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    It certainly is. There is some interesting evidence that shows men are more comfortable with this than women. As corporations look at how to adjust their diversity, one of the finding is that women are far less likely to apply for a role where they don't fit every one of the key criteria in the advert. Whereas men tend to apply if they tick over 50% of the criteria, reasoning that's good enough and they can wing the rest. I make no comment as to why this is, nor the effect this has had on the gender balance at senior levels. I mention it because I find it interesting. Accordingly employers who are aware of this, now adjust the language used in those adverts
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    Tenacity is important. It's not necessarily a trait you are born with either. As I kid I quit everything I ever tried. Now my family and friends mock me (kindly) for never quitting. I honestly put that down to goal setting. When you have a long term objective and interim milestones, one bump in the road isn't going to to deter you. Keep going!
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    Fake it till you make it is a good motto.
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    Successful people IMO , know when to move on as well. There are times attempting to play at a role that most certainly is not us, can be all self berating. We are not robots and need to keep in step with our personality and strengths and weaknesses. Being true to ourselves, will likely save a lot of anguish further down the road when the 'role' played out is uncovered. That's why so much so called self help stuff (a massive industry in uncertain times) fails to an extent. One size does not fit all. Our personalities will allow us to excel at certain things, with training improve (shyness for example) at other things, while certain things are probably best left alone as it makes us who we are. Nothing wrong with just being....
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    We have the number 1 tennis player in the world.
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    The queue calculator was only available for a couple of weeks last May. It’s been showing as being under “System Maintenance “ since then but @Alan Collett added a chart he received from immi following a FOI request. It shows the numbers applied for every month.
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    Wow, within an hour, I could only dream of that happening to us. Well. we are back sat waiting for our documents to be assessed so just praying we are on the home straight ans not set for another 3 month wait
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    We are in a bubble of the feds making. It's always good to remember that. But there is money to be made riding the bubble. Just be careful and don't become complacent.
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    I would support Australia against England every day of the week.
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    Sounds nice. I prefer warm colours. We've gone black and and white white tiles in bathroom with timber (look) cabinetry. A warmer white on the walls. A lovely NZ Wool carpet in beds in a warm 'greige' and timber to feature heavily wherever we can
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    But then again, how representative is this forum?
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    Don't be too hard on them. Australia is not doing too well in international sports at the moment.
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    Haha, but I think the sport angle actually gives a glimpse of where your loyalties really lie. Poms may love Australia, and love living in Australia, but more often than not they'll still be supporting England in the Ashes, the Lions against Australia, GB in the Olympics etc etc. As I said before, it would be very strange to hear someone with a UK accent supporting Australia over a British team.
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    I would not say that 90% but its probably up there somewhere. But really who cares? Not me. As Bulya rightly stated here quite some time ago, the secret to being happy in Australia is to STOP BEING A POM.
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    Ah thats good to know and thank you! Its tough going but I really do like the ICU setting.
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    iknowcb... I've been offered a position as a cardiac ICU nurse! Just need to finish the last leg of uni and pass everything The goal of moving to Aus is getting closer in sight, just need to get a bit of experience first.
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    Of course you did. Surely that's the whole point. You can't say "there's more to do in England than Australia" or "there's more to do in Australia than England". Every country has its lively towns and cities, and its boring ones. Even within big cities, anywhere in the world, there are vibrant suburbs and dead ones. Just look at bugfamily and Paul1Perth, living at opposite ends of the same city - bugfamily is bored to death while Paul hardly has time to scratch himself.
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    Yes, most of the stuff is absolute garbage. All those awful reality shows .......... can't really believe anyone would sit and watch any of them and the endless trashy adverts which seem to pop up every 5 minutes. Channels 7, 9 and 10 are the worst. ABC and SBS not so bad. If it wasn't for my OH who enjoys the sport and a few other things ............ I would get rid of the TV.
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    It should be compulsory on all new builds.
