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    Didn't really mark your card as being a "Yes' man? More a subversive self styled 'hit' man of the Right. Just shows how easy it is to get it wrong.
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    It's a wet and windy afternoon here. A friend just gave me this to read so I've settled down to give it a go. I wasn't bothered whether I'd read it or not but I am just into chapter 3. Riveting stuff.
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    So right. To be a white middle aged man right now is being at the bottom of the pile
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    No. I'm done roaming, I'm settled for now. I might move down the south coast when the kids fly the nest.
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    Well done for acknowledging that because it's pointless having a debate with someone who implies that criticism equals discrimination in one form or another. If you don't like seeing drunken Aboriginals fighting in the park and threatening passers by, that doesn't make you a racist. If you don't like seeing men dressed up as woman in a sexualized manner, that does make you transphobic. If you criticize a person for exploiting someone else, who just happens to be a different gender, that doesn't make you sexist. Negatively stereotyping an individual based on their opinion about one specific issue is just as harmful as casting wild aspersions without any facts. Taking of facts... Harry has stepped down from his royal duties, moved to the USA, produced a documentary, and written book containing hurtful and damaging allegations about close members of his family. Would he have done any of those things if he'd never met Megan Markle? I rest my case.
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    I'm wondering why you're not applying for a permanent visa right now? The fact that an occupation is on the list doesn't mean employers are desperate, I'm afraid. The lists are supposed to reflect occupations in demand, but they always lag behind reality. I don't know what the demand for midwives is like but someone else may know. Having said that, the reason DAMA exists is because it's so hard to get staff to work in remote areas, which often have a lack of rental properties, poor infrastructure/lack of schools and often a challenging climate as well. Have you seen a good migration agent? As you say, you can get a distorted view from recruiters because of their payment structure. You don't have to hire the migration agent, just pay for a one-off consultation. Then you'll know exactly where you stand, which will save a lot of time (and at 43, time is of the essence!). Get quotes from Suncoast Migration and Go Matilda.
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    In my days of old, it was the three B’s; Balls Baffle Brains. Cheers, Bobj.
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    Misogyny - dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. Misandry - dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men. Both are equally damaging, although most are unfamiliar with the second term.
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    Misogyny is the new "race card"
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    No. Misogyny is a dislike of women in general. Disliking a particular individual because they are a deeply unpleasant person - and happen to be a woman - is different.
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    The man has serious mental health issues.
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    Is it still misogyny if it is true and the woman is actually a controlling manipulative so and so?
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    Times have changed a lot though. Remember how Elizabeth prevented Margaret from marrying the man of her choice Peter Townsend who was a divorcee and deemed therefore unsuitable. Harry was allowed to marry Meghan, a divorcee. So times have changed a lot and i doubt there was a lot of paparazzi back then in the 30s and 40s. True though that the new generation of royals will be the focus when George, Charlotte and Louis are running amok in their 20s. Time will tell.
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    Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester was the brother of both King Edward VIII and King George VI. By the time he died in 1974 he was very much a lower tier royal.
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    True that the ideology that brings people to that conclusion is misogynistic. It's very deeply ingrained. Harry must be a victim of a manipulative woman, he hasn't ideas of his own, he's being peer pressured...it's ridiculous really. The man is extremely powerful in his own right...and happens to be with a woman unafraid to use her voice (shades of his mother-Freud anyone). His own trauma/grief is weaponised against him to engineer some sort of image that pleases the easily influenced. Did somebody say manipulation? Jeez.
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    It's sad but not totally unexpected that those misogynistic ideas still prevail. A tad insulting to the man and to the woman involved in such alliances.
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    I don't know "every thing he's getting" but yes, meg spotted an opportunity and exploited it.
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    The two are brothers from the same litter. The RSPCA did not want them to be separated, which was fine by me. It is amazing how quickly one can get attached to a dog. Cheers, Bobj.
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    Last Friday, my little Lahsa Apso, Chlo, died at Age 15. On the following Monday, I went to the Mackay RSPCA shelter and adopted two 2 year old fox terriers. When I contacted my “daughter”, Katie. She told me that when she was talking to my wife, Jo that when Chloe died, , that Jo hoped for a foxy for our next dog. We have not been without some make of dog since we mwet, over 48 years ago. My new mutts, Titch, in the red harness and Shorty in the blue one. Jo died 7 months ago… Providence? Cheers, Bobj.
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    Old father Thames like a mill pond this morning.
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    Sat in a nice open space in centre of Newcastle today day having my lunch with a fellow worker , we got totally abused by a crack head as we wouldn’t giver her any money the language was absolutely disgusting to say the least
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