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    How do you know this? You might well be correct, but the OP hasn't said that. What they did mention in a post 3 years ago was that they were applying for Australian citizenship, so one assumes that they all have that now, so there's no barrier to them returning in that respect. It sounds like everyone is unhappy being be back in the UK, even the OP, who thought she would be happy - and they haven't even done a British winter yet. Personally I'd be looking at the logistics of returning to Australia while they still have the impetus. They wouldn't be the first family to 'ping' to the UK and then 'pong' back here straight away, and they certainly won't be the last. There's absolutely no shame in it. Maybe they should give it a while longer and see if they feel more settled in time, but if they don't then they shouldn't leave it too long before trying to return. The likelihood is that housing is only likely to get more expensive and unaffordable over here when compared to the UK.
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    We are often driven by things we can't control and what we perceive to be the ideal may not turn out to be that great in the reality. But you don't know that until you suck it and see. Don't beat yourself up. You're certainly not the first to make this decision, regret it, and then have to decide on a course of action. You've hurt your kids. Ok. But we do that all the time. We have to make judgement calls everyday, and hindsight is 20/20. What we think will happen ain't always so. We're not fortune tellers. Make it the best you can for them. What you actually do will come down to money. If you can no longer afford to recreate your previous lifestyle, if the kids can't get back in the same school, you can't get the same jobs, you could make things worse. So plan. Don't react. You've had some good advice, and some not so good advice above. I'll let you sort which is which. But don't panic and make things worse than they already are. Plan and work towards making things better. Regrets are only of value if we learn from them.
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    Hi you have only been back 5 months so everyone is still adjusting, i would try to give it a little more time before making any permanent decisions. Your husband is incorrect stating 'well its done now', yes it is done but it doesnt have to be forever if none of you are happy. Taking a hit finacially is nothing compared to your hapiness and mental health. LOTS of familys succesfully Ping Pong so you wouldnt be the first. I would have a chat with the grandparents to see what they have to say (mine stated we were not to stay in the UK for them but they had planned to move here years before and didnt due to their parents, a regret they always had) i would then sit and have a chat with hubby about staying a few more months and things still havent looked up for you all ,moving back to Aus. This would also give you a few months to save like crazy to get some funds behind you. Im unsre how old your children are BUT what if in a few years they decided to upsticks and move back here, would you and could you be happy in the UK if that happened? More than anything if you are feeling down, please see a Dr, your health is more important than where you live. Good luck with everything and we are always here if you need to vent, yell and scream,haha Cal x
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    That's pure conjecture, but if we're having guesses then mine is that the kids are unhappy in their own right. It sounds like they've swapped a great lifestyle in Australia for a fairly average one in the UK, not to mention leaving established friendship groups behind. We don't know how old they are or what they are like, so we can't really judge how much it has affected them. It sounds like the OP's husband made an incredibly selfless decision in agreeing to return to support his wife and her family, and is clearly very frustrated that no one is happy.
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    I like Perth, but I prefer Brisbane. Perth is just as hot, if not hotter, but unlike Brisbane doesn't get humid in the summer. It's a dry heat, which many prefer. There's also a direct train from the centre of Perth to Cottersloe, from which it's a two minute-walk to a (stunning) beach. If you don't have your own transport, you will find getting from Brisbane to the beach expensive and time-consuming, and in practice be limited to the northern end of Gold Coast (unless you're prepared to stay somewhere overnight). The public transport connection from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast isn't great, so you'd struggle to get there and back for a day out. Of course, if you are going to buy a car at some point (which would be a wise investment), that negates everything I've just said. If you haven't been to either Perth or Brisbane before then why not do a two city recce? - fly to Perth for a few days, on to Brissie for a few, and then back to Tassie. You are going to blow some cash, but makes a lot more sense than heading off blind and hoping for the best. Unless you can pay 6 months up front you're going to struggle renting an apartment (from a reputable agent) without proof of employment, and references. There's something of an accommodation crisis in SEQ at the moment (well-covered on the news over the last couple of years), so you will be up against many other prospective tenants - most of whom will already have jobs. If I was you I'd work out what you priorities are and draw up a plan of action before you leave Tasmania.
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    Your husband is right. It's done, you can't afford to uproot everyone and move back now. You could however PLAN to go back at some future date, which would give everyone something to look forward to/work towards, and that can make a tough situation much more bearable. Worth a thought?
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    A visa refusal is where the application for a visa is unsuccessful and thus, the visa was not granted/issued. A cancellation is where the initial visa application was successful, but the visa was subsequently cancelled. In the scenario you describe, the applicant must answer YES. If the response provided is false, every likelihood is that the false answer will be detected and this could cause further consequences down the track.
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    Refused means the visa was never issued. Cancelled means after the visa was issued it was later withdrawn. If a visa has been refused, yes you would have to answer "YES".
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    Hi we live in Toowoomba and have tried the award winning bacon. We still prefer the British Sausage Company bacon.
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    The answer is Yes if you've ever been denied a visa.
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    It is a bit complicated. Basically if the Uk company is active then the ATO are interested. We looked at this as we have a dormant UK company holding assets. We do a company return in the UK every year and company registration in UK. Not VAT registered now only income is interest. Any withdrawals as company dividends are reported to UK HMRC but are taxed in Australia as income. No wages are paid. You do need to seek professional advice about your particular situation going forward though.
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    The clown that’s increasing his lead over Herr Kipfler month by month.
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    There is a lot of chatter that Jacinta Price will be Australia's next Prime Minister. And our first indigenous PM. She certainly is very impressive.
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    Toowoomba butcher Meat Cellar wins world’s best bacon at the World Charcuterie Awards competition held in London. Listening to him on the radio and how it happened pretty much by accident.
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    I wouldn't call it a sausage. Not even 60% "meat". A proper pink slime job.
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    We have flown from Adelaide to Tampa (visiting relatives) a long convoluted route! From Sydney or Melbourne to Orlando is much easier and quicker. It is 23 hours minimum to UK all up so that is easily doable. It’s the time travel that got us, much worse on our return to Oz.
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    Who would want one of these? What do people get out of owning a dog that could rip a child or small adult to shreds in seconds? If it were up to me i would make any potential owners get it a cage and fight one. If they can't beat it then they couldn't control it. I'd do that for all potentially dangerous dogs. And don't give me the "jack Russell can be nippy" rubbish. A human can grab a jack Russell by the scruff of its neck and throw it . If you can't do that then your argument is nonsense.
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    Exactly, turn up for the sausage sizzle, draw a big willy on the form - job jobbed. They don't fine you for not voting, they fine you for not turning up.
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    It’s always hard to compare the bad of the now with the good of the then, unfortunately. You’re still in the early stages, my guess is that your DH is spreading his dissatisfaction onto the kids too. Kids who move in the opposite direction often have the same regrets at missing family, friends, their schools etc but they get used to it. Caring for elderly parents is a thankless task at the best of times. My husband always said he would hate living back in England and he couldn’t do it, but we did it, to care for elderly parents (only child) but he adopted a positive mind set and ended up loving it. Grandparents won’t be around for ever and Australia isn’t going anywhere.
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