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    If you read the page BendigoBoy linked to, it says, "The Early Careers stream will give Australian organisations the opportunity to participate in 12-month secondments, placements, or intra-corporate transfers of tertiary qualified UK professionals who are early in their career." It's only for one year. I can see international companies using it for secondments or transfers of their own employees from the UK to Australia, but otherwise why would an employer jump through the hoops for this visa, for the sake of just one year? IMO there would have to be a really acute shortage of qualified employees, for them to even contemplate it.
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    This was our large cube. We measured out the space in the dining room to practice but it actually took less space in the cube than it had in the practice space.
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    There have been 13 Cricket World Cup Finals. Australia have won 6 of them.
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    @Jonjan, I suggest going to a Centrelink office and making a fuss until they give you a straight answer. What I do know: The bridging visa for the 804 visa does not give you the right to access Medicare at all. The only reason you're able to access Medicare is because you're a former resident of the UK, so you have reciprocal rights, the same as any British person on a tourist visa. The strict rules are that reciprocal rights cover essential treatment only, and you're meant to go back to the UK for any non-urgent treatment. In practice, up until now, most people in your situation have been forced to do that, and have been able to access the same range of care as a permanent resident. I don't know if the shorter timeframe means that they're thinking of tightening up the system. who knows.
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    England declared winners on countback. https://theshovel.com.au/2023/11/20/england-win-cricket-world-cup-moral-countback/?fbclid=IwAR0vZNfbvQPInORpLe-W62SGluqkB02fLG51ic5eMNBIm_-edPP5QdqDpY0_aem_Ab963RleYcbvCbb7dUT-q8GL9jOBZX4b2NClr4EqPs1VDFAnQhQ8YPSsmgNDzzwqrWA