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    Who wouldn’t be? Well done you!
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    Josh has just completed phase two of his Officer Training. Only one more to complete. He should be commissioned before years end. He's come a long way since making brownies
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    I use kitchen scissors to cut up most raw meat. You can dice chicken breasts in seconds using scissors. I watched something on tv years ago where a chef said it’s the safest, easiest and quickest way to do it. I tried it and I’ve done it ever since.
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    My slow cooker. I use mine constantly with a casserole mix and a few ingredients. Put it on in the morning and dinner done in the evening. I even move the cooker into the laundry if it's going to be a hot day or I don't want the cooking smells throughout the house.
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    we got my sons child 101 visa granted on Thursday. now it all begins we have booked our flights for September and we are booking shipping next week. We booked our flights with British Airways but it is operated by Qatar. After 3 and a bit years we can get back to australia and we are all extremely happy.
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    My favourite is wireless headphones, the earbud type. I have two pairs, both around £30, not expensive (compared to some brands). At first I struggled cos I had one pair and I used to hate disconnecting and reconnecting for each device, my ipad and my phone so I just gave in and bought another pair. (1st World problems I know). Best purchase in a while. I do meditation on my phone at night and now I can have the phone on the cabinet and no wires and just pop them in the box. I used to occasionally fall asleep and my morning alarm would go off but my headphones were still connected so alarm went off INSIDE headphones which I'd thrown out of my ears, then I wouldn't hear the your late phone calls either. That never happens any more. No standing up forgetting I'm connected either and my phone/ipad nearly smashing on the floor. Lastly, no holding the phone up to my ear (cos my elbow gets hellish sore, yes, getting older) or using loudspeaker and the phone can literally be in my bag or anywhere in the house. I can't get enough of them, especially their brilliant price (the non branded but generally equally as good ones). What do you love?
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    Ours dipped to purchase price last year (bought 11 yrs ago) Recent valuation is 10% up. Bank manger says 20% likely in 2 years. Good news for us. Back to values seen 5 or 6 years ago
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    Right at this moment, if you transferred £100k with Wise you would receive $182,418.04. This is based on a rate of 1.83057 and a 0.35% fee of £349.05 I then wondered what would happen if you transferred the money back. If you then transferred $182,418.04 back in to sterling you would receive £99,204.00. This is based on a rate of 0.546277 and a 0.45% fee of $817.86 So a round trip cost of £796.00
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    1. You cannot use the old visa exemption path to enter Taiwan. However, as a non-resident foreigner you can still apply for a visa to enter Taiwan for ostensibly "emergency or humanitarian" reasons. Once approved you can enter with no restrictions. The enforcement of "emergency or humanitarian" has been very lax as you can see that by simply searching for YouTube videos made by foreigners who have made it into the country from places like the US back when the virus was still raging there. 2. I do not dispute that Taiwan has had a long run of zero detected cases. But that's probably more due to luck and/or demographics (much fewer people trying to enter Taiwan from Europe/US). 3. On the surface the tactics in Taiwan might look similar to Australia, but they are anything but the same. At least in NSW the background COVID testing is carried out at a much higher rate compared to Taiwan. For example, yesterday NSW carried out 12,669 tests in total, while the whole of Taiwan carried out a mere 21,932 tests (Taiwan's population is about the same as Australia). A month ago they were doing a mere 100 COVID tests every week. Another excellent policy enforced in NSW is that all government students with flu symptoms must present a negative COVID test result prior to returning to school. Now even if only 1 in 10 students actually followed through on that policy that would still put us way ahead of Taiwan on surveillance. You can find the details on Taiwan's testing numbers on this website: https://sites.google.com/cdc.gov.tw/2019ncov/taiwan 4. On the point of relaxing the border rules, yes it is technically true that they relaxed it just before the massive outbreak. But you got to understand that previously the rule was that air crew had to quarantine for five days, and that became three days after relaxation. So even at five that is still way more lax compared to Australia's rules on air crew, at least since the December Sydney outbreak. 5. When you read a media source such as CNN, always keep in mind that journalists who are based in the US (or any country that is *living* with the virus) see things a lot differently than us. To them what Taiwan is doing looks just as stringent as Australia, because they have zero experience on what it's like on the ground in Australia.
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    Three cattleya orchids. Top left is “Slim Warner” middle is “Miami Shores” and right is “Wedding Song”. Cheers, Bobj.
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    I don’t think it’s worth trying, it wouldn’t work.
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    Try cutting a watermelon or pumpkin with a small knife or scissors
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    Based on conversations I've had in the past week with people, I can say that's a long way from the truth. A lot of people in my age group are "hesitant", thinking they want the vaccine to be safe, but scared of side effects. I agree that blacking out signs won't make much difference, but I think these new loony theories about fake side effects will, for some gullible people (and it always amazes me how many people are gullible).
