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    Large chunks of Australia don't need a freedom day because they are already free. I wish people would realise that there is more to Australia than NSW and Victoria and that the other states aren't locked down, have minimal restrictions and are allowing people to travel in to, and out of, the state freely with the other parts of Australia that aren't NSW and Victoria.
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    Those first three drinks I had after 105 days tasted FOUL! Then I had a schooner of VB and everything was OK. First decent night's sleep for nearly four months too.
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    There's a few places that you can go to but wouldn't want to surely? It's like we live in a different world here in WA. Untouched by covid almost. I think people flying in will be some of the most reliable covid free people we could wish for. Double jabbed, tested before they get on the plane, tested and quarantine when they land. If it doesn't work out like that things will change. I saw on the news Bali is opening up. I love it there but it will be a long time before we'd feel safe to visit. Unfortunately we feel the same way about the UK. We aren't in a rush to go anywhere. Summers coming and it's brilliant here in summer. Not that you'd know it at the moment, it's been a wet and cool start to spring but 30 degrees forecast for Friday.
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    He made a big deal about having consulted the health professionals, but he didn't say they were happy about his decision. We'll see the result in the next couple of weeks, I guess. The difference between the UK and Australia is that the Australian people are not desensitized to deaths. All the state premiers recall how Dan Andrews was pilloried back in 2020, for allowing 800 people to die in the Melbourne outbreak. It was seen as a national tragedy.
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    As NSW came out of lockdown today with reduced restrictions, Channel 9 news tonight had a short report on the UK to show what can go wrong post-lockdown end with no further management. 34,574 positive cases yesterday and 260,000 in the last 7 days, with 785 deaths. It's so bad they don't dare report it on the TV anymore....but the population is desensitised anyway. If we can keep the post-lockdown Australian numbers to a population-adjusted 25-50% of those figures, it will prove that retaining some simple common sense restrictions were essential.
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    I thought I’d update anyone who’s interested… we left quarantine on May 21st, rented an Airbnb, husband and I both got jobs within 2 weeks having spent our time in quarantine applying for jobs, In fact I’ve just started another job with more money than the first. After 2 months we applied for a mortgage using a broker and on September 17th we walked into our new house! it hasn’t been easy as I’ve applied for lots of jobs and got lots of interviews but all worth the slog. My 3 children have been in school since the end of May so settling in nicely.
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    Sometimes it is really determined by how you set your mind. Something clicks and takes the shine off everything around you. Have you had a holiday back to the UK to see how things are? This year we are covid ravaged and the summer has been constant rain, and it's pretty depressing so the UK at the moment is not something to be missed. I usually love living in the UK, and last summer was brilliant even with covid. But it's just damp everywhere now. In the south anyways. Maybe have a holiday over here next year and see how you feel?
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    I heard an ad on 2GB today saying you can book and rebook as many times as you like on Qantas. This is for people booking here in Australia. Not that I'll be rushing to fly to England in winter just as the Ashes tour is confirmed and I've endured three and a half months of lockdown in Sydney's winter.
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    Scot Morrison was accused of being racist because he closed the boarder straight away with China as they denied it was as serious as it is/ was. Look at all the sanctions that have been imposed on Australia because they dared to ask probing questions of the origin. After initial denials and cover-ups, China successfully contained the COVID-19 outbreak—but not before it had exported many cases to the rest of the world. Today, despite the falsehoods it initially passed on, which played a critical role in delaying global response, it’s trying to leverage its reputed success story into a stronger position on international health bodies. Most critically, Beijing succeeded from the start in steering the World Health Organization (WHO), which both receives funding from China and is dependent on the regime of the Communist Party on many levels. Its international experts didn’t get access to the country until Director-General Tedros Adhanom visited President Xi Jinping at the end of January. Before then, WHO was uncritically repeating information from the Chinese authorities, ignoring warnings from Taiwanese doctors—unrepresented in WHO, which is a United Nations body—and reluctant to declare a “public health emergency of international concern,” denying after a meeting Jan. 22 that there was any need to do so. After the Beijing visit, though, WHO said in a statement that it appreciated “especially the commitment from top leadership, and the transparency they have demonstrated.” Only after the meeting did it declared, on Jan. 30, a public health emergency of international concern. And after China reported only a few new cases each day, WHO declared the coronavirus a pandemic March 11—even though it had spread globally weeks before.
