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    Just read your post and wondered if you're still here in Australia? I completely understand how you feel and those feelings are very hard to get rid of. I've been here for 12 years (never intended to be here this long) and we're desperately trying to save enough to move home so I can spend some time with my - now elderly - parents. Please do what makes you happy and if that is moving back to the UK, find a way to do it. You can't get time back, unfortunately xx
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    I haven't flown with them since they had the two very unfortunate incidents. Who needs an unlucky airline.
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    Perfectly fine airline. They have a deal at the moment where a passenger can fly free internally inside Malaysia (taxes payable) if booking a long distance flight. Why not take a break en route and visit the island of Langkawi or Borneo (Sarawak or Sabah) for example? I wouldn't worry too much with regards to recent history. Any airline can experience being shot out of the sky by renegade militia or a potential suicidal pilot (German Wings for example)
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    I agree with this, but with the important caveat that the trade needs to be on the "wanted list". The problem is that this process (qualify, who and skilled visa) will take 5-6 years to complete. No one can safely predict which trades will be on the list next year never mind 6 years from now Dependency is a difficult one to prove, we had to do it as s our daughter turned 18 between doing the medicals and getting the grant (4 weeks). If we had applied a month earlier we would ha e missed a bucket load of annoying paperwork. Unless you can prove you have been paying for his accomodation (not in the family home) and all his living costs (food, clothing, transport) you will be very unlikely to show dependency so you need to put that aside and start looking for other options, unless a really good agent has some other insights I am pretty sure the dependence route is a non-starter
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    They are good these days. To be honest it can depend on the actual plane and the crew as much as the airline. We had a ratty old plane and grumpy crew on Singapore and a brand new plane and a great crew with Qatar recently. I know which I preferred. Also airlines fit out planes to different specifications so the same plane May give you more legroom and better toilets with some airlines. We always fly economy, preferring to spend on accommodation on holiday so I can’t comment on business or first class!
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    Thank you. It was ok lol first one living with Paul so that part was nice. My mum was supposed to be coming here for dinner because we didn’t feel we could cope with going to my aunts the first year without gran. But she ended up with the flu so she couldn’t come. Then I was working the 1st so didn’t do anything for new year. Double time at work though lol
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    It’s been 15 years since I flew them. They were absolutely fine, but there have been challenges over the last 5 years. I really like airline reviewer Josh Cahill who recently flew them in economy (2-legs) and was positive “great flight, loved it, great crew” He isn’t one to pull punches either see his Malaysia reviews of 3 and 4 years ago which were very negative. It would seem they have improved
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    Might be a good idea to google reviews. I wouldn’t fly with them, but that’s personal and not based on up to date airline talk but from when my husband was still working for an airline, which was 20 years ago. Perhaps worth paying for Singapore or Emirates
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    I couldn’t find a decent cup of coffee on my last trip back. So weak and insipid.
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