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    Yeah we've easily spent that much. Probably $100k all in by the time you add in living costs to first paycheck.
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    I'm so good a lot haggling that if I tried it I'd probably end up paying more than the pricetag
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    Harvey Norman isn't really one store. He leases out sections of each store to different businesses, so the computer section isn't run by the same company as the furniture section and the outdoor section is different again. That's why they're more amenable to offering discounts.
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    I applied after my 44th and still got in before 45 with a 190 visa. As John mentions don't underestimate how expensive this move will be. I've posted before but by the time I started work we had already spent well over $80k in visas, travel, temp accomodation and a car. Yes we didn't scrimp but we also didn't go over the top. Those figures don't even include some of the UK costs involved in selling house and loss of value in car when selling there etc...
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    Bear in mind, though, that the OP is not in the UK. That severely restricts their options. We were the same. Faced with the choice of leaving our money in a bank account with pathetic interest, or putting it in premium bonds where they have a slim chance of winning something, it was a no-brainer for us. We have won a few small prizes.
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    Just a simple '' can you do this for any less?'' is often enough to get you discount. Cal x
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    Yes it does have some nice pubs etc. I certainly don’t think it’s a horrible place, just somewhere I’m not too keen on, I don’t really know why. I had a friend many years ago that moved to Cheshunt and it is a very nice place. Enjoy your next visit.
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    I'm awful at haggling, I truely hate it. The Mrs is great, so we make a bit of a show, I look grumpy, we pretend to have a bit of an arguement I wave my arms around in a negative fashion and I storm off. The sales man comes over and asks the wife if everything is alright, she then haggles, bats her eye lids and uses her grumpy husband as an excuse to get the price down. I then get a text message outside the store, come on in and pay, you will never guess how much I got the price down to... She is great at this.
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    I think it should be fine, my husband certainly worked on his holidays here before we moved. Never gave it a thought as he was paid and taxed in UK. You don’t become tax resident in Aus unless you move permanently or spend over 6 months here. I’m sure if your company is aware of Indian issues they would know about Australia.
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    My family visas were granted today! I can now say it was definitely in some sort of limbo. I called immi twice last week and they kept saying there was nothing they could do bla bla bla. Today I called them again and asked to speak with a supervisor. He was very willing to help but said the only thing he could do was add a note to the application saying it was urgent. I don't know if behind the scenes he did something else but 4 hours later all 8 visas were approved! I wish I could thank him for whatever he did. Tip: if you're gonna cal immi do it at 9am sharp which is when they start. All three times I got through I did that and didn't wait a second in the queue.
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    Saying ‘football’ here is meaningless. There are four kinds of ‘football’ so you’ll need to be specific. ‘Football’’ is soccer. Rugby (Union) is a very minor game, unlike Rugby (League). And different kinds of ‘football’ dominate in different states/territories. For instance if you were talking to people in SA/WA/Tasmania and Polly Farmer came up in conversation they’d all know he was the legendary tap ruckman. If you mentioned his name in say Qld/NSW they’d wonder what’s so special about a farmer nicknamed ‘Polly’. It’s a different world here…
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    There's more age discrimination in Australia than in the UK, hands down. However, I didn't find it was a problem unti I hit my mid-fifties, so in your 40s, I think you'll be fine. The biggest issue you'll find is in making new friends. If you think about friends, most people's best friends are people they met at school or university, or for women it's mothers they met at mums and bubs groups. You can make a lot of acquaintances when you're older, at work etc, but they're not "shoulder in a crisis" type friends. Well, Australians are just the same. You're going to migrate and unless you happen to be lucky, it's going to take a very long time to find really close friends because everyone's already got their quota of friends, if you know what I mean. And in Australia, they all hold BBQs at their own houses rather than going down the pub, so it's harder to break into their circles. If you and your partner are each other's best buddies, you'll be fine. Just don't be surprised if it takes you a few years to form a strong social circle. If you are into any kind of sport, you can make a lot of acquaintances quickly and get a decent social life going. In fact it's worth taking up a sport if you don't have one.
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    Theones who moved back to the UK out of sentiment and homesickness...they seem ok but none enjoy the lives they had here,certainly not from a financial, quality or contentment perspective. You seem to have a plan...don't ruin it. How could you possibly know if returnees enjoy their life in the UK ... what amazing arrogance to assume they don’t !
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