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    That's because the media there don't have a clue of what's happening outside Melbourne and Sydney. It's all hyped up to make the UK situation seem a bit better.
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    China control the WHO , they pay the most towards its costs
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    Thanks! But no, the moniker is just the name of a character in a book I was reading to my kid when I signed up to the forum. Other than that I don't know why I chose it really. Good luck with the renewal
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    The word pandemic has a very specific meaning in the world of health and when the Covid virus was first identified it wasn't declared a pandemic because it did not meet the criteria to be classified as a pandemic. The WHO declared a Public Health Emergence of International Concern on 30 January 2020 and declared the outbreak a pandemic on 11 March. I don't think they ever denied that the virus was contagious.
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    Re wind to the very beginning and the WHO denied that there was a pandemic let alone it be contagious,
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    Is that poor woman ever gong to be able to rest in peace? Apparently the musical about the love triangle between Diana, Charles and Camilla has "hysterically terrible" lyrics including the line (whilst holding baby Harry) "Harry, my ginger haired son - you will be second to none." Charles then adds "Darling I'm hugging my son, so let me tell you, cheerful and well done." Will anyone really sit and watch this utter tripe?
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    Hi, that is a good point...but luckily it is for a 190 PR visa so all fine on that note but worth pointing out for others reading the post in similar situation. He doesn't pull in any extra funding at all in school and has always been in mainstream (he has 3 years left in secondary school now). He is prescribed medication but that is all.
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    Hi For anyone who finds this post in the future and is in a similar situation- just to update my sons medical went through with no issues. It was referred to bupa visa services for 1 day and they passed it with no questions asked.
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    I still have the t shirt I was wearing when I met my wife twenty five years ago. I still wear it. I treasure it. I remind her of our first date every time I wear it It was the one I bought after I white water rafted the Zambezi. She hates it. She said she hated it the day she met me, and that because of it I nearly didn't get a second date. But she figured she could always take me shopping. Some items you do hold dear.
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    Absolutely love it here . Been here 21 years and never ever regretted it for one moment . I have no intentions of going back to UK . Here is home not the UK . The only thing i find tiresome is all the Poms moaning about being here in Australia due to covid . But they are quite happy to get petitions up to start letting everyone in putting a lot of stress on our health system . I agree 100% with all whats happening here . Im in Perth and its the best place in the world , where i am happiest .
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    I don't feel like I could ever 'go back'....not that I want to. Too much has changed. We've changed. I agree if going back, go elsewhere, a different town...nearby to 'home' if necessary.. Unless of course you've been away a short time and everything you want and need is in your home town.
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    Yes, I think that's what I was getting at. You can never go back, truly. Things will have changed. So sometimes, it's better to choose somewhere else where you're not constantly going to be looking for "the way things were".
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    I went back to my hometown after living away for about 45 years and it was the best! There was so much that was familiar yet so much that was new. All my old friends had scattered to the winds so it was really a matter of starting all over again and it all worked out beautifully but I think if we didn’t have the imperative to live “at home” with my folk we could have chosen anywhere in the country (except, perhaps, Bradford or Bolton) and been very happy. I think the key is not expecting to go back to what you had but moving forward to something new, albeit, maybe, in a familiar place. I know a few who have moved back and slotted right in as if they’d never gone though so some do get lucky.
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    After 3 years in Perth we returned to our "old town"......we found it to be exactly as we left it 3 years earlier.....the only thing that had changed was us.....we had realised that the lifestyle we actually wanted was right there in front of us the whole time.....its funny because you often don't realise what you had/have until you have lost it.....unlike the OP we never came back because of family....we just felt our lives were empty in Perth and we were going through the motions.....could have stayed for another 10 years but wisley chose to return and its not a decision we have ever regreted or even dwelled on.....To the OP.....dont be unhappy.....life is too short to be unhappy.....its a great time to return.....there is a good vibe in the country at the moment......its coming home!
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    I never have but it’s extremely common especially after having a child. Suddenly you appreciate the importance of family, which you always took for granted before We have many members here who have gone home and are happily settled. The ones who are happiest with their decision seem to be the ones who didn’t go back to their old town but looked for somewhere else in the UK that offered the lifestyle they wanted.
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