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    Iknowcb.. Found out I got first class honours in my degree, so super happy with that Graduation will be months away still though. Start my job next week so getting very nervous! Hope everyones going good??
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    I know people who can't wait to be able to go overseas. I am happy to bide my time, though I would love to see our two sons again. Tasmania is in a sort of bubble. We are living a very normal life and have been for a year. Never had to wear a mask. We've been to Sydney and Melbourne when they aren't in lockdown. On the north west coast many GPs have been administering the vaccine since May and for those whose GP isn't doing so, local surf clubs are places where jabs are happening. As soon as anything to do with Covid or Afghanistan appears on the news I switch off. What a mess the world is in. I've reached a stage in my life where i just don't want to know anymore. Not a good attitude I know but that's as good as it gets from me. The more I see of humanity the more I prefer the company of my animals.
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    @Dusty Plains, a very simple check through the internet and past newspapers proves you are wrong. The Morrison government did, indeed, sign an agreement for 40 million doses, TO BE DELIVERED AT INTERVALS OVER THE COURSE OF 12 MONTHS. Canada did exactly the same. There was never any expectation that 40 million doses would suddenly arrive in Australia. To keep pretending otherwise in the face of all the evidence is ridiculous.
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    Again, you appeared to fixated on Pfizer and wanting to blame someone else. There are gallons and gallons of Aussie made vaccine that isn't being used. The joke is that most Aussies are too scared to take it (for no good reason) and there for holding out for something that is in short supply - this is what is holding Australia back.
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    Huge congratulations - being friends away from PIO, I know how much this has meant to you and how much you've invested. You totally deserve to be happy with your efforts and reward. I'm sure you'll make an excellent nurse and wish you every success in your career xxx
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    There’s nothing wrong with you being content with your life. The thing is though, many people do want to travel and experience new things. From the things you put, I get the impression most of what you do is very near to home and that’s no problem. Many people though would not be content with that. I live in a nice place and I’m quite content but I wouldn’t be happy to spend my life living in a 10 mile square bubble of home. Maybe my neighbour would be for example and that’s ok but for me and many other people, travel is not a chore, it’s a pleasure. I think we need to understand people are different and what is a happy place for you isn’t for others and the same the other way around.
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    Yes. I remember my friend going back to the UK from a balearics holiday last year and saying he was having to "quarantine". Which meant going home on public transport and promising to stay at home, whilst sneaking out to the pub at night. No wonder they never got rid of the first strain, let alone any of the variants.
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    You have to love it. It was a fantastic game. Ironically there was a piece in the express about Emma winning and Brexit blah blah blah. But the picture that they titled as Emma is actually Leylah Fernandez. Why am I not surprised.
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    @TheBs I am not sure exactly which enquiry you were as I receive many requests for assessments. The reason that I cannot advise the cost before assessing your specific situation is that each visa has different requirements and costs. Even within the same visa, there are different costs depending on the situation. As an example: A subclass 189 visa requires a skills assessment, an expression of interest and a visa application if invited. A subclass 190 visa requires a skills assessment, an expression of interest, a State application if invited and a visa application if invited. Each State has different requirements and costs. A 491 visa requires a skills assessment, an expression of interest, a State application if invited and a visa application if invited. Each State has different requirements and costs which are different to the 190 visa requirements. A subclass 186 requires a nomination application (where Training Costs will vary depending on the business) a skills assessment and a visa application. Further each assessing Authority has different costs and requirements. There are potentially other visa all with different requirement and costs. Even for a partner visa the costs will vary depending on many factors which will determine the amount of work involved. Visa lodgement fees are different for each visa and depend on the number and age of applicants. I deal with applicants almost weekly who come to me as they have been taken advantage of, misled and miss quoted. I just had to deal with a poor soul who was told by a so called overseas Agent that their occupation was in high demand in Australia, when in reality their occupation was on the short term list. So please don't make accusations on a Public forum where I have assisted many for free, for years, that I will "sting you with massive charges". I have never been accused of this in over 15 years as an Agent and thousands of successful application. If you want a one size fits all price based on no assessment of your specific situation, feel free to do so, but don't disparage me because I tried to do the right thing by you.
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    I have a friend in Auckland. She's not Maori but she's all for changing the name. She says she's fed up of explaining, when she's overseas, that she doesn't speak Dutch or German and that New Zealand isn't in Europe.
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    I've been following your progress through your nursing degree with interest. Very well done!!
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    Is it the actual container or space on the ship? I know we had several options for the ship, some faster than others at different prices. They did not tell us this but I found out and asked to see the shipping route options, they had us on the cheapest one. We paid extra and got a better, faster route.
