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    Nearly 60 years on and am still in awe at the wonderful sights, be it when fishing, looking at the southern Whitsundays, or in the desert, looking at an impossibly blue sky, or, the vastness of it all, let alone the magnificent and unique wildlife. Bugga! Getting dewy eyed... Cheers, Bobj.
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    This morning's fishing trip and the islands Cheers, Bobj.
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    That's true. If you're basing your decision on how much Covid there is in Australia right now, of course it doesn't balance out. If there's an outbreak that gets out of control, the balance will be different but it will be too late to get the vaccine then.
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    Similar to us, I still love the journey into the city along the river. It probably took us about 10 months to feel as if we'd stood still (we were on a break in Busso) and I remember thinking that it was the first time since arriving that everything felt in order.
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    Thought this was a good post but just wanted to highlight this part in particular.
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    Actually I think in the last 6 months in Australia there have been more deaths from the vaccination than from the disease. But I will be getting vaccinated by the end of the year as will most people in Australia.
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    That link doesn't say anything.
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    We've all been thinking it Bulya, but we didn't like to say.
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    Nomadic types?. People coming to Australia are not necessarily "nomadic types" en masse. They are simply brave and even entrepreneurial. A fair assumption to the contrary is that life here is far better than most options on offer to the the British immigrant, as Ramot has highlighted. If we were to rely only on the circumstances of posters on PIO only, there might be a fair argument. Yet Its also only a supposition that the vast and historical British immigration coming into Australia have never heard of PIO, and have never had grounds for complaint. There have been "nomadic types" but that is not necessarily a bad thing. They have lived here and they have contributed, and they have died here. I had quite a number of mates in high school and beyond, whose parents brought them out to Australia. When the circle of mates would go round to the other mates house, whose parents were British immigrants we were always fed to the eyebrows by their parents. I mean that we were welcomed into the house on a regular basis and Mother P (my second mother then) was always filling us with food and good cheer. I did not know it then but now realise that those parents were attempting to establish a good crowd for their sons. I remember Mrs P and Mr P treated us like their own. They were from Hounslow (?) and they never returned. Now that that I reflect on those days, the "P's were focussed on the new world. We rarely heard them speak of the old country, but always holding the belief that Australia was going to present greater opportunities for their children. And it is still the land of opportunity and the Brits are welcome of course. I think of them from time-to-time even though they are long gone.
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    Kalanchoe Flower by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr
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    If it's gone to the court for appeal (AAT) then the case would be published... About 20% of AAT cases, more or less, are published on AustLII. From my service agreement: *Please note: Under the Migration Agents Code of Conduct a Registered Migration Agent is liable to severe sanctions for submitting fraudulent documents or misleading information that he or she knew, or should have known, were fraudulent or misleading. If you provide us with fraudulent documents or misleading information or allow another party to do so we will at our sole discretion terminate this agreement on such terms as we see fit. Under Regulation 4020 applicants who submit fraudulent documents or provide misleading information stand to have visas refused, or if granted to have them cancelled and to face a lengthy exclusion period. In several cases where clients have informed me that they did not intend to reside in the state or territory for which I had lodged their nomination applications, I inform the state or territory that I hold no further instructions (but not why) thank them for their attention to the application and ask them to please deal directly with the applicant and I terminate my contract with the client. I tell them why, and bill them. Due to endless deceit by applicants, states and territories have introduced Draconian requirements for nomination. Of possible interest: https://www.aat.gov.au/AAT/media/AAT/Files/Statistics/MRD-caseload-statistics-by-subclass-2020-21.pdf
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    Hi Do you know where your jobs will be located? This could make a difference as to which part of the coast to settle. I personally prefer the hinterland side towards the middle, down to the southern end. The Northern end around Helensvale/ Coomera is booming with new land estates, shopping ctrs and everything you could need. Around Surfers ,Burleigh etc you get more of the touristy touch and lots of high rises/apartments. The GC is one of few places i have spent time in that have suburbs to suit most peoples needs so you would benefit from driving around and checking areas out for yourself to see what ticks your boxes. Cal x
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    With reference to feeling different about a death after taking AstraZeneca if it were someone you knew, there was an interview on the BBC news with the sister of someone who died from a blood clot in the UK. She acknowledged her brother was extremely unlucky but urged people not to be put off getting the jab.
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    I don’t actually think I am an oddity!! I hardly know anyone who isn’t happily settled here. I’m certainly in the majority not the minority. Trying to think of anyone, oh yes there is one Canadian who has never really settled when I rack my brain about it.
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    We'd never lived far from home and we hadn't travelled beyond Europe before emigrating.
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    It's beyond belief just how behind Australia is in the vaccination process. Really beyond belief. It's like they don't want international borders and trade open. I cannot think of ONE reason why Australia wants to keep borders closed, with Tourism and Education being such an important aspect of the Australian economic output. The Aussie Vaccine Disaster in detail -> https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-28/untangling-australia-s-covid-vaccine-rollout-timetable/100156720
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    Translation. It's 22 degrees in England.
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    Brisbane wasn't so much road rage but more aggressive driving. I remember no one ever letting anyone out of a turn or filter onto a motorway. Weird.
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    There are 4 badges in/on cars that warn me of bad drivers.one is an English heritage member badge, another is the national trust member badge, another is the Uber badge, the last is the Audi badge. I always give them plenty of room
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    Hi Clair, go to website - covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au Here you will find all the criteria, form, and how to apply.
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    Hi Clair, Take Marisawright's advice and re new both. When applying for your exemption, make sure you send a STAT DEC. We now have our's, after a refusal. We fly back to the UK this July. Good luck with your planning
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    A bit different than carp fishing in the U.K.
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    54 cm mackerel frame 'heading south'. Cheers, Bobj.
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    Green. It's very brown and dusty where we are in summer!
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