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    Happy New Year everyone I hope all your dreams come true in 2021. What are your plans for tonight? We are staying in, I presume it will be the same for a lot of people this year.
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    Hi everyone. Im not sure if anyone will remember me but it was just to let everyone know my husband secured a fantastic job in Jersey in the Channel islands in November. We sold our house, cars, wrapped up life here and despite the Covid situation are flying home tomorrow from Adelaide. I thought we would have some sadness but to be honest we just feel a sense of relief and that we are 'going home' We are flying business class with Qatar. Flights and exemption were very straight forward. Have a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year and I hope 2021 is a more peaceful and happier year for everyone! I will keep you posted........... Much love XXXX
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    We have one in the lounge and one in the bedroom, the lounge one really does work, the bedroom one I’m sure it’s faulty but I suppose it’s something you can’t really tell.
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    I like the five-day tests. Its a cricket campaign with all the twists and turns that can occur over five days, to a far greater extent when compared to the shorter version of the game. Having said that, the BBL is pretty exciting at the moment as well. There is bias in all international sports commentary, from all countries participating. In cricket at least we have had mixed commentary teams for years.
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    It would be the same in any country, They will say here who won but obviously people are interested in the Aussies so they publicise that the most.
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    I guess we are used to wearing the masks in Victoria and it also protects you from colds and flu- virtually no flu this year which is a big plus. I will continue to wear one in shopping centres at least as do my fellow Victorians. i don't wear one out walking, they are annoying and too hot but if instructed to do so I would. They don't tell you to wear one for fun, there is medical evidence that they do help. Even in 1918 they realised that ..
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    If you are looking for positions within NSW health, or for any NSW government job, you can also visit the "I Work for NSW" Website: Here is a list that may interest you: https://iworkfor.nsw.gov.au/jobs/all-keywords/all-agencies/all-organisations--entities/clinical-psychologist-jobs/all-locations/all-worktypes?jobcategoryid=16648 Its a start at least.
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    Add political correctness, identity politics and climate change to that list.
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    There's been a lot of nasty publicity about the mistakes made in setting up hotel quarantine, HOWEVER the fact remains that in spite of all those mistakes, it worked well. The WHOLE outbreak arose from only ONE family in hotel quarantine. One. So it's a media beat-up. Other states also used private security guards and NSW still allows staff to work on covid and non-covid hotels at the same time, and they've also had the occasional breaches. The difference was not in the efficiency of quarantine but in the contact tracing once a breach occurred, which was not nearly good enough in Victoria. NSW is being held up as the gold standard, so I guess we are going to see if it's enough to get the current outbreak under control. I don't know what Queensland's contact tracing capability is. There has been no community transmission at all in Melbourne for 60 days. There has been no coronavirus detected in sewage for more than two weeks. So Victoria is now every bit as safe (or not safe) as Queensland. Therefore if you're not worried about large events in Brisbane, you shouldn't be worried about large events in Melbourne. Like I said, I only wear a mask on public transport and when I go into a shop. I have my own cloth masks which are comfortable and easy to wear, and I wash it after every wear. Maybe it's being overly cautious as you say, but who is it hurting? Why does everyone get so exercised about the idea?
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    I remind you that there were no active cases in Melbourne before the big outbreak, except in hotel quarantine. There had been no active cases in Sydney for several weeks before the current outbreak, except in hotel quarantine. So Queensland, right now, is in exactly the same situation. If an outbreak happens, you'll have no idea until the infection has been out in the community for at least a week, probably more. How many people will be infected by then, if everyone has stopped taking basic precautions? It's good to know people are still socially distancing, signing into venues etc on the Sunshine Coast. I noticed in another post, you mentioned a limit of 2 people in the lifts. What alarmed me was MaryRose mentioning 8 people in a lift in his hotel, and seeming to imply there were no real restrictions there any more. As for mask wearing - in Melbourne, we only wear them now when social distancing isn't possible, or when we're in enclosed public spaces like public transport and shops (because Covid can concentrate in the air in those places). It horrifies me if people are being made to feel silly for wearing masks in Queensland (by "that look"). What if it's a nurse or a hotel quarantine worker, who's wearing a mask as a sensible precautionary measure (since they're working with Covid sufferers every day)? What if it's an immuno-compromised person, who knows they'll die if they catch covid, so they feel more comfortable wearing a mask? What a nasty thing to do, to make them feel bad about it.
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    You can have a look at this to give you a bit of an idea. Wollongong/Illawara area and the Newcastle/Hunter Valley area. https://www.seek.com.au/clinical-psychologist-jobs/in-Wollongong,-Illawarra-&-South-Coast-NSW https://www.seek.com.au/clinical-psychologist-jobs/in-Newcastle,-Maitland-&-Hunter-NSW
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    Psychologists are ten a penny in Australia so she probably won't have any problems finding a job once she's leaped the AHPRA hurdles. If she gets full registration she will be good to go but it might find it a bit more difficult if she only gets provisional registration because of the extra pressure on the organisation for additional supervision etc. She's not likely to get a job before you move so find the place you want to live then apply for the jobs - either of the places you mention are likely to have opportunities. If she joins the APS they have a sits vac section so you can see what the demands are in both places.
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    That 2nd innings in the first test was an anomaly. These things happen sometimes. They are obviously a much better team than that indicated. They basically had 1 bad day which lost them the match.
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    Congratulations!! I moved back about 10 years ago. Best thing I ever did.
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    Yes, some of them have. There used to be a private section of the forums called MBTTUK ("Moving Back to the UK"). There were several people on that forum like Quoll, who moved back and were very glad to be home. Some of them even left their partner and family in Australia. And you are right, they were saddened or angered by their partner's attitude and that's basically what destroyed the relationship.
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    But it is the same though, even after 32 years....I have this argument time and time again, people say that the place will have changed after a long period of time, therefore it is some fantasy land that you must be living in and yes time and progress will change an area to a certain degree, the building of new areas and more infrastructure etc, but the overall place has not changed, the mountains I looked at in wales are still there, the rivers are still running, the beach is still the same, the hedgerows, fields and old church yards are still there they have not changed
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    So exciting - a new chapter, a new adventure! I've been to Guernsey but not Jersey, however I think I could easily live in the Channel Islands which have their own history and culture, and also happen to be a really beautiful part of the world. T x
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    Best if luck with your new life in Jersey, would love to be returning to the uk. Maybe one day!
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    I came across the term genetic memory a while ago and a current thread in UK Chat reminded me of it. Basically there's some evidence to suggest that human behaviour may be influenced by events passed down through our DNA. I've attached a link to an old BBC report that goes into a bit more detail but, if memory can be passed between generations, could this go some way to explain the sense of belonging many identify with, but fail to rationalise? T x https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-25156510
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    That's true Marisa. I just remember working with vets and talking to farmers who were quite proud of their tough little sheep and i was told Hefting is the term given to small flocks of sheep that, through mother-lamb generations, learn which section of unfenced fell or mountain to stay within.
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    Brighton beach - Queensland style
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    Hello All! Im so happy to finally be able to say after 5 years of planning we are moving back to the UK in April 2021 so 238 days 🥳 flights booked.
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    This thread is about the 804 visa. There are no offshore applications for the 804. You must be physically present in Australia when you make the application (and also when you receive the visa). See http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/804.aspx Regards
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