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    A momentous day for the world with America voting decisively against hate and division. May there be a smooth transition of power and Trump bow out graciously and with humility. The first woman VP and a woman of colour. A proud day for progressives the world over. What a great day
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    And pigs might fly. He did say he'd leave the US if he lost so some other lucky country might have the pleasure of his company.
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    My experience of the state pension might not be the same as now, as I received mine at age 60. I had only worked for about 6 years in Uk, before going work in Africa. Then returned to UK got married, and hardly worked again. When I was given my forecast, I had 17 years for child rearing added! I could also top up my contributions, which I did. The amount of extra pension that I received, balanced against the top up amount, equaled out after 2 years, so 16 years later I am well in credit, so it was well worth topping mine up. Might be a harder decision now as you don’t receive the pension until older. Wont go into the unfairness of the frozen pension, but every little helps in retirement.
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    Wow. Amazing scenes in Delaware. A historic speech full of strength, integrity, love, passion and commitment to shared humanity. What a guy!! Love it. God bless America.
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    VP Kamala Harris is going to be amazing. Inspiring times What a speech, what a woman.
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    We've worked hard and been very comfortable in recent years, we want to have an enjoyable retirement - not having to count every cent.
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    IKNOWC but .... My daughter whose only been teaching two and a half years (and has worked really hard), is going to teach ATAR History next year. She's absolutely thrilled, it's a wonderful experience seeing your children tick off their goals .. this was one she didn't anticipate getting quite so soon.
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    So finally 8.5 months wait has come to an end.. got my grant yesterday.. best of luck to all of you.. its not easy to wait for approval... you will also get your approval... had my share of breakdowns & angry periods of time.. but all ended up well.. now I get to bring my family home.. next step.. to be a citizen... this forum has always been a great place of support.. thank you all for that.. timeline in signature... mine was the longest wait for approval in the long list of ppl that my company sponsored...
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    Hi guys, I got my golden email this morning! It's been a tough way to get here, 189 -> 190 -> 457 -> 186 DE. Never give up if you really want it, fight for it, adjust your own mindset. Hope everyone of you get your golden email eventually. You have my best wishes. Thank you for all the information sharing and all the support you guys give when everything seemed so dark. Best!
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    We had our citizenship ceremony today, and are finally Australians after nearly 18 years here. The ceremony was low key in comparison to our children’s ceremonies pre covid, no native tree for us!! but not as bad as I was expecting. We were welcomed as new citizens and I felt quite emotional to finally become Australian. We went out for lunch afterwards and another couple from the ceremony were also there. So we took each other’s photos against the perfect background of the river and the sea at Cotton Tree. We were very touched when a fair few other diners congratulated us and welcomed us as new Australians, such a lovely gesture. Quite a few posters know that as a family the citizenship route has not been easy for any of us, but we are all now citizens, and Australia is home.
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    So far, I've noticed some hot days when I prefer to stay in but even on the hottest of evenings the sea breeze brings the temperature down and I always take a top with me, or regret not having it with me if I forget. I went for a late morning walk today (Sunday) after breakfast, along Cavill Ave to the promenade and straight onto the sand and up the beach towards Main Beach for about a km - past two of the lifeguard towers which I guess are about 500 metres apart (?) It was overcast and pleasant and I hope I did not get 'fooled' and thus sunburnt, though I wore my broad brimmed hat. I noticed that walking on the waters edge gives an illusion of coolness but as soon as you cross the sand up to the promenade you realize how strong the sun is? I think the bottom line is that I prefer too much heat to too much cold.
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    It should be said that it's not a house, it's an apartment. I'd imagine it's worth about $1 million now?
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    I don't think it will but I'm the sort that needs a purpose and will certainly do volunteer work. It frustrates me that I don't have time for causes close to my heart now so hopefully that will pan out and I'll stay healthy and able. My husband is my best friend and we like to spend time in eachothers company as a priority but certainly need my girlfriends on hand too. One of my close friends has already moved near to where we will be so that's a bonus...not so easy to find likeminded friends later in life... We will also spend lots of time grey nomading in our van and enjoying our grandchildren so I doubt we will have much time to be bored! I love doing 'boring' stuff like walks, baking, reading, gardening etc....plus caring for my dogs and volunteering with the rescue organisation will be easier when we retire. Plus chooks, pygmy goats etc. Can't wait!!!
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    3.30am???!!! What time are you in bed?? 6?
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    This!!!! As for the 15 year old girl - yr 9 girls can be b!tches from hell with established cliques, I hope she is lucky and doesnt fall foul of any of them but it's potentially a very uncomfortable age to be trying to get into a friendship group. Yrs 11 and 12 seem to be a bit more human and humane.
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    The big question is how much money do you need to be able to retire ? Option 1 either get to around $1M in Super, invest that and live off the earnings - no Age Pension Option 2 If you only have around $400K in Super you get the Age Pension and are equally as well of as in Option 1. The pension doesn't start until Age 67 unfortunately. I think I may be retired now but under retirement age and can't access my Super yet.
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    I think the biggest factor in making something successful is having the right mind-set, so on that basis you guys are going to do great. Good luck.
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    Hi friends, finally , got Visa granted yesterday.. Good luck to all .. thank you so much to everyone for sharing their experiences.. Really helps to keep the heart up. Thank you so much to the administrators who created this thread, without this , this particular journey is like walking in the dark.. Many thanks to everyone.
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    Hi All, I got my golden email today. It's been a 9 months journey and hope everyone will get their grants quickly too. Thank you so much for sharing all the information with each other and wishing good luck to you all.
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