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    Hi I’ve been reading this site for years and never posted anything, but here goes We moved to Qld nearly 15 years ago, the first year I had to pinch myself, I felt so lucky and blessed to be here, thought the beaches were beautiful etc, but after a year or so the shine started to fade, it felt like I’d been on a long holiday and now I wanted to go home. I don’t like the constant heat and humidity ( live on the Gold Coast) miss the seasons, the pubs, the walks, being close to everything, even the weather. I know it’s beautiful in many ways here, but for whatever reason it’s lost on me. We have 3 sons, who have swallowed the Ozzie pill and love it here, never want to go back to the Uk to live, so one by one they have grown up and we couldn’t move back because they were in year 11-12 at school, had girlfriends etc, now my youngest is 19 and I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I love my boys to bits and I have great relationships with them all, 2 are married, one with 2 children, whom I have every Thursday. And then my 19 year old, who isn’t quite sure what career path he wants yet, but when he’s sorted and settled , we plan to move back, I’m guessing in the next 2 -5 years. Im 54 and very aware the years are ticking on. I’ve been very unhappy here and unsettled for 13+ years, also I’ve tortured myself about leaving my kids and grandchildren behind, as it’s not what I ever envisaged for my family, yet I’m not happy here. it’s caused me terrible anxiety to the point of palpitations, panic attacks and insomnia as it’s always plaguing me. Has anyone gone back under these circumstances? Have you settled? Any advise? Also we are fortunate enough to be able to come back and visit every year or so.
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    Great news! We have been waiting around the same time, submitted 24/1/2020. i wonder if they’re getting round to visas from this time of submission or if they’re just approving based on occupations?? all the best! eddie
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    Hi, Here are my timelines application: 20 Sep 2020 Test Invite received on 20 Jan 2021 for 9 Feb 2021 rescheduled test to 27 Jan 2021 Test passed on 27 Jan 2021 Approval in immi account 27 Jan 2021 Approval letter received 2 Feb 2021 invitation for ceremony received on 19 Feb 2021 for 17 Mar 2021 State Applied in : ACT
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    Sounds very familiar, would love to return to UK. I was there in nov and feb 2018-2019 the weather was fine!
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    All my family followed me here, then i had a daughter here. They all wanted to stay here at the start which i didn't, as time went on i guess i gave in to them. Now hubby and daughter would rather stay here permanently but just dont think i can, its got harder and harder. Currently looking after very elderly parents who live 2 mins away. Once they are no longer around i don't think i will be able to do it then.
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    Oh... your words sounded just how i feel although I've now been 32 years! Would give anything to go home. I have always pulled myself together and found the next thing to keep me going but just don't want to do that anymore. Your life back home sounds just perfect to me. Im sitting writing this on a very hot night in Melbourne thinking i am so over this heat and the boredom of the suburbs, there is just nothing to describe it is there.
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    Hi Fergie, I know where you are coming from, we lived on the Gold Coast for near 10 years, loved so much of the place, our daughter was 13 when we arrived, during our time there we added two boys to the family, I didnt start feeling home sick for the first 6 years it was after our first trip home. Then in 2018 we moved back to the UK. I missed my mum so much (we were very close, we used to send her a ticket for Oz every year to come over to us for a couple of months) as time went on I too suffered terribly with anxiety, palpitations, tears upon tears, felt like I didn't want to be there. So we moved back to UK leaving my daughter over in Oz at Uni, with her friends, boyfriend, she too didn't want to return. I arrived back with a hole in my heart, missing my daughter so much, its made me ill, in a way I feel like we made the right decision at the time, I managed to spend a quality couple of years with my mum, we crammed so many memories into a short space of time, but April last year she contracted Covid 19, unfortunately claiming her life. I feel very blessed that I could be with her right at the end, to tell her our goodbyes, and how much she was loved, I would never of had that had I been in Oz. but now I just want to get back to Australia, I don't feel settled here at all, I miss my baby girl too much, so do her brothers. Facetime, phone calls and WhatsApp is just not enough I just end up in tears when I hang up, so we are returning summer this year flights pending (fingers crossed). So yes I understand you dilemma but for me, its not worked out, so I'm heading back, Good luck to you x
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    I'm doing OK thank you for asking. We were there just over 81/2 years and it wasnt easy, caring for elderly parents 24/7 but it was fantastic for me both physically and mentally and for us as a couple where we became even closer than we ever were, still strong after 47 years together. Now that I am back I am finding it hard to get back into friendships - something I had no difficulty with in UK. There is no chance we will go back to live, DH is an Aussie and financially we are much more secure here. It is what it is and you just have to live with it. I feel better because my DH did the hard yards with my folk and I am repaying him so it is my choice to be here (I couldnt have done it without him!!!!). Some days I go for a walk and end up feeling quite miserable and want to burst into tears when I get home - no rational reason for it other than I find the bush depressing and that's where I generally walk. My DH and I talk about it, he knows how I feel and he is doing his best, he cant make it better for me, I have to do that for myself but it is very hard. When Covid relaxes its grip we will go home for holidays - we need to keep in touch with the other son and his family. It wont be the same though as I have no foothold in Cambridge now with mum and dad gone and their house sold. I hope it works out as well for you as it did for me! In hindsight I wish we had thought about moving when we were both still working and able to establish ourselves there before it became financially disadvantageous to do so. At least you've got a few years yet to get yourself established before retirement. Choose somewhere lovely - you're rather spoiled for choice I think!!!!!
