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    why not just focus on the last uninterrupted part of 4 years with the child? Its more than enough on its own and the period apart just weakens your application because it could be interpreted as being a sign you are not in an ongoing relationship. You aren't lying by not mentioning you had another relationship in the past with a break, you'd only be lying if you said it was 14 years together.
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    At the mine, they have interactive displays and a reconstruction of the space they were trapped in, which you can climb into. Can't imagine how they did it.
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    Now that’s a strange one , not one other person held accountable, so for all the serious charges she has been convicted of not one other person ( except Andrew and Epstein himself) have been prosecuted very strange imho
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    I think if you read back you might see you've got this one all wrong. Paul, who is a respected and very helpful migration agent responded to your specific point about the charge from your agent, agreeing that it seemed high. You responded to that in a somewhat sarcastic manner, and he came back with a more verbose response. For his efforts you've rewarded him with name calling and have dismissed him from further input. I can't see anything in the content nor tone of his response that you might take offence at. You've come here for advice and whilst the rest of us are well-meaning amateurs sharing what we know based on our experiences, he is literally an expert. One I've personally used and would highly recommend.
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    "Yep" in the sense that this quote seems "a little excessive" to me as well, given that there is not much to an AITSL skills assessment. Your agent should be more than willing to answer your questions.
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    This is why you need to consult an agent. You don't have to hire them to do the whole application if you feel capable of doing it yourself. You can book them for a one-off consultation (make it clear you're looking for answers to specific questions, not just a general intro). The best way to find out what that will cost is to ring them and ask them for a quote. We'd just be guessing.
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    I just got my positive skills assessment back from ANMAC today and did it myself as the "full" version since I don't have registration with AHPRA. I'm surprised it was so quick, from what I had read it's generally around 12 weeks or longer to process. I submitted my application on the 19th December just before they closed for 3 weeks. So really that's only around 2 weeks it took for them to approve. I didn't upload everything all at once as well since I was still waiting for my transcript and thought I had plenty of time. You should just wait to have your letter of determination/positive skills assessment before submitting your EOI though. They won't invite you without it so not much point and if they did the application would be invalid since you didn't have it at the time you were invited.
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    We are all behind a keyboard … My reply wasn’t meant to be sarcastic (although it was short and to the point), I was just agreeing with you that the price quoted for assisting with an AITSL skills assessment seemed high. That should have been helpful in assessing whether you were getting value for money I answer lots of questions here but as you said you already have a migration agent retained, my code of conduct doesn’t permit me to also advise you. i guess my point was that if you have an agent retained, based on what they must be charging for the rest of the application, answering some basic questions on the skills assessment process for no, or a nominal, fee would be reasonable. It’s certainly what I would be doing for my clients if they do the skills assessment without me (which is actually what I generally suggest for AITSL).
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    It’s all part of the same application. You apply for both visas (or stages) on the same form and they either grant one or both stages based on the circumstances.
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    If you have been together, either married or de facto, for 3 years then you are eligible for PR straight away. If there is a child of the relationship this drops to 2 years.
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    We've only booked our first two nights' accommodation so far and that's in central Launceston, so we're looking forward to checking the place out and exploring a little. I think if we decided to move from Queensland to Tasmania we might find the Launceston climate a little more appealing, so it will be good to see it first, before being dazzled by Hobart.
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    As you're a professional the OP should take your advice, I think it looks bad having gaps though which is a shame because 4 years and a child is more than enough for pr straight away
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    I think this is poor advice. It is a very bad idea to be economical with the truth.
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    Thank you Cal for your advice. We did think the skilled visa would be best, we will look at booking an agent for further advice
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    Definitely disclose the relationship. You will be asked things like when did you first get together, and you need to be honest. Never lie to Immigration - your instincts are correct. The fact the you have got back together, and have a child together, will go in your favour. And having been together for that length of time you should get PR at once, and not have to wait the usual 2 years.
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    George has recently joined Playfair. Great bloke and highly regarded. To be honest, most registered migration agents with several years experience will be well versed in health issues as it's an are which impacts more visa applications than you may think. It's an added bonus if your Migration Agent also has a background in health. When it comes to EOI's, nominating a specific state or territory is definitely the best approach. Ticking "any" is typically interpreted by the potential nominators that you are indifferent. They would much rather nominate someone who is motivated to live and work in their "territory". Good luck
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    I definitely think Launceston is a very much underrated town. Has almost everything you need in a city without the hustle and bustle of places like Melbourne & Sydney. If you like golf the course there is great!
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    I agree with Jon that a consultation with an agent would be a good thing. It may well be that the period prior to your last split won't count towards the visa (since it could be said that your first relationship ended, then you started a new one). That would mean you'd submit evidence only for the last 4 years, which would be more than enough anyway. However, I'm no expert, so I'd definitely say an agent is needed. Try Suncoast Migration or Go Matilda. Immigration recognises that not all couples have joint accounts. Just explain how your finances balance out and show evidence. The benefits of offshore, if you're applying from the UK, is that it's usually faster. You can just get on with your lives in the UK while the application goes through, instead of being in limbo on a bridging visa in Australia (finding work on a bridging visa can be hard).
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    If your most recent spell of relationship is 4 years (assuming you lived together for all that time) and have an 18 months old child together you more than meet the requirements for defacto. I might still be worth a consultation though to see if you might qualify for the PR visa straight away based on the 12 years on and off part. I also paid for everything from my account and had no issues. As long as you have documents showing you are in the same house (i.e. same address) they don't have to be joint accounts. I included a list of payments from me to my partner in the financial section. Her being on the council tax will be good evidence, also see if you have polling card etc. with her name on. Anything to show she has been there. When you get it together, scan multiple docs together in one pdf - called for example household bills, start with joint ones. Citizenship by descent is easy, just get on with that one.
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    If you meet. The qualifications for an independent visa you could apply now. Otherwise can your employer offer PR straight away (again if you qualify and they are willing). As Paul says getting independent advice could be key as you have no time to waste. There are a few visas you could look at but you may not qualify for all of them. Why not contact Paul who posted above he is a reputable agent after all!
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    Cataract Gorge definitely on the list. Yes, I remember the Beaconsfield Mine rescue. 2006 - wow, it only seems like yesterday!
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    I would have a consultation with a migration agent to fully disclose all your information just for your own sanity. There a few on the site here that are very reputable such as @paulhand.
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    Has anyone read "spare"? I have been following the fallout on YouTube. It seems that for someone who values his privacy he doesn't seem to think about others privacy much. He seems to come across as bitter and cruel to me. Especially this part... He has aired his family's dirty laundry in public, without their permission and has the audacity to demand an apology FROM THEM. Now Megs is supposedly writing her memoirs.
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    Just got email from IMMI.Visa granted on 29/11/2022. Thanks everyone once again for time to time guidance. This forum is very useful,
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    My agent is trying to charge 2,300 dollars. Which is a rip off, to put it bluntly. I’m not here for a war of words with a keyboard warrior, if you don’t have anything positive and constructive to help, please refrain from posting. Thanks.