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    More importantly, have you rushed to the supermarkets to buy enough bog roll to last till 2022?
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    That's what the lockdown is for, to give time for anyone she's infected to be traced, so it will all be over quickly. The alternative is to do what NSW did and let life go on as normal while they track and trace - and look how that turned out. Not a huge number of reported cases, but it's probably all over Sydney (there's Covid in the sewage in 36 suburbs), and Melbourne has had two separate outbreaks caused by the Avalon cluster. And that's not the highly infectious variant. Of course it's bad luck if you had plans which will be disrupted, but the whole point is that being very strict for a short period is more effective AND less painful than a prolonged period of being less strict.
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    Hi, sorry, can not help with your query, but NEVER rent a property unseen.
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    I always expected any hint of Covid in QLD would cause an immediate (knee-jerk?) reaction. So, a cleaner has the 'UK strain' (thought it came from South Africa originally). They live south side, came to the city by train and worked in a quarantine hotel. Got tested and went into quarantine, but may have had it for a couple of days. So, from 6pm tonight greater Brisbane (North and South) is in full lockdown. No leaving the house, shopping, daily exercise only, soon mandating mandatory masks. Is this over the top, or safe, good management? Not a single additional case detected. Surely it is too soon to be 'going to go hard and we are going to go early' as Annastacia puts it. The side effects on peoples physical and mental health will potentially cause more damage. Then we will get the endless expert speculation and doom and gloom. My brother in the UK is into the Covid conspiracy theory. I tell him Covid is real, why would hospitals conspire to fill up (amongst other things). I'm not against restrictions when appropriate, just not sure if the constant state of hyper anxiety and knock backs to families and businesses is valid. I dread to think what will happen if we get a handful of cases. The other states will rub their hands with glee at the opportunity to return the harsh border controls QLD have imposed on them
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    It's difficult all round but living under lockdown part III and working in the NHS, I know I'd happily trade a strict limited lockdown and next to no Covid cases for what we currently have in the UK. I don't think you can be over the top of you're currently getting away with it. You should carry on doing all you can to avoid the situation we have in Europe. Especially being so close to vaccine roll out, however useful they out to be. It's no conspiracy but certainly lots of continuous cock-ups which fuel speculation.
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    This kind of thing is so harsh: "If you are in those Greater Brisbane areas and you may have planned a vacation over this weekend. I'm so sorry, but you will not be able to go. You will have to reschedule," she said. Worse, are those cases where people close to dying (cancer etc not Covid) are not allowed to get visitors. How can you not manage a handful of people, who most likely would agree to any requirements if it meant seeing and being with loved ones to face the end together. I thought this amusing - giving the states 'permission', or taking away their thunder? "The premier will urge other states and territories to also declare Great Brisbane a hotspot "until we get through this together"." Having said all this, I seriously doubt Aus could cope in a full scale escalation. Wife is a nurse (community based mostly), couldn't even get a thermometer to test her patients at the peak earlier in the year
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    Couple of things I do: Last time in UK I got a three payg. Credit does not expire, just need to send a text every 6 months. I put 5 GBP on it 5 years ago, still got 4 left (texts are 2p). I use this for UK sms requests. Like @Wanderer Returns says, you can get in trouble if it does expire, or some other reason. However, you should be able to call them up to change it. For various bank apps, I found they will not let you download if not in the country (certainly happened with Nationwide), You may not find them eg on google play store. I used a vpn to switch to UK, downloaded it. Then I disable it when not using it. I found using the app was a lot easier for some things, as authentication is already done (because you are on the phone), so only password may be needed.
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    If you transferred the coins to a company, wouldn't they be deemed as sold and subject to tax? I understand there may have been advantages to doing that previously, but hasn't the horse bolted?
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    It depends on the bank of course, but assuming that you'll still be able to access your bank account and its functionality (transfer funds etc) without access to the mobile number associated with the account, is a dangerous precedent. When I returned to the UK 6 years ago, I needed my Australian mobile number to access my UBank account. Unfortunately, after 6 months I forgot to add a top-up credit to keep the service active, and Optus disconnected it. I couldn't change the number online without receiving an SMS to my old number, or receiving a security code to an Australian address (that I no longer lived at). Bottom line was that my money was locked up for 5 years, but at least it was earning interest at better rates than in the UK!
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    After how long did you lodge the complaint? Good luck
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    As the occupation of Midwife is on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List your visa application would be given priority and you would be granted a travel exemption to enter Australia.
