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    I don’t think popping back for a vaccine would come under ‘exceptional circumstances’
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    I'm more worried about the South African variant which AZ does not protect against.
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    I think most are aware of the statistics. While quite correct in pointing out the greater likelihood of blood clots through taking the pill, the difference being there are other forms of contraception available. Hence there is a choice. This is/was not the case with the AZ vaccine . Besides that there was not an urgency to take something , where waiting a little, would avail an alternative vaccine.
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    It created a lot of extra work with the exemptions and covid tests etc, our flights were changed 4 times, but we made it here thankfully! Currently in our 10 day house isolation but that doesn’t matter, just super happy to be back in the UK never been on a plane with so few people, it was fantastic we could actually sleep across other seats. We had 12 seats between myself, my husband and 2 kids.
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    Your risk of catching COVID in Australia is so vanishingly small it wouldn't be even close to worth it.
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    Hi everyone, I got my golden email today. Just be patient and don’t make stress. Best of luck guys 457 to 186 Skill: Painter and Decorator No of applicants (2) 1 Onshore 1 Offshore Location Perth WA nomination lodged 19/07/2019 Nomination approved 09/11/2019 Visa lodged 24/03/2020 Health exam 18/05/2020 Police clearance 28/02/2020 S56 request 09/07/2020 Documents submit 10/07/2020 S56 request from the company 11/03/2021 Documents submit 06/04/2021 Visa granted 27/04/2021
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    I certainly feel your concern. But on a personal level I would not get the AZ vaccination as things stand. I fully understand that a changing situation may remove my distaste in getting this vaccine and hence invalidate choice. But I do feel we, at least in Australia, are far removed from that scenario at the present time.
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    I think this is where we disagree, I know so many close friends who have had Covid deaths in the family from the UK, I worry about what would happen if the UK variant got some traction out here.
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    That’s fair, I think my point is i’m not sure we have the luxury of waiting until Q4, I worry the gvt. might regret that decision. For me it’s weighing up a 20% (?) chance of a widespread outbreak killing 20,000 people vs 25 deaths from bloodclots.
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    We have no covid because the borders are closed. They will start reopening at some point. Look at Victoria, talking about starting to accept students and key workers again soon. Then there will be more breakouts from quarantine and remember, Melbourne's big outbreak started with ONE family. If there was another "escape" in Melbourne today, where few people are wearing masks or bothering to socially distance, it would spread like wildfire. Then all those people who waited for Pfizer thinking "there's no rush", will be swamping the vaccination centres and struggling to get an appointment. And remember, you need two doses 90 days apart.
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    I think hotel quarantine has done well but we’re always on the cusp of losing control of the virus. Pretty frustrated by the lack of urgency from Australian gvt too. I’d be all over Astra if they offered it to me.
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    Surely that would depend on the size and age of the kitten?
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    I don’t think funeral is considered an exceptional reason.
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    If you are on east coast of Australia go outside and have a look at the moon. It is a Super Moon today and very bright.
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    I think some people are confusing Walkabout Creek with Darwin here.
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    I had to quarantine in Melbourne until negative covid result ( 2 nights) then 12 nights hotel quarantine in Adelaide. Getting permission to travel from Vic to SA was the main hurdle...communication between 2 states and then another layer of communication to the team running the quarantine was an issue, luckily I have a direct contact with a very good person in the SA Covid team who sorted out problems. One of the officers in Melbourne had the gaul to suggests that as my Dad had now died ( literally as I was somewhere between Doha and Melbourne) that it was now a different circumstance and my reason to leave Melbourne for Adelaide had changed and that in theory I should have to complete my quarantine in Melbourne...The only highlight was being let off the plane first and being met by police at he plane door and then a police escort to the hotel. Felt like a cross between a rock star and a criminal. My top tip, and depends on which hotel you get ( I got Pullman hotel which was excellent) is to try your hardest to get a room with a balcony. Access to fresh air and being able to at least see family and friends made a big difference. Good luck
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    Not sure that’s the case , whilst I’m sure it will pick up I think the rollout has been a bit of a disaster. Think I read at this rate it will be July 2022 by the time everyone is vaccinated
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    I'm retired and getting incomes from super, uk pension, NCB pension, Ferranti pension and my wife is still working. I put extra into super from 60, transition to retirement, which gives you a tax break, we've paid the mortgage off but I never felt I had enough to risk in shares, bitcoin, going to the casino or gambling. IMO you have to have enough to know you can lose altogether to be in anything like that. Paying the mortgage off was probably the best investment we made.
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    This forum seems dead - regardless, I though to let everyone know that I received my ceremony invitation for 24th May. That means Sydney / Hills area (for families) are processing December 2020 citizenships now. (This is obviously different per region / state and family / single person) - this is just an update on my personal application, in case anyone is in the same situation (awaiting a family invitation for the NSW / Hills area).
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    Yes i understand how that reads Marisa, but in my experience along with my own suburb and having visited a number of suburbs of Perth, they do seem to be carbon copies of each other with very little to do in the evening and even the day time apart from a few shops not a lot else, even Paul mentions such suburbs exist. I vaguely know the area where Paul lives and agree that there is more available around his area, however this is over a 100 km away from where I am which is a bit to far to just nip out to (not saying that is anyone else's fault though). I mentioned the 24hr availability of shopping back home and pubs and restaurants (and lots more besides) as a comparison to one small part of the difference between what is available here in Australia and back home. I am afraid the point is slightly misunderstood by maryrose02......I am not interested in a random 24 hr IGA shop some 100 k's away, I was trying to get across that something as mediocre as shopping counts as the only source of socialising / entertainment in some suburbs, but even this closes down early in the evenings leaving nothing for entertainment other than television and scratching your mosquito bites
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    I remember my Dad and Bro coming over on holiday one year and I took them to Mindarie Marina for a few pints mid week, in the summer. We were in one of the pubs (Boat, I think) and they asked us to leave at 10 past 9 as we were the only ones in there. Walked around the corner to the other pub and they were shutting up as well. I was embarrassed beyond, I could see my Dad thinking, where the hell are we? But, different strokes different folks, Australia is it's own place and you have to respect differences. This is why I always wince on here when I read people thinking they're moving to the UK in the sun. It's not.
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    Yes i agree its like a zombie apocalypse after 9pm here in the suburbs of Perth, nothing open and nowhere to go, its funny how you take for granted certain things back home when your there and do not even think about them at the time, for instance the availability of 24 hr shopping like Tesco's or restaurants open till gone 11pm, or pubs open till whenever they feel like...here the evenings entertainment choice is coles or woolworths
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    For me it was about 6 months. For me the penny dropped when coming into land in Brisbane after a work trip to Mackay and (at 9pm) looking out of the plane's window - seeing this empty, lifeless city. It looked like it was in lockdown.
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    Very soon it will be 14 years since we moved here from Cornwall. There has hardly been a day that I haven't felt like a prisoner, of my own making too. Think if all your family are here and you are open to the changes then Australia is a great place to live. Difficulty I have is children and grandchildren in both countries. Whereas my 2nd wife here has her family with her. As I posted previously I am looking to return to Cornwall, where I felt comfortable for so many years. My family here will need to adjust as I will. We kept a property rented out all these years and if you can do it then it is good idea.
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