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    Really thrilled for you, although I only ‘know’ you through PIO, I know how hard you have worked, and have supported you long distance, you deserve your success. You will be a great nurse. x M
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    That's amazing!!!! Well done, you and good luck with the new job, your patients are going to be lucky to have you to help them!!! If perfect strangers are allowed to be proud of you, count me in, I've followed your journey for a long time and you deserve all good things!
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    @Melb User I requested for a VC back in July and August but had received a carefully worded but reasonable rejection email because I didn’t have a compelling reason. This time around I didn’t request for a VC but I am glad I did get one a week ago from virtual.ceremony.vic@homesffairs.gov.au, also note that I never received an in person ceremony invite before. I am not sure the delay for you is because it’s the council responsibility now to conduct your ceremony since you are in their list already? Worth just ringing them or log a query with Lord Mayor on their website
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    If this actually needs explaining too you , I think, you don’t or will not accept what has happened in this regard. Government , state and federal are beyond reproach with yourself In regard to the handling of covid in Australia.
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    I don't want anyone to perform badly......I think.....you think you want me to want Australia to perform badly so that you can try and deflect your own failings.....hows that sound? In truth....Australia....like NZ are pretty much the most isolated countries in the world.....a bit like Perth is the most isolated city in the world.....in Perth right now its 1985 and Michael Jackson is getting ready to perform at the telethon.....no ones heard of Corona virus!.....joking aside.....we do get a lot of "comparing" on here.....its easy to do and does make justifying your own mistakes a lot easier but if Australia or more to the point people living in Australia want to compare themselves they should be looking in the other direction at NZ.....you could argue that given their isolation.....head start on the rest of the world with this pandemic and low population density.....having extremly low infections and deaths should be expected.....given that infections are rising and deaths are in the thousands in Australia now and in NZ.....4000 infections and just 27 deaths.....it does beg the question..... Yeh yeh.....I'm sure you would rather be there than here.....truth is Id rather be here than there....or anywhere else come to that but it does beg the question.....if NZ are still controlling this so well......whats gone wrong?
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    At least if the market tanks they'll still be able to buy a cup of coffee in El Salvador.
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    Pedantry aside, all I can say is that we all know how long COVID has been going on. I didn't jump the queue however I've been double jabbed since June. To be locked down 18 months into all of this is pitiful.
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    Yes and that "can you wiggle your toes" (with legs) is also crap. I remember my mum and dad sending me to school with a broken leg. Because it wasnt all wonky like the first leg they thought it was ok. It was only after me asking for an x-ray when having physio for my first broken leg and them coming out with a wheelchair after getting the results that I realised I had 19!!!! yes 19 fractures!! I used to like reminding them of that.
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    He's already said he has negative equity. That means his existing mortgage is for more that the the property is worth. While some mortgage brokers will quote that they can get you up to 95% LTV on an expat mortgage that's still not going to be enough to repay the existing mortgage. It's normal for people with negative equity to be unable to remortgage - why would a bank that relies upon security against a loan lend more than the property is worth?
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    No one asked me … as I wouldn’t have quoted either of these
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    New Zealand's Maori party - Te Pati Maori - has launched a petition to change the country's official name to Aotearoa, calling for Maori place names to be officially restored in the next 5 years. Ahead of last year's election, the party said if it won power, it would change New Zealand's name within 6 years, all towns and cities with "pekaha" (European) names would lose them by 2026 and half of all lessons in schools would be taught in Maori by 2030.
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    Sorry I completely missed this earlier. Yeah it feels like a kick in the teeth as it seems like there is just a small batch of 223 flights that have been cancelled - the majority seem to be okay, we just happened to pick the wrong flights. The part I keep replaying in my head is that I was umming and ahhing over booking the week earlier which those flights seem to be okay. I keep thinking why did I not book those instead!! BUT! It is out of my control. We are lucky as we have a roof over our heads for as long as we need, I do freelance work so we will be getting some type of income, and we are all healthy and okay as are my family in Aus so we have no pressing reason to get back other than un-pausing our life for our next big steps (starting a family etc!). I just need to be grateful for the position I am in, as disappointing as it is to have our flights cancelled yet again. Getting back to Australia will happen eventually. Obviously anything can happen but all of this does make me more hopeful that your flights will be okay as I think you would have heard with this recent batch of cancellations if not. IThis forum and the stranded Aussie's FB pages have shown me that there are (unfortunately) so many of us in this position - and as much as I want to be the one with the success story of getting home I am so happy for those who do actually make it because I know the intense feelings that go on inside and the affect that this situation has on you!