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    I’m happy to have made it to ‘21. Minus a kidney and the other not working so well, every day is a bonus, as it is for others here.
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    To 2020. One of the very worst years in history. Bush fires, floods and then Covid. Not a good year for our family personally ,either , except for a couple of bright sparks- new baby in the family in October and grandson got accepted into a medical degree. Other than that, forget it, move on!
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    So, in the light of the extreme events happening in the world today, has anyone got any good knitting patterns?
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    We recently completed a two week quarantine in Brisbane, and enjoyed it. Our room was nice, lovely bathroom, food varied from really good to not so good, but overall we were happy to be fed & watered. We were allowed out everyday, up on to the roof of the hotel for a good half hour. We were able to run / walk around up there and enjoy the view. I suppose it depends on what hotel you end up at, but we had no complaints and took the opportunity to wind down, relax and just enjoy the experience.
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    It does sound like you have a very troubling real case here and perhaps your legal team were inexperienced in this field. Thus, I would be happy to represent you if you wish to revisit legal action and I will hereby pm you my BSB and account number for deposit of only a $10000 retainer forthwith.
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    My From 80 trips "additional pages" ran to over 200 listed trips (and I know I missed of some day trips - which I declared - as I didn't have all the details) They are really looking to see if you have spent time in a country they consider to be a "problem" or if you have spent enough time in a particualr country to warrant a police check from that locality Do your best, but if you are sure you haven't included them all make sure you declare that you beleive there are a few short trips that you do not have details for
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    As I write, I'm sitting in the cafe with my brother. No, he has gone to the beach 400 metres from our apartment. The cafe is packed with people enjoying lunch *NO MASKS. Outside the wide open doors to the cafe a palm tree's fronds are "waving" in the slight breeze, the sun is shining, the temperature is about 28 degrees C. Horrible is all I can say.
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    Witches are quite susceptible to water. You will have noticed the beach culture in Australia, which outsiders always believed to be for fun. This is in fact a ritual performed for generations, whereby the population enters the water en masse to purge itself of witches and witchcraft. Australian houses have also been fitted with running water and showers to esnure that any witches that escaped the beach purge are eliminated. You should be quite safe if you stick to the watery coastal areas and carry a water pistol at all times.
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    I think I did have a plan to move to Melbourne, having been in Sydney for over a year when I lost my first job in February, 1980. Maybe we were supposed to move around on a WHV? But then the Aussie govt announced its amnesty for illegal immigrants. I wasn't here illegally but I was inside the cut off date for the amnesty, as was one of my brothers, and the other got sponsored by his employer. Into my fifth month in Surfers Paradise and I have the feeling of slowing "becoming" a local. I bought a birthday card for one of the girls in the surf club. In another bar the manageress gave me a hug when I said goodbye, yet another called out my name as I passed a bar and said "Come and join us." It's a nice feeling, one of "belonging". The same thing happened when I moved back to England but to a different village to the one where I grew up.
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    We bought our very first caravan last year. A ten year old Jayco poptop. I'd always wanted one and finally convinced him indoors. We like off grid camping and often camp on our own block down in the Margaret River region. Are there any other PIO campers? Share your van/rig and stories here. Its a steep learning curve, we've had a few mishaps along the way but I think I could easily hit the road long term. Grey Nomads we may be...... Hope to go further afield when annual leave allows...long service leave??
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    So day 7 today and time is going fast. Got our test results yesterday which all came back negative. I checked which day we get released and it's actually on day 14 when your free. I have been told that we will be informed of a time on a few days before hand as they need to stagger everyone.
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    I love reading your posts, you are so positive about everything, I think you are going to have a wonderful life in Oz. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us Can I ask, do they give you a microwave and utensils in case people want to do an online shop? ‘I’m not sure if you are on a tight schedule to get to SA but if not you could look at buying a car in Vic and then drive to SA via the Great Ocean Road. It would be a fantastic break. If you do buy a car online or second hand you could get the RACV to do an inspection of it so that you know you aren’t buying a dud. Also use the Redbook site to check you aren’t paying too much https://www.redbook.com.au . For buying look at https://www.carsales.com.au although if you buy in Victoria you will need to register the car again when you get to Adelaide (well I presume that’s the case, it is for the other states) ‘Don’t forget you can apply for your tax file number now etc,
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    Having never been there, I have it on great authority that there is a big building in Canberra that it is full of hot air and cold hearts... Cheers, Bobj.