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    Hi All, I got my golden email today. It's been a 9 months journey and hope everyone will get their grants quickly too. Thank you so much for sharing all the information with each other and wishing good luck to you all.
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    Been here nearly 10 years and I am still disarmed by how cheerful teens are working at the checkouts and fast food outlets. If they ask you how your day is going, they generally seem to care and are interested in your answers. It took me a long time to get used to it and have an answer ready.
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    Hello, Tomorrow will see one way flights booked for Adelaide in January so no turning back now....We've been to Australia 14 times in the past ten years and have enjoyed every moment we've been there, whether that's been Port Douglas, Noosa, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and what will now be our new home in Adelaide. But, going on holiday knowing you'll be returning home in 2/3 weeks I'm sure is different from going one way! So to all my fellow PIOers who might read this, what are some of the biggest transitions we'll be facing or are likely to face in the first few months that we need to be prepared for ? Please, any guidance / comments however random would be most welcomed. David.
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    Well its 14 years in Aus, for us today and i think the best advice i could give would be ,try not to compare (soooo hard) and put yourself out there to make new friends. Times can be tough at first but once you settle you can certainly have a great life here ,especially if you enjoy the outdoors. Lots of luck with the big move Cal x
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    It is great isn’t it?! My granddaughter loves it and wants to go and live in England!!!
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    Here in the Capital Region it just happens to include the Southern Highlands, like England but often greener. Centuries old pubs/taverns hiding where you least expect. Also the booming country towns like Yass, Goulburn, Crookwell etc. Highlands standouts are Berrima, Moss Vale, Exeter, Robertson, Fitzroy Falls, Bundannon, and Bowral. Bowral alone is worthy of a day trip...
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    I was just thinking, reading your post, about the trip I did from Perth to Albany. I stopped or atayed at a number of country towns - Northam, York, Quairiding (Bet I mispselt that one - I drove from York and back), Beverley, Albany, Bridgetown, Donnybrook, and a couple of other towns I can't remember the names though I overnighted i both of them. One was ?Walpole? maybe. I did the Valley of the Giants - Absolutely brilliant too and the other was an aboriginal name inevitably ending in 'Up' (meeting place I believe??) The point is that I went into pubs in every one of those towns, often buying stubby holders which I love to do. In my experience, country towns usually have them but city pubs don't. All the pubs are different, some straight pubs or taverns, others the 'proper' hotels with the big verandahs and doing accomodation. They often support the local footie or cricket teams so there's interesting photographs and memorabilia to look at. The towns themselves are interesting too.
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    I suppose if you do go back in the depths of winter, and in the middle of a lock down, you are seeing it at its worst, and if you still love it, then you know you have made the right decision? Whereas if you go back in spring/summer when England is truly amazing, green, all the flowers and trees out, light till 10 pm, you might be getting a false picture? I went back for a holiday one year at the end of November and I stood shivering at Heathrow on a cold, dank. dull morning waiting for my parents to pick me up, but by the end of January the days were getting longer - light till 5pm or so and I was sad to leave. In 1996 I lost my job in Sydney after 15 years and I went back to England for a 'holiday' which lasted for twelve years. I think I might well have stayed there had my parents not passed away and my brothers both lived in Australia. I've not been back to England for twelve years which is the longest I've ever stayed away. I've still got my home there, rented out. I can't really imagine moving back into it on my own though. And with the lock down no going over to the pub in the evenings! Do you have a home to move into by the way?
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    The biggest shock, for a lot of people, is suddenly being friendless. You know you won't have family around you, but you've always found Aussies friendly, so you don't worry so much about leaving your friends. But it can be very hard to build a circle of real friends when you arrive in a new country as an adult. You'll find Adelaide folk are friendly, but they have their circles of friends that they established in school/college/university and they don't need any more, thank you - so although they're happy to chat with you as an acquaintance, you'll struggle to find real friends. It may take you a couple of years to be accepted.
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    Speak to your bank. I'm with Commonwealth and they switched me over to the Netcode system, so I don't need mobile alerts. It's a little dongle that generates codes. Several other banks have the same system as an alternative for people who can't use mobile.
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    I think you're in a good position, just give it some time! You seem like a top tier candidate!
