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    I'm surprised its taken everyone this long to formally declare what has seemed obvious for the last 18 months
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    You suffer less, less burden on the health system and you are less likely to pass it on. It's quite amazing that this message hasn't been absorbed yet!
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    Indeed, the Prime Minister's press conference this morning covered exactly this aspect via a report from treasury. Basically stating the obvious, that short sharp lockdowns cost the economy less than long drawn out half measures
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    There couldn’t be a better advert for getting vaccinated than this - Of the 54 in ICU - 48 not vaccinated, 6 have had one dose and zero double vaccinated.
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    @Peety and @Pendragon - ditto! I’m the same. Husband will never go back. Kids 19 and 17- they’ve no intention of going to the UK - here is home for them. I feel so stuck. Think about the UK every bloody day.
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    IKNOWCB.... this is my 1000th post and I've been a member of PIO for more than a decade, despite never actually contemplating a move to Australia. I first stumbled across the site while researching a trip to visit family and was drawn in by the banter and a feeling that potential pingpongers might occasionally appreciate a bit of support from someone pretty happy with life in the UK. Over the years posters have come and gone, and returned in various guises, sadly people have passed away too. But I once compared the site to a kitchen party where people socialise and share the banter, dipping in and out of conversations. Sometimes things get a bit heated just as they do in real life and it's not difficult to work out who talks through their hat, who the wind up merchants are, and who you would be quite happy to sit down with on a comfy sofa with a glass of wine in hand for a chat and a catch up. The fact that so many posters stick around for so long (and there are many who have been a member for years) says much for the site and the people who contribute. So a big thank you everyone, I didn't think I would stick around this long but you are good company, most of the time . T x
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    You make good points Quoll! First thing I did when I renovated my new place was get a good, stand-alone shower! Managed to squeeze it into the bathroom despite the builders protesting, best thing I ever did! I keep telling them “i just want a proper shower like in Australia!” And agree re parking bays, though my parking skills are a lot better here as a result
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    Such good replies on here. I would have said coffee but I actually find that there are loads of great independent coffee shops opening round Cheshire and where I live now so I miss that less. They even do fab avo on toast brekkies I miss the smell too. The sound of the kookaburras in the morning (even though I generally love the birdsong here, I used to be fascinated with the kookaburra sound. I actually thought it was monkeys when I first moved to Aus and woke up to it at 5am ) The beach views and the new-ness of everything. I adore the UK, but it’s nice to miss Aus too
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    Billy Wright, captain of Wolverhampton Wanderers and England soccer teams, knitted as a hobby. (1950s) Cheers, Bobj.
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    Gladys is trying to recreate in 2021 what Boris/Donald did back in 2020.
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    It's 20% for the LAST five months, but bear in mind that for most of those five months, only people over 50 were even ALLOWED to get vaccinated, unless they were nurses or carers. So it's impossible to draw any conclusions from the speed of vaccination over that period. Things are going to stay fairly slow until October, because we've still got almost no supplies of Pfizer vaccine and everyone is terrified of the AZ vaccine due to all the media frenzy about blood clots. There is plenty of spare capacity to do vaccines - our mass vaccination Hubs are full of nurses sitting around doing nothing. So after October, I expect there will be a huge surge, if we get the supply we expect.
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    Actually, there was one more specifically for 190 but then because no new posts were added it got buried all the way down. But it was for all 190s onshore/offshore. I have to admit your predictions are close to reality. Especially with the current situation in NSW and Victoria. Just hoping the increase in cases would encourage more people to get vaccinated though. But it could all change once you factor in politics too. The federal elections haven't happened yet, so there's that. The pandemic has been a convenient tool for anyone to spin off their own agendas. It is so hard to wait in limbo. Sen. Nick is fighting for students, partners, parents, 485s and 489s stuck offshore. Nobody is fighting for 190s
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    Is this about the sales tax? I remember being told if you bought a new watch or camera overseas, wear them and you will be ok. It is probably only going to be queried if something is still new in the original packaging unopened.
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    Pleasing to see new daily UK cases down to 21000. Heading in the right direction again after last weeks uptick.
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    If they are things you bought because you needed them and they are used then don’t declare.
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    Can anyone be in any doubt that the NSW govt response was and is flawed to say the least? 2500 Qantas staff stood down today and NSW borders likely shut for another 2 months at least. Horrendous. The economic damage of delaying a full and early lockdown clear for all to see. Political posturing gone wrong.
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    More news on the data coming from the Delta variant and countries that have more evidence-based records than India are prepared to release. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-03/covid-delta-danger-sees-experts-prepare-for-hospital-surge/100334558 //Professor Tony Cunningham, from Sydney's Westmead Institute for Medical Research, said it was becoming "pretty clear" from overseas studies that Delta appeared to be a "two- to three-fold increase in hospitalisation". This could be very important because "what to do with children" caused major disruption in the UK with knock-on effects to the parents being able to go out to work and expecting schools to stay open, even with kids at much reduced risk of catching or passing on the virus. If there is hard evidence coming that Delta is a game-changer and kids are now going to be as badly affected as adults and can catch, spread and be susceptible to critical illness, all schools must close.
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    They are really looking for people who are bringing stuff in to sell. Ask yourself, if they looked at those items, do they look brand new? If not, then there's no way they can tell.
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    Why not? Knitting is very relaxing and cathartic. All power to Tom Daly who did this in public.
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    Bit of a strange question. Might as well ask people who applied in 2015 when it was 12-18 months and ended up being nearly 4 years whether they would still do it - of course they would ! No one can see the future - we would all be very rich if we could!! Im 4 years now in queue from 2017 - doubt it will take me another 6 years!! Maybe another 3 years dependant on how many have left the queue due to refusals, deaths, illnesses, dependants now too old or just withdrawn due to no longer wanting to go because children have returned to the home country etc etc or even if whichever government in charge in next few years changed their view on immigration and increased the quota. We all knew how much it would be when we applied as well. What we didn’t know, was how misleading the website was Any wait time they quote quite clearly refers to the ones they are currently processing - not new applications! I’ve waited 4 years already - I’m not throwing that wait time away, I just get on with my life in the meantime. Would you still have applied??
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    So that's it, coffee, large parking bays and laundry. That makes me feel very assured about the return to the UK.
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    Having a separate laundry room is normal in Australia and a good thing. I always think it is funny how UK kitchens often have a washing machine in them
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    I really dislike strong coffee - I like it light and I like cream with it, and that's generally quite hard to find in Australia. What I missed about Australia when I lived in UK were the wide parking spaces - now, them, I really appreciate but I note that the current trend for the Toorak tractors is making even those look a little miserly these days. The other thing I missed was my shower - I love my shower, it's good and powerful and the temperature regulation is perfect.