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    I'm not a regular visitor to this forum and when I post it's usually to ask the advice of the PIO community, who I've always found very helpful and knowledgeable. In this case it's about the suitability of Tasmania as a retirement destination, and recommendations for places to visit whilst on holiday. In no way do I wish to discourage people from commenting, but if someone has never visited Tasmania then it's unlikely they'll have much to contribute to this thread. When moving to a new location there are lots of factors to consider; climate, cost of living, and proximity to amenities, to name just a few. Given that we live in Cairns, we also considered the possibility of natural disasters like flooding and cyclones when we bought our current home. In addition, we could have considered the possibility of war, earthquakes, or our neighbour turning out to be Walter White. Yes, they're all possibilities, but not ones worth losing too much sleep over. Based on your comments I gather you've had a negative experience at some point which I'm sorry to hear, but that doesn't give you the right to hijack other people's posts and make them all about this issue. If Australia's suburban drug culture is a major concern for you, then you might consider writing a separate post on the matter.
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    We were planning to retire in Tasmania from Perth but on our last visit I really felt I wouldn’t enjoy the longer winters. We were there at the beginning of May and it was already dropping to 2 degrees in Launceston at night. We love the Huon valley and Hobart area so will continue to enjoy holidays there instead.
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    Yes, I love being lectured about the place I've lived, on and off, since 1954 - by someone who has never visited...even once.
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    Yes, we are moving at the end of the year. I have my job lined up. Can't wait.
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    I was watching "Back Roads" (ABC) earlier and it featured the far north west coast of Tassie. I do love a day trip to that area but I couldn't live there. It's right where it catches the full blast of the Roaring Forties. The Cape Grim area is also fairly remote. A family originally from Qld was interviewed. They came on holiday a few years ago and never left. They run boat trips along Arthur River. Also a young couple have settled there. She was from Finland and he was from Berlin. They love the surfing lifestyle at Marrawah.
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    We loved our visit to Tasmania, which was purely as a tourist. Recommend visiting The Wall in the Wilderness at Derwent Bridge and Legerwood Carved Memorial Trees and the Creepy Boardwalk through Dark Forest Cradle Mountain as well as all the other stunning and interesting places. Enjoy your visit, take no notice of negative posters who haven’t been there, Tasmania might not be for everyone, but unless you visit somewhere you will never know if it’s where you want to live.
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    Have you been there? Obviously it does not have the buzz of Sydney or Melbourne, but (based on my impressions as a visitor not a resident), I'd say Hobart has more buzz than Perth.
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    I've always thought that photo of Prince Andrew and the girl looked a bit dodgy. If you cover the hand on her waist and look at the sort of side on position PA is standing in, his arm would have to be really long to reach her waist. Could be entirely wrong but it just doesn't look right to me. The whole Prince Andrew/Epstein/Maxwell thing is just so grubby and sordid.
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    It does look like an airport. My husband also thinks the same thing. He's not impressed. He reckons it should have been built out of brick and stonework. If it had been, he would have been down there giving them a hand. The bedrooms are a bit pokey but it's just somewhere to lay your head at night so doesn't much matter. All the rooms have pictures of local scenery. Before it was built all there was in town were a couple of motels and B&Bs.
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    Only if you watch Live TV and BBC iPlayer. Otherwise your TV is just a monitor.
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    The internet would be very dull without the crazies.
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    I know I've been on the site since 2008 (when we first started thinking of moving) but I notice that my official join date isn't until 2010. Possibly I set up a new profile when I changed my email address or I was just a "guest" before that, but it's so long ago I don't remember!
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    No asylum seekers occupying it. Busy with tourists at the moment.
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    The NHS has never had so much money thrown at it. The problem is the middle management up. The procurement system, the woke culture and now the unions. The mondern (word wide) reliance on cheep imported labour that the left champion so much is stifling wage growth. The answer is NOT more money.
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    What's to adapt? Sure we ate Christmas dinner out on the patio wearing shorts which obviously we wouldn't have done in the UK, but otherwise it's just the same. It's Christmas it's traditional. Since my wife is Orthodox 25th December is regarded as my Christmas so is English style. Christmas Day 6th January (or more accurately Christmas Eve on 5th January) is done her style.
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    I can't say that I have, and I know other migrants who have never adapted to an Australian Christmas -- though of course they make the best of it. Christmas and New Year, for me, are just an anticlimax -- even after 35 years here! It's just something that's missing out of my life and always will be. However, in the scheme of my year as a whole, it really doesn't matter, so I'm OK with that.
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    Pob, many recent migrants seem to struggle with their first Christmas in Australia as familiar lifelong traditions don't quite fit with the new environment. In time you will find new traditions, little things that are more geared to the new life you and your family share on the other side of the world. In the meantime you are creating memories that you will one day look back on and laugh at - you've made a start with turkey stuffing! Enjoy the journey. T x
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    Between loved ones, or in a formal setting such as school or the workplace, it may well be delivered and received as supportive and useful feedback. But on a public forum among strangers it is perhaps more likely to come across as unnecessary criticism, rather than one filled with bonhomie, tbh. Tx
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    I suspect your degree will cover requirements to allow work post 2015 to be allowed. Best way to check is submit a migration assessment / work experience assesment to one of the bodies here, I used CPA. I haven't found issues with getting work here, but anecdotally I have had uber drivers who studied accounting here and can't get work. Overall your experience should count you in good stead. Maximise points, especially in English tests and go for the 190, language and experience will give you a better chance with the states vs the 189. Good luck!