are lovely too. But, we want to see some green grass and trees..rivers, lakes, wildlife, etc... Last year here, we had torrentual rain for a few weeks, it was the first time in 12 years we´ve seen some green and flowers on the hills, it was spectacular!! Im not worried about taking flights to east coast or anywhere to be honest.... If i can manage here for aslong as i have??....... then Perth and surroundings excites me heaps!!
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