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    Hi guys, I have been a long time viewer of this forum. I got my 186 TRT granted today, which I am ecstatic about. ICT business analysts. My company used Deloitte so I didn't have much visibility over the process. However here are the dates I have: Visa lodgement: 23/09/2020 Medical completed: 25/09/2020 Renewal of police requested 15/04/2021 Visa granted 30/05/2021 Country: UK From lodgement to visa grant - 8 months. I really feel like 186 visas are being pushed through now, so your time is next. Keep positive and good luck
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    Got my golden mail today. 2 days after lodge complaint.
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    Would you have them treating people in a tent recording with chalk and blackboards? You're at risk of becoming a Victor meldrew Paul. A&E suffer from the same problem as many organisations that they need to cover a peak which is much higher than their low. If we cut down on alcohol consumption we would have a better A&E service.
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    And this is why you have long waits in ED. Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself.
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    Hi Yes - finally made it! We were repatriated to Howard Springs on 13th April, then had a couple of days in Darwin to enjoy the first of the season's Mindl Beach markets, then got into Perth 2 weeks ago. Just to be absolutely safe before seeing elderly family here we then spent 10 more days self-isolating at a friends property in the Perth Hills. Very, very happy to be back at last. Now just beginning the long haul of job hunting so we can rebuild our finances after the last year of struggles. Completely recommend Howard Springs and DFAT flight. Brilliantly managed, and much happier going that route than ending up in a quarantine hotel as we originally were going to do. The flights from Darwin to Perth were discounted by Qantas as part of the repatriation deal - half price. We also got our International baggage allowance for the internal flight, so were able to carry 60KG between us as hold luggage which saved a fair bit. Similarly, PCR tests are included in the flight cost. The quarantine cost was A$5000 for the two of us, but they provide arrangements to pay it off at your own rate over 12 months which helps a lot. Howard Springs is about to transfer to the NT Governments management, but hopefully everything will stay the same - couldn't fault it, and loved the food! The problem with both Singapore and Qatar is the uncertainty. We got cancelled at 5 days notice by Singapore and having given back our tenancy faced having nowhere to live. There was no offer of alternative flights, even at a higher price. We subsequently found out they'd simply moved the flight day from a Tuesday to a Saturday, so I feel they should have given us first option on the new flight day. So I doubt I'll be using Singapore Airlines again unless I absolutely have to. We were so lucky to get a DFAT flight that left a week later than our bounced Singapore flight or we'd have been in real trouble finding somewhere to stay with the lockdown still in place. Best of luck getting home. Try and get your vaccine jabs all done beforehand - its a bit chaotic here at the moment and we still have our second jab to arrange. Pete
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    I'm sure I have one of William Shakespeare's pencils. He used to chew the end, so I don't know if it's a 2B or not 2B Cheers, Bobj.
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    In England it is Maccie D’s or just plain McDonalds. Never heard anyone say Maccas in UK.
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    Does reverse cycle air conditioning count?
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    What is Celibacy? Celibacy can be a choice in life, Or a condition imposed by circumstances. While attending a Marriage Weekend, my wife and I, listened to the instructor declare, 'It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other.." He then addressed the men, 'Can you name and describe your wife's favourite flower?' I leaned over, touched my wife's hand gently, and whispered, 'Self-raising, isn't it?' And thus began my life of celibacy.......... Cheers, Bobj.
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    The process on Perth airport (roughly, maybe weong order od things): Everyone from 1 flight gets in line, gets a new mask, sanitise hands. They measure temperature and ask you some health questions. Then passport check as usual. Get your baggage. Interview with police and/or show your G2G pass (I think this is WA specific). Baggage check. Get assigned a seat until everyone in your flight is on a seat. Then in groups you walk (with your baggage on a trolley) to the bus. Chuck your baggage in there and have a seat. When everyone is in the bus, the next group will walk to the next bus. i hated this part. Because I was in the first bus, had to wait for 45 minutes somehow before the second bus was filled. It was 36 degrees outside and I was sitting in the sun. No aircon could cool me down enough. When all buses are ready, it's escorted to the hotel by police. At the hotel you get off the bbu, walk into the hotel. Check in and you walk to your room. Which is your home for the next 2 weeks. You get C19 tested within 48 hours and on day 12. Nurse calls you a few times a week. Food is put in a bag in front of your room and you can leave the bag with waste when you are done. You cam have groceries delivered (coles.com.au or whoolworths.com.au). Exactly 2 weeks after landing (if you land at 2.32pm you can leave at 2.32pm) you can go.
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