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    A christmas miracle is upon us because after an intense week of figuring options. MY 186 GOT APPROVED AND I AM FINALLY A PERMANENT RESIDENT!!
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    Is darts a sport? We have some very good female jockeys in Australia. Michelle Payne won the Melbourne Cup in 2015.
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    One of the saving graces in all natural disasters in Australia, I believe, has always been the fact that the State Commander (under whichever name the different States use) has been a non-political position. The erosion of this impartial position does not bode well, and as you say politicians will start to use disaster as bargaining points in the voting arena.
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    Go. It’s just another first world country, if you choose, you can generate much the same lifestyle in any other first world country. Being trapped is the pits, escape while you can.
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    It's a sport for the fat blokes who like a drink (am I aloud to say that) haha Must admit I thought the mixed relay events in the olympics were brilliant
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    Not sure if you are referring to John Thaw or Denis Waterman. I guess the latter?
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    In other news, can anyone think of any sports (besides equestrian) where women compete against men on an equal footing and beat them? Well, Fallon Sherrock is currently competing in the darts World Champs against the men. It's such a good news story. I hope she goes far. If she was to win the whole tournament it would be a groundbreaking sporting moment IMO.
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    I'm sure this is absolutely real.
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    This conversation is such absolute nonsense and really quite distasteful. You and everyone in this thread know full well that the 'Paki' abbreviation was taken up by racists and transformed into a pejorative that was used as a weapon for decades. Your faux confusion is as disingenuous as it is transparent and disrespectful to the hundreds of thousands of people who were subject to racial abuse for the past 40 years with this word deployed as a slur being right at the forefront. It's not remotely similar to calling someone an Aussie, a Kiwi or a Brit because those things have never been accompanied by violent anti-immigration gangs going around the streets "Aussie-bashing", "kiwi-bashing" or "Brit-bashing" anyone who physically resembled the people from those places. Aussie, Kiwi & Brit have never been used to attack, belittle and diminish those people as being somehow 'lesser', nor used to threaten and intimidate.
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    No idea Mods were in NZ. (especially so early)Probably too young to have been a Mod first time around (in real time) and passed the need of belonging stage by their second revival. Love the scooters though, some really decked out as the originals. (I expect they cop a bit of stick on the road at times? I've seen them a few times riding as a group great sight , some with Union flags and all) and the average age of the transplanted Perth Mods, looks to be sixty. So probably age isn't a factor. Great music as well. But then like the early Skinhead stuff when it was Caribbean influenced dance style stuff pre racist nonsense as well .
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    Hi all, I have been a silent reader trying to get motivation from you all. It has been a whole long wait and bumpy road for us. People were asking if anyone got approval that were offshore and never got to see much response. We took a what we thought was a month holiday to visit our countries in March 2020 and that is how we got locked out of Aussie! Back then we had 457 visa that eventually expired in Sept 2020. I wish everyone all the best. Both of us are from 3rd world countries if that info is of any importance at all. 186 from 457, offshore Applied on: 05- March 2020 Main applicant Occupation: Sous chef Medical Complete: July-2020 No of Applicants: 2 More details requested (new PCC for both) :29-June 2021 Details submitted: 07-July-2021 Further request (new medical for main applicant) : 30-July-2021 Medical Complete: 05- August-2021 Nomination Grant: 20-August-2021 Ask for more details SR56 (medical & own country PCC for secondary applicant): 8-Oct-2021 Details submitted as response to SR56: 26-Oct-2021 Visa Grant: 17-November-2021
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    We have just sold our property and filled out and submitted the form ourselves. It took 2 weeks to be issued as it needed manual processing (as we were late submitting this last year's tax return.) Provided you have lived in the house since you bought it and not used it to earn any income (hence no Capital Gains to pay), the money you make from the sale is yours. You can do whatever you want with it. If you leave the money here and you earn any interest, you will be liable for tax - however as said above, it is best to speak to someone like Alan from Go Matilda as I am unsure of what the tax laws are with regards to double taxation.
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    See, that's what makes me angry, because it's such an irresponsible thing to say to people chasing "the Australian dream". I've met so many young backpackers, and even some people with families, who are not eligible for a work visa, but they fall for the line of, "If I can just get into Australia on some kind of visa, then if you're really determined, you'll find some way to stay". If there is a way for them to stay, their pathway should be clearly identifiable before they arrive. Some new kind of visa isn't going jump out of the woodwork after they arrive. People have lost their life savings or got into massive debt believing statements like that. Some have even committed suicide.
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    I have no idea if this will help, but read the post on the temporary visa thread, about changes to temporary visas? Wish you all the best
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    You said it - you need to get on with life. If there’s no route to PR, then enjoy the time you have left here and go ahead with your plans. Life is too short to do a job you hate if (by the sounds of it) you know what you would enjoy. Good luck!
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    I know this is an extremely hard decision but by the sounds of it you already know your answer. It is very hard to let something go when you hold such fond memories and enjoy it but it doesn’t mean that it’s the best for you and by the sounds of it you’re not at your happiest and living your best life, well maybe not anymore where you are. Remember…every new beginning comes from another beginning end, it’s just part of your beautiful journey .
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    I think you need to ask yourself what makes you say you ‘really love it there’ you are in a job you hate and know you could be in a job you love elsewhere. You miss friends and have struggled to make any there. You have the constant worry about your visa and know your time there is running out. You long to travel etc but can’t whilst there. You are living in a beautiful area but that isn’t enough to make someone happy. If you’re sure you are really happy then stay and make the most of the time you have left there. If you’re not super happy and loving life make the move.
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    If this is the case I would probably enjoy every minute of the remaining Visa, then you will know you did everything you could while you were in Australia!
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    If you love your life here i would stay if it was me. Lots of people are in jobs they don't love but compartmentalise it as a necessary evil. People work to live not live to work. Living on the beach in Manly would be amazing and i wouldn't want to leave if i could avoid it. Up to you of course.
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    You can come back to Australia in the future if you still want to. Go home and enjoy life there. Hope you get to enjoy an adventurous time in Central America.
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    Sounds like you are in a holding pattern you are not enjoying. Get out!
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    14 months into a 48 month visa you are looking to relocate. I can see NT would not be anyones first choice state, but for the sake of another 10 months you're wiling to compromise your future PR application should you qualify to apply. I note some agents hint you can move but the majority will not rubber stamp that under their name, why would they. No one can guarantee you your 887 application, and you want to add another layer of chose to leave our sponsoring state. That to me is a also a character issue, and sounds disingenuous that you chose that state albeit may have been the only one available. If you go ahead and to this, you only have yourself to blame, or thank but this is your choice and by sounds was always on the cards. 489 is also a different to that of the 491 and not all regional areas are the same. Ie does not include GC. I can see many more posts on this topic for you as each new timeline nears, all the way up to citizenship, should you manage to progress that far. Each one will come with added anxiety naturally. Good luck
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    Unless you obtain permission to leave then yes it will effect your PR application. People used to get 190 state sponsored PR and leave for another state esp from NT that’s why they started to offer mainly 489 to people with no real contacts in NT. They have tightened up on this in recent years and may now cancel PR visas so I don’t see why they would issue your PR if you broke the agreement you had with NT.
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    I hope Steve Smith gets appointed again. He has done his time and should get another chance.
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    White bashing goes on though in Pakistani communities, one of my friends actually got beaten to death for walking into a non white zone in England and the police did nothing as to not cause racial tension.