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    That is the place where i was born @Amber Snowball
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    QSuper were a bit sneaky on that one, as when I first spoke to them they told me you "just tick a box to say you have retired". Ended up a bit more complicated than that and meant I only got the money a few days before flying home, as they wouldn't release it till my employers (Qld Govt) confirmed that they weren't sending any more payments. And I think they only confirmed that in the end cos I rang them every day for a fortnight and made a right pain of myself!
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    I've just realized that our blinds at the front of the house are nearly always closed. I thought this was to keep the heat out, but maybe the wife is operating a clandestine meth lab that I don't know about? If she is, I'm not getting any commission!
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    The two new Spirit of Tasmania ferries are being built in Finland with 40% more capacity. They will be delivered next year. https://newships.spiritoftasmania.com.au/
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    I did. Haven’t watched it for years though as it was pretty silly. The one where the woman moaned about the table in the kitchen was the last one I saw.
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    I often wondered why you were called @Parley - I just thought it was because you talked a lot. There's another mystery solved! I've also wondered about @ramot too. I believe her first name starts with an 'M' and she has 3 children, so maybe 'ramot' is an acronym of her family members' names? 'Inner Voice' is to remind me to listen to the inner voice when it comes to the big decisions.
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    I think all Super funds are likely to be the same in that call centre staff are forbidden from giving you anything that can be construed as advice. They are not advisors and not licenced as such. They are restricted to giving you factual information only about the fund and your account. If you want advice as to what to do they will refer you to a licenced advisor within their organisation or you can get it independently. They are not trying to be unhelpful - it is the law they have to follow.
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    I’ve seen two people I know on Escape to the country, it was really weird randomly watching a show and then doing a double take as I realised. One was a friend from our Brunei days, and the other was someone who contacted us and we then met to try to arrange a house swap.
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    Before the job will be the visa! That'll be your first hurdle. If you get in then I don't think you need to be worried about a job, autism is very big here and there will be all sorts of niche roles you could probably slot into. Around here we have "experts" in autism in private practice working with families on behavioural issues etc.
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    @Marisawright , @Nemesis Thanks for the great tip and detail, good to know.
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    Easter will always be cheaper than Christmas. Dredging up my BA training from the Dark Ages, there are established time-frames for airline prices rises/cuts. So roughly speaking, fares rise for Xmas on around the 14th December, and fall again around 14th January. they then stay around the same level until around 2 weeks before Easter (dates change each year of course) when there is a slight peak, but prices then may drop back if there's an early Easter, before a rise for UK/Europe-summer fares in mid June. Drops slightly early September, then again for mid October, staying down till the Xmas fare rises. Sometimes if you play with dates and go back or forward just a day or two you can make a big difference by missing the rise/fall especially at Christmas. Budget airlines tend to base themselves more around school holiday demand, but the main airlines all use roughly the same price guides.
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    Awesome. That’s a great price. Who are you flying with? Hope you have a great time. I’ve been keeping an eye on fares at Easter just out of curiosity and they are much closer to normal now. £1,500 with Singapore but there is one particular set of dates during the holidays at £1,150.
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    Have great trip though, I'm going the other way at the same time $2,300 return for 3 weeks taking in the week before XMAS and coming back after new year
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    They do usually ask for proof of "retirement" though - or at least proof of finishing work at that time. i had to supply evidence that I had finished work on a specific date, and then QSuper contacted my employer to check there were no further payments coming in.
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    One thing to note: once you reach preservation age, if you stop working you can make a declaration that you have retired, and claim your lump sum. Then if, once you have the money, you 'change your mind' and decide to return to work, there is no penalty for that.
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    QPS (and some other organizations/companies) have a labour agreement with the Commonwealth government which allows concessions to the standard grant terms for the specific visa(s). Each agreement is bespoke and may contain different concessions.
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    Wow I havent looked at this thread since we got the news. What a day from utmost joy and crying with happiness to absolute rock bottom. I'm not going to say much, but take life every day as you can and appreciate what you have today as you never know what is around the corner. Life is too short to be having silly arguments on a forum, as someone said words by themselves on here can be misinterpreted. Just be nice.. x
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    In fact it was on the news yesterday that this is the first time on record that it will be 30 or above, for 5 consecutive days in September. Definitely not normal.
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    Visa was finally granted overnight. Let the fun begin. Omg crying this morning.
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    Age is just a number and lived experience is priceless. Biden however has some serious cognitive impairment.
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    Apparently a lot of people get damaged by the internet.
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    Hi, it's my understanding that you need to be a 4-year trained teacher to meet the visa requirements, and there's pretty much no way around that. However, there's a huge teacher shortage across Australia at the moment, and there are many incentives to entice overseas teachers. Each state has it's own governing body so I would advise you contact them directly to find out what pathways are available, and what additional training you might need to undertake to get your foot in the door. I wouldn't limit yourself to just one state, if I was you. You can always move around later. Here's a list of the teacher authorities for each state/territory - hope this helps. New South Wales (NSW): Teacher Authority: New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) Website: https://educationstandards.nsw.edu.au/ Victoria (VIC): Teacher Authority: Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) Website: https://www.vit.vic.edu.au/ Queensland (QLD): Teacher Authority: Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) Website: https://www.qct.edu.au/ South Australia (SA): Teacher Authority: Teachers Registration Board of South Australia (TRB) Website: https://www.trb.sa.edu.au/ Western Australia (WA): Teacher Authority: Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA) Website: https://www.trb.wa.gov.au/ Tasmania (TAS): Teacher Authority: Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania (TRB) Website: https://www.trb.tas.gov.au/ Australian Capital Territory (ACT): Teacher Authority: ACT Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) Website: https://tqi.act.edu.au/ Northern Territory (NT): Teacher Authority: Teacher Registration Board of the Northern Territory (TRBNT) Website: https://www.trb.nt.gov.au/
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    Hi, glad to say we got our grant.