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    Brilliant, young man, that is what I like to see, kids going out and having good, clean fun...And you are a truly valuable friend. Cheers, Bobj.
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    What a wonderful record of childhood. And how well organised is that! Very impressed.
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    I so enjoyed reading your story - thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum
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    When I say Australia is hot, I'm comparing it with the UK rather than other places in the world, because that's what most Brits are used to. If you flipped Australia over, so it was in the Northern Hemisphere, most if would be in Africa (see below). Of course, the climate isn't the same as Africa because there are so many other variables, like rain and winds and the proximity of the sea, plus the earth's tilt. But it does show that no one should be coming to Australia expecting a climate that is remotely like anything in Europe, even in their summer holiday spots in Spain or Cyprus. You'll notice that with a couple of exceptions, most of the comparisons on the map are not in Europe.
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    Thanks unzippy Her accent is from far north of the US which already had an almost Canadian sound to it, mixed with some Australian after 6 years in Queensland! We used to compare and contrast strange words and sayings Each of us used. These days we get confused as to whether we're remembering the US version, the Scottish version or the Australian version. It's all mashed into one!
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    get a VPN, and then http://cricfree.sc/sky-sports-main-event-live-stream all good ?
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    A lovely record of all the wonderful things you have experienced so far. Many more to come.
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    OMG ... love seeing the photo's of you younger ... I know what a wonderful young man you've become - thanks for sharing
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    Thanks for sharing your photos of your life in Australia Squarepants.
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    Great to see the hills getting a review! It is so very pretty. ?