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    Just found out my dear mother in law has been watering a plastic cactus for the last three months. She was quite proud. She'd killed all the other ones, but this one was going strong.
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    October is a long way off for a 6 year old. I wouldn’t give her 6 months of potential worries, people putting thoughts into her head and possibly months of tears. That 6 months for her is like a few years to us. Personally, I’d tell her very close to the time, possibly a month or so before you go. I think the more of an issue that’s made of it the more problems it may cause. You’ve made your mind up you’re going and kids have to go where the parents take them. Of course you want her to be happy and settle quickly. I’m sure she will but months and months of the unknown for a young child is too much in my opinion. I’d not make a big thing of it either. Tell her you have all got a very exciting adventure coming up soon. You will be moving to a lovely place called Australia. It will be lots of fun and you will all meet lots of new friends. Tell her about the koalas and other nice things. Take her shopping for a few special toys that she can take to her new house and include a small one to sit with her on the flight. That’s it, keep it brief and move on. My old neighbour moved last summer and her 7 year old had to start a new school. For the last few weeks of summer term she drove him to his original school (didn’t move very far away) She didn’t tell him about him starting a new school until about two weeks before the new term. She decided telling him months before that he wouldn’t see his friends again or go to his school again wasn’t in his best interests. It would give him too much time to stew on things and get upset. Bottom line was, just like you, it was happening. He had no choice so she felt it kinder not to make a big deal over it. He started his new school and within a few weeks he had so many new friends she couldn’t keep up with them all. She started him at cubs, a new football team and a tennis club and within weeks of being told his old life was no more he was settled, happy and thriving. That would have happened anyway but he could have had many months of upset and worry beforehand had she told him far in advance.
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    I think you're reading too much into it - I work in mental health and we abbreviate it to MH all the time.
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    I think the Northern Rivers has one of the densest populations of koalas anywhere in Australia, but sadly that's not saying much, as koalas are on the verge of being endangered. It's hard to find koalas in the wild. They're always high up in the treetops and all you can see is a round furry bum! The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital is well worth a trip as, being a hospital, they have more than the average number of babies, and there's nothing cuter than a koala with a bandaged paw. The Billabong Zoo, also in Port Macquarie, is also good - you can hand feed kangaroos and wallabies and they have a koala breeding centre. https://www.billabongzoo.com.au/
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    I’m sorry if my post appeared blunt. I was interrupted and pressed send a bit too fast! But I’m not sure what you mean by despairing replies and other user names, I think you have me confused. Only ever had one user name, although I can’t say I have never had moments of madness in my life……..
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    This evening, Ball Bay, Qld. Cheers, Bobj.
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    Please don't. It is not a hard term to pronounce.
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    In house fine. Outside the area it could been seen to trivialise at best, or not understood what is being referred to , unless in its entirety earlier in the piece being written.
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    Don’t move to Perth. Problem solved.
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    It wasn't directed at your comments. Simmo said "Probably to apologise for selling weapons to and still funding Putin's war." an article was posted with the comment "You might want to read this before you comment next time...." the article did not mention selling or otherwise of arms to Putin nor does it address the part of the comment about the EU still funding Russia. Therefore the article has absolutely no relevancy to Simmo's post. As for Simmo not commenting, I'm pretty sure his responses take a few days to come through, but nevertheless why should he be expected to respond to every post not matter how irrelevant
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    Do you think stealing is ever acceptable? I wouldnt do it now but as a young man i did pinch a nice glass ashtray one time from a pub. It used to sit on my desk at work with paper clips and things in it. I doubt the pub paid for them/ Probably free-bees from their supplier. But no. How can it be acceptable?
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    In rammygirl's defence, I have to say she's not someone I would associate with "despairing replies" as I've always seen her as pretty knowledgable! Are you confusing her with someone else?
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    So sorry if it seemed blunt, I was interrupted and posted without checking and only just re joined the thread. I do think your agent should be consulted as only they know your full details. But generally people do update passports. In fact our case officer requested we renewed ours before grant to avoid having to update them later.
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    No, there are two issues here. Firstly in order to have the BTL the rent must cover (and usually exceed) the monthly payments. You might get away with this for a short while but you'd never get a refinance without proof of rentability Secondly the reason you can't have a family member in the property is to do with eviction related to non payment of mortgages, it gets really messy trying to evict family members and so it is easier just to say no to them being allowed to rent it
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    Rammygirl may have phrased it a bit bluntly, but it really was the best advice. We can all give our opinions but you'll be much better off just asking your agent. That way you won't get conflicting or confusing advice, and the agent has to deal with it for you anyway. These forums exist because lots of people have questions before they're ready to hire an agent, and lots of people don't use an agent, and lots of people need help after they arrive in Australia. If you've already paid for an agent, you might as well get your money's worth.
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    That's unfair, the question can and will be answered by an expert employed by you, any comment you get on here will be an amateur view and as likely to be wrong as it is to be correct. The agents that post on here wont comment as you've mentioned you have an agent. I'm more surprised that a moderator liked your post which is rude to a very experienced poster who tried to help and gave the best advice you could have possibly got.
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    Yes of course you are right, we did have a choice. but I really think that perhaps you need to know the circumstances before you jump on another posters post. The choice was of being unemployed and going on the dole, with very little opportunity at that time of employment in my husband’s industry for the foreseeable future in the UK with a family to support, as against at that time the only opportunity of offered employment. I realise sometimes what we write with the best best intentions for some reason annoys another poster, but I’m not sure that is a good enough reason for the tone of the reply. We weren’t forced, as you say, but it was a very hard decision to make, and as a wife and mother, I am trying not to get upset with the memory of how hard it was trying to be there for both.
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