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    Latvia is closer to Moscow than Ukraine and is already a member of Nato. Estonia and Finland are both within spitting distance of St. Petersburg and are both NATO members. What he has achieved is to strengthen NATO because previous non members have now either applied to join (Sweden) or have sought to increase their defence links to NATO (Switzerland). Putin is patently the aggressor here. Ukraine's minding its own business and Putin's "special military opposition" invades a foreign sovereign country. That's aggression. Putin has made it clear that he deeply resents the break up of the old Soviet Union and has a messianic/megalomanic zeal to reconstitute it. He started with the Crimea in 2014 and was emboldened by the lack of push back from outside Ukraine at that time. In hindsight that was probably an error which could have averted the greater disaster now happening. The other post Soviet countries have no doubt he would try it on with them if he succeeds in Ukraine.
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    That seems to contradict the common expression, "Leftist intellectuals". You never hear anyone referring to "Rightist intellectuals". There might be a reason for that.
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    Look at a map Marisa. Ukraine pushes deep into Russian territory. Putin was never going to allow NATO to get that close to Moscow. This is all about NATO. You make Putin to be the aggressor here. But look at the influence America has spread beyond its borders. Look at the conflicts the USA has been involved with over the last 100 years. Putin may just take all of Ukraine anyway. Unless NATO put boots on the ground, Russia pretty much has a free hand. Ukraine won't be a threat for many years.
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    Who are these "lefties"? What's the definition? You've heard the saying, "The squeaky wheel gets the oil". There is a VERY SMALL minority of women who espouse the idea that "all men are rapists". The media love them because they love anything extreme, so they get lots of media attention. Like most minorities, they're extremely active on social media and do a lot of yelling and screaming about their cause. Most women do not agree.
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    It takes time to decided that consenting to sex was a mistake, and more time to decide that it was his mistake.
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    I can never understand why these women who state they were sexually abused didn't go straight to the police when it happened. Why wait years?
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    Isn't it a lie because it is in a Murdoch paper?
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    You're joking aren't you? What about Latvia? Estonia? Finland? What do you mean by "into" anyway? Countries are very rarely neat rectangles.
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    Tried to comprehensively destroy the democratic process in his own country. He didn't need to go outside his own borders to create mayhem.
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    I didn't say it was an easy decision. But why do you think letting Russia take a large chunk will satisfy Putin? Putin annexed the Crimea, and Ukraine made a fuss but ultimately decided they'd let him have it, rather than start a war. All that did was encourage Putin, and he annexed even more of their land. Putin wants all of the Soviet Union back. All that guff about NATO is just a smokescreen. If Ukraine is just handed over, he won't stop there. That's why all the neighbouring countries are anxious for Ukraine to keep him at bay. If Ukraine is defeated, they'll be next. Echoes of World War II.
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    I've just heard him being interviewed. He claims he was VERY promiscuous in the past and that all his sexual encounters were consensual .............. well he would, wouldn't he? I suppose there will be loads more women coming forward with sordid tales of his behaviour. His poor wife ........... though I dare say she knew what he was like before she married him.
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    The driving laws in Australia (which also vary by state) are very different from those in the UK, so you familiarise yourself with them before driving. "Driving without insurance" is a UK offence. In Australia it doesn't exists because the law requires the compulsory insurance as part of registration and driving an unregistered vehicle is the offence. In Australia driving without a licence means (in most states) not having the license on your person. The computer age is finally catching up, so a digital version on your phone is already an option in some states, but it's still the case that just being on the state's computer isn't enough.
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    Apparently he's very good in bed. Or so he says.
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    According to the lefties he meets the definition of a rapist. He's a man.
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    Lefties are not the sharpest tools in the shed as a general observation.
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    I'd classify myself as a leftie and so are most of my friends, none of us could ever stand the man. I'm not entirely surprised.
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    Russell Brand, leftie luvie, is a sexual abuser. Who would have guessed?
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    If you have been away for more than 5 years you will need to show ‘substantial personal, business, employment or cultural ties to Australia, which are of benefit to Australia’ as well as ‘compelling reasons’ for your absence. An offer of employment is a good place to start with substantial ties … you haven’t mentioned a reason for absence. Once you get an RRV you will need to apply for a partner visa for your wife and child. Whether you do this onshore or offshore will depend on your circumstances and requirements.
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    Another Grandson! Archie Fraser Dickinson 🩵Born 4.8kg/10.5lb on 15 Sep 23 to Josh and Gabby. Shares his birthday with Josh's brother Jake.
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    Thanks everyone. I have just submitted for my APHRA but not heard anything yet. Would you advise moving over there first and looking once I am there? My husband will have his sponsorship so I could start to apply for work once we are there and settled. What’s peoples thoughts?
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    Bit like trying to argue a library is only a library if it is being used to borrow worthy high-brow books. If it lends trashy fiction it must be called something else to distinguish it.
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    33.6 here in Windsor. A stretch of September weather unseen since records started in 1859
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    That isn’t quite right. It is only required for citizenship if you have lived overseas since gaining your PR . The Australian police check is done for you as part of the process. After all you already had a police check to get your visa so no need to do another one for that timeframe. We did not need to do a UK check even though we had spent some time back in the UK on holiday before applying. Our eldest son did as he went back to UK for over a year after validating before settling in Australia.
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    RIP to the wonderful man Ron Barassi. Simply the best and a wonderful man. Most of the people on here will have never even heard of this man.
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