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    We did go back - accidentally almost 10 years ago to care for my parents (it was only supposed to be a 2 month holiday but it lasted until last March). Our situation was different - we lived with my parents because they needed the care, we were old enough to be retired (so we did) and we didnt want to work in UK. For me it was the best thing ever - I didnt realise how low I was until I didnt feel low any more. I lost weight, got fit, made friends and generally had a fabulous time seeing and doing new things. Parents now gone and, realistically, we were past the point of no return to live in UK. Financially we are better off here, we have a home all paid off and it's a place we can grow old in quite easily. I hate being back but I am working on it. Family wise we have one son here with two granddaughters and one son in UK with one grandson - we didnt see the granddaughters for over 8 years and now we wont see the grandson for some time but there is always FaceTime and I am helping with his home schooling. If you can do it then look after yourself first because nobody else is going to do it for you. Covid has chucked a spanner in the works for the last year but it will get better and if you start to plan - declutter and get organised you might feel like you can keep going for a bit longer. I know what it is like to loathe the place you live and the depression that goes with it and happy to chat and share what strategies work (much of the time) for me!!! Good luck!
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    Thank you, reading on this forum has helped over the years just knowing I’m not the only one feeling like this
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    It will be difficult for you not living near your sons and grandchildren but if your health is suffering due to severe homesickness you just have to make the choice. It might make you feel a bit better in the meantime if you start looking into the details of returning e.g. where would you plan on living etc etc. If you ever want to vent about life, there are people here on the forum to confide in.
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    Hi toots my boys are very supportive, they have seen me struggling over the years, and they think I should go back and give it a go, they really are lovely about it. Although they think I’ll be back! ( I don’t think so) they don’t really understand the deep unhappiness, I’ve always tried to put on a brave face in front of them and hidden lots but they’ve seen some. I console myself with missing them less over time and getting used to not seeing them on a weekly or fortnightly basis. But I know I can’t have both unfortunately.
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    Fergie, it's now time for you to do what you want to do. Start to make plans for your return to the UK in the next few years. We have two sons who were born and educated in Australia but both live and work overseas. They may return to Australia or they may not. Who knows how things will pan out. We live in Tasmania and are very happy here - I never fancied Queensland as I prefer a cooler climate but that's just me ............... lots of people would find Tassie too cold, isolated, boring etc but after living in Sydney for years I am revelling in retirement here. My Mum (from Scotland) used to come and visit us every 2nd year. What do your sons think of you moving back to the UK? I am sure they want you to be happy.
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    It depends what state and what city you’re going to? Different parts of Australia are very different, just like Dundee isn’t like London
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    You can be homesick for a place or for people. But you will never know until you try it. You can't predict how you will react. I was in Fiji with my wife before we were married. Absolutely loved the place. Our flights were different, and she left before me. I was there for three days by myself and hated it. The people often make the place.
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    I feel your pain. I won't go over my own narrative, but I've been seriously looking at this as an option for me to be able to keep an 'out' in Gloucestershire, rented for most of the year, and then spending at least the long Christmas break and the odd two week stint (work allowing) with the family, at the house. Long term, investing for future trips and providing a small rental income would be ideal, along with getting my 'fix' every year.
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    Very soon it will be 14 years since we moved here from Cornwall. There has hardly been a day that I haven't felt like a prisoner, of my own making too. Think if all your family are here and you are open to the changes then Australia is a great place to live. Difficulty I have is children and grandchildren in both countries. Whereas my 2nd wife here has her family with her. As I posted previously I am looking to return to Cornwall, where I felt comfortable for so many years. My family here will need to adjust as I will. We kept a property rented out all these years and if you can do it then it is good idea.
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    It is a great place to visit and holiday ....but living here (in my opinion) has far less to offer than life back home
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    I did some googling and found that too. Apparently about 10% of SAD cases are Summer SAD. One report I saw was from a bloke who was a psychologist who had it and who was perplexed by it too.
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    People must think I'm mad, but I *hated* the endless blue skies / blazing yellow sun in Perth...not only did I find it dull, but everyone seemed to look 10 years older because of it.
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    I think so - I have it and apparently my granddaughter has it too. No idea what it is called and because it isnt having a dig at Britain's "pathetic" weather, nobody will be bothered to name it. Day after day of relentless blue sky really does add to my depression. If it has the odd cloud then it isnt quite so bad. I hadn't talked about it with my granddaughter at all (happy face and all that) but she raised it with me one day. I think, for her at least, it heralds bushfires and as they lost everything in a bushfire a few years ago that freaks her out. I noticed it first towards the end of the last big drought (which broke here on Valentines Day - 2010 I think) every day the relentless blue sky, watching the bom site for the little blue dots to presage rain (they always split before they got to us) every day just to get some relief which never came. I can see why droughts lead farmers to suicide.
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    Very cold here. I went for a long walk this morning. It was minus 2 when I set off and reached an impressive minus 1 by the time I reached home. The fog and mist across the fields did look lovely and a bit spooky. A warm, sunny day would have been nicer. Back home now in the warm having a cup of tea and a packet of Jaffa cakes.
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    I always remember going down to live in London after I graduated (from Aberdeen) and being absolutely stunned by the weather. Compared to Scotland, the warmth and sunshine were great. I miss two things about the UK. One is the closeness to Europe for holidaying. The other is the weather (in the south). I'm not one for baking in hot sun.
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    Have I had that situation absolutely. 20+ years , 3 out of 4 parents gone - my wifes sister and auntie both gone ,and my wife ,especially shouldered the lot faced it head on . We have been hammered financially and materially since we came back - in life's tumble dryer, I call it . Am I glad I did it - through all of that Absolutely - I sleep very well at night . This is where I belong - for all its faults . You will know when you arrive back - you will either think " sod this " or " for all its faults , I bloody love it ".