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    I don't understand this comment. It's a serious article about a serious environmental scandal. Sad that anyone could think it's something to laugh about.
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    Bougainvillea and pyrostegia. Cheers, Bobj.
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    We have been here for over 7 years and miss culture rather than food so much. It is a good family pub, old historic house etc that we miss- even after all these years. we get gammon from pacdon - they do real gammon steaks, gammon joints, haggis etc. they are near Echuca on the Murray vic/nsw but have suppliers all over the place. Pricey, but well worth it. the pickled pork is pretty good done in a slow cooker also. We get it from coles. we get some British stuff every year from Aldi round the queens birthday, lots jacobs club biscuits and other goodies.we also get frozen cod fish from there. for sausages and bacon, best is British sausage company. sadly, we still find the sandwich ham a bit naff, can’t get decent crumbed Yorkshire style ham anywhere. most ‘English ham’ is wet and slimy, like the cheapest stuff from tesco. we buy packs of bachelor dried peas to make our own mushy peas just like at home, we just get a load in from the several uk stores in Oz. we only use one steeping tablet per pack, so we then use the spare steeping tablets with dried blue boiler peas (500g per two tablets) and they make great mushy peas. Otherwise food is pretty much the same…… so for last meal…… I’d have a curry, a dansak, can’t get one here for love nor money! Preferably in a picturesque old historic pub/restaurant with your family around you.
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    Keep us posted!! You got this.
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    @Alan Collett I’ve just sent you PM.
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    Thanks Alan, always grateful for your advice !
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    The other issue to be managed is the risk of the property being sold to meet the claims of creditors in the unwelcome event of the child getting into difficulty financially ... Legal advice is best taken if this is being contemplated. Best regards.
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    The team at DUC aren't RMAs - they have a number of RMA on retention as advisors but the majority of the people you interact with at DUC are just paid case handlers that turn the cogs It may be that yours was a qualified RMA if so that makes their mistake even more unforgivable
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    Fantastic news! So happy for you! Did they want medicals etc? I have heard of quite a few off shore people getting CO’s and grants recently. It’s finally happening!
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    Received CO contact today so hopefully not to long now.
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    No shortage of roaring log fires here with mulled wine, toasted marshmallows on a stick, roast chestnuts and not forgetting the snowfalls. Yes, I like winter in Australia!
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    Of course I’m happy, I’m not in Blighty…
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    One newspaper article about something that is happening in the UK when in the past you used to fill the forum with any negative thing you could rake up about Australia ........ though it has to be said your behaviour in that regard has improved drastically over the past couple of years.
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