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    Added a door and Have reverse aircon in every room, good insulation in the roof, and varisol window blinds, which really seem to work. Only put the aircon on In cold early mornings and for a while in the evening.
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    Speaking of a "drop in the ocean" Fort Denison sits in Sydney Harbour and has been taking daily tide data since 1886, which makes it an excellent source of data over the longer term. Here is an historic tide station that is located within the tides associated with the largest body of water on earth, namely the Pacific Ocean. In short, sea level data taken daily at Fort Denison since 1886 up until the present time indicate a rise in sea levels of less than than 7 cm over a century up until current times. But that is not the end of it. That is merely an average, as it also also encompasses the fact that the rate of rise, recorded at Fort Denison, has also been decreasing for the past 50 years. You can possibly see that not "every country" is a Climate Change enthusiast.
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    Hi , So agree with the double standards.we have been here17 yrs hubby loves it /hate it .Been home twice in the last 6 yrs and still don't feel at home here . so hubby starting to look for jobs and we have moved into a nice rental while we sell all our stuff.and hope we get a job ,plan on just going home with 3 suitcases. We leave behind 2 sons, ones happily married and will never leave Australia i am told ...never is a long time. Other one has 3 children very young, now a single parent his life and we adore the children but as they grow up into high school they don't have time for the oldies except Christmas and birthdays.. ..so they can visit in their gap year.And we have messenger and so can video chat anytime. Back home my online business will continue hubby will get back into his field of work he loves with normal hours (currently doings specialist job working 7am -9pm 5 days a week no time to live a life.) and we have a Son who's married with one 10 yr old and babies on the way. We came for hubby's work for 2 years ,citiezens given our all bought a home in Tasmania which we rent out and will continue to do so until we have lived in the uk long enough to know we have done the right thing. Personally covid made us really think are we content, are we happy do we want to die here.NO. We love the uk weather ,historial buildings ,nature walks ,meeting friends of 30 years ,love that England you can travel by roads and visit friends anywhere over a weekend. What we will miss children ,grandchildren ........who we don't see much as they have busy life .So when they visit the uk wow so much to catch up on and show them.Stunning Aussie beaches.....Cornwall beaches stunning too. So uk is not the same as it was 17 yrs ago, or 3 yrs ago nothing is the same since covid .Except to reaffirm that England is home I hope this helps others who are mature thinking is the grass greener on the other side.No its where out heart is... for us.Advice don't look back its been and one right or wrong . Live life for now and the future ....
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    B-A-Y. B-A-Y. B-A-Y-C-I-T-Y with an R-O-. DOUBLE L -E-R-S bay city rollers are the best. I remember my big sister singing that.
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    Not every country, China and India couldn't say that and the US, Europe (if we lump it all together) and Russia couldn't either. China and India aren't going to cut back and they have been given an exemption because they're still seen as developing nations. Aus is a great place to live because of natural resources. Really good money can be earned working in oil gas and mining, for just about all their employees. My son is a sparkie, works offshore on a rig. 3 weeks on, 3 off and earns about $170,000 a year. That money is spent back in Aus and his taxes paid here, which makes the rest of the economy turn over, it's good for everyone. Take those industries out of the equation and there would be mass unemployment, recession, fall in house prices and standard of living. Along with that civil unrest because people can't make ends meet, they have time on their hands because they are unemployed and then it's the country and governments fault. If you think that "green" industries are going to take up the slack and pay massive wages it's not going to happen. Aus is already investing heavily in windfarms, solar farms, localised off the grid power installations for country areas. We can do this because we can afford to, paid for by the billion dollar oil, coal, gas industries. Aus is one of the world leaders in solar and battery development so I think we'll be well on the way to meeting targets for greenhouse gas reduction. Hopefully without massive rises in electricity prices and reliability of supply. Not like happened in SA went they tried to "go green" a little too quickly.
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    Every country in the world could make the claim “if only we make the change, it will just be a drop in the ocean”. Everyone has to do it and that always takes early adopters leading by example.
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