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    What a wimp! Second day of summer in Hobart. Mind you, we've already had two 30+ degree days in November. At least it's never boring.
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    I have replied to Emma in the Facebook group but for others' benefit I will repeat the steps here: 1. Book return flights to Singapore that have a short transit period in Singapore. 2. Advise your case officer and asks them if your tickets look alright for your mum to be granted PR before her flight back to Australia. 3. Your airline will likely contact you for visa documents that allow your mum to travel outside of Australia (as a temporary visa holder) and permit to come back as a PR. 4. tell the airline of your situation. They will likely make arrangements with Australian Border Force, provided with your case officer's approval and cooperation, to let your mum go through customs in Singapore, then get granted PR before she boards the plane to Singapore. Otherwise she will not be allowed to depart at all. 5. Then it is just a matter of keeping herself safe on flights, taking health precautions, etc. As a transfer passenger from Australia who does not go out of immigration clearance to enter Singapore, your mum can stay in the transfer terminal of Changi Airport before she gets on the flight back to Australia. 6. Quarantine in Australia.
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    Tassie's great, cost of living is not as cheap as some people might have you believe, very comparable to the mainland and a lot of things have to be freighted down, but it's a wonderful thing. One thing to be mindful of, is that if you end up going at all rural, access to health services as you age can be quite limited. Hobart and to a lesser extent Launceston have all the things you'd need, but don't move to the east or west coast and expect easy access to services. Overall, I love Tassie and I'd recommend it to anyone.
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    I have bought the LG OLED GX, slightly better than CX. Same panel but thin all over and more powerful sound.
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    Not spent a cent on anything except petrol and food in the last 9 months, but just moved house so splashed out on a 75" Sony 9500, mesh Wifi6, Eufycams, firepit, ironbark table, a 65000BTU outdoor wok burner, and a new weber. Got some quite hefty discounts, and it pumps money back into the system.
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    Timeless - from the architecture, to the arts, to the fields & hedgerows, to hearing a Welsh choir sing Calon lan. Tx
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    Any and all words ending -o doggo bottle-o rego I suppose not Lego
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    I could never Australian crawl until I realised I was trying to swim too fast. It's tempting to swim faster to get the next breath, but that just makes you out of breath, which makes you try and swim faster...so, the trick is to slow it down, so you can breath easily. Then as you get fitter over time, you can speed it up. I used to work with a swimming coach. Best tip I ever got. That and don't kick too much. It uses a lot of energy and makes you out of breath. Just kick to keep balanced initially. The objective is to swim for a decent length of time at first. Speed will come later.
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    Yes agreed - @ainzlondon79 please don't tell people to ignore timeframe. There are 2018 and 2019 applicants still waiting who applied from the UK. Processing is not done in order of receipt and it gives people false hope. Each case can be treated very differently and a person's case may not be dealt with by London or be transferred to Berlin (a very quick processing office) but to another much " slower" office somewhere else in the world. My advice expect the worst and then anything quicker is a miracle, otherwise it will take a massive toll on your mental health.
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    Too peopley as somebody here said a while ago
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    We did now our medical, the police checks and prepared some financial paperwork. Our migration agent will turn in the papers soon. He thinks, it will then take 1 month for Immi to check the papers, then we hopefully get the OK to do the investment withhin 28 days. We hope and see how long the total process will take. We have now 25 month in total since application.
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    On my one and only trip back to the UK when my dad passed away I felt really closed in, everything felt as if it were too close
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    Is there an example of someone buying their way in? Aside from if you can afford a first class ticket you are much less likely to get bumped from a flight? I think you would still need to have Citizenship or a passport. On the vaccine front in the UK there will be no provision of private vaccines - only the NHS will have access to the 370 Million + the government are buying. I suppose there may be other channels. Edit: Seen the Adam Hills thread - if you have an issue with Airlines trying to keep themselves flying by selling the First Class tickets first I think you have to look to the Government to change the rules.
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    Just re upload the document probably an admin or it error
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    I'm not sure I'd condemn any Australian as selfish if they were contractually obligated to the BBC to film in London before year's end and wanted to return by Christmas - not while non citizens like complete Indian cricket teams and English cricket commentators can swan in ....or while the taxpayer pays $4000 an hour for a RAAF jet so some (currently employed) politician can swan around the world spruiking for a job he won't get...because he can't risk getting infected like an "ordinary" citizen. That sets a new definition of "selfish" in my book. Hills did at least return home as recommended when the government closed the border early in the year - unlike many of those now overseas and complaining. ( I realise some couldn't because of work contracts, advanced pregnancy etc. but many did have a choice when it was much less difficult. )
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    I think it's the securing a flight by paying top dollar that bugs me, while normal people are bounced off flights time and time again to make room for those who can pay the most. When you have a shortage of a vital resource it should go to those most in need (which means those who have been trapped outside Australia the longest), not those who can afford to pay the most.
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    I have lived in Perth for 30 years and the only time I see Perth's isolation mentioned is on this forum! Most migrant's to Perth just accept it's a long way from Sydney and Melbourne and instead enjoy the close proximity to Asia for travel opportunities.
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    Which represents a reduction of of almost 30,000 places for the overall Skilled program. Further, over 15,000 of these places are for business, global talent and distinguished talent visa, which are classified under the "Skilled" program Although the overall program remains the same being capped at 160,000 places, the spots for the various programs has changed significantly with a large increase in some family, business and global talent visas. The places for skilled, regional, state sponsored and employer sponsored have been greatly reduced. You stated that there are "more opportunities and vacancies for the skilled immigrants who want to apply for Australia PR", which is completely wrong and very misleading. It would appear that you are the one who is not aware of the latest updates as you have completely misrepresented the information. You should not be spreading such misinformation.