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    Hello and an advance welcome to Adelaide. Where are you heading. We are up in the Adelaide Hills and despite being 35 degrees yesterday this morning is cool and drizzly! (I’ll need my cardi). People are still aware here and people do still keep a wary distance. Venues are limited capacity so it pays to book ahead. From mid November we will be able to stand up at the bar too! Theatres and live music events are going ahead (with some restrictions like chequerboard seating). Mask wearing isn’t a thing, although some do wear them on public transport etc. The most visible thing is the screens and stickers on the floor everywhere! Oh and how clean everything is and sanitiser at every door. The Tour Down under will not be going ahead in January but we may have a local cyclist event instead. The Adelaide Fringe and WOMAD are still on the cards for next Feb/ Mar although they will be smaller and very different this time, with no international acts. Cross border travel is being eased gradually. My son is flying in from Canberra to visit this weekend, he had to register for approval but he doesn’t have to isolate. You will not be able to leave Australia though. Once here you need approval to leave and it isn’t easy to get. Having said that I think some travel to NZ may be possible without isolation soon. The only overseas destinations we can consider ATM are Tasmania and KI. The job market is tight and that will be your main issue I would think. You will find it a bit strange that people stress over 2 new cases of COVID here, even though they are people in quarantine from overseas! And there has been no community transition for months now. Our benchmarks are very different to the UK. We are all very conscious that things could change for the worse though.
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    A straight exchange rate calculation is always going to be off as you need to look at the cost of living. Minimum wage is higher here and spending power is different.
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    Speak to your banks etc. most will send to a UK number and you should be able to change your address to a UK one on line. But best to check what will be possible before you go. I do still have some issues with UK banks not sending to an Oz mobile although this has got better. There has always been a work around by calling them. Although I do still have a TESCO PAYG sim on standby!.
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    My only advise is ensure u still do the things u enjoyed when holidaying ! make that time , save , see what the country has and is . To often we become bogged down with everyday life , look back at what we had instead of forward to what can be . Any country has much to offer , make the effort to enjoy it . The best of luck to you and btw good choice Adelaide is a beautiful place with much around it to explore .
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    A learned tax manager once said to me when I was a mere articled clerk in an audit department at a London firm of accountants that I shouldn't look for equity in taxation, Many years later I have the view that the same applies to Australian migration. The policy extract that Paul has noted - while not the law - seems pretty clear to me. Best regards.
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    Still sounds morally dubious to me… especially considering all the thousands of offshore parents anxiously waiting for years to be with their families. Why should age make a difference? Born before this date sir? No problem… go directly to Australia, do not pass purgatory!
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    This! This is what I'm afraid of. I think if it was spring/summer I would've moved. I'm afraid that I will hate it there if we moved now. Not sure if my husband would feel the same. I think he'll be happy just being there even if we were forced to coop up inside the whole of winter! Don't get me wrong - I do share the same desire to move back but not to a lockdown in the middle of winter!
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    . . Glassed out on Lake Samsonvale
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    There are probably better places for coffee but so very few of them serve it with cream (and no I dont want a lecture on how that is unhealthy for you blah blah blah, like they tend to do) and the Coffee Club do - every time I ask!!! I usually ask a place up front if they have cream with coffee and if they say no, then I wander on. Some of them think they are being helpful with a dollop of thickened something and I have even had a small saucer of what looks like whipped cream put down beside the cup. The concept of pouring cream is beyond most of them. Thrilled with the aircon (it's actually ducted reverse cycle stuff so much better than we were anticipating getting!)
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    I remember one of your earlier posts where you said the in-laws were a bit of a nightmare. You poor bloke. They caused quite a number of problems for at one time didn't they? I don't know how you manage to retain your sense of humour.
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    Ah but you are going in heavy on the stereotypes. AFL? No problem for me. If I hadn't come to Australia I would never have developed an interest in either AFL or NRL, or RU for that matter. I already liked cricket which meant the summers were sorted. Now I have both AFL team - Sydney Swans - and NRL team - Melbourne Storm, and I would recommend to anybody with an interest in football (soccer) who is coming to OZ to find themselves local teams, including soccer of course, as all the states have a professional soccer team too (apart from Tassie). I would say the same thing to any Aussie going to the UK - find yourself a footie team to go for. Actually half the blokes I know who watch Spurs here are Aussies anyway. Aussie pubs, Pommie pubs? You can always find somewhere nice. In Perth, or rather South Perth, I became a local very quickly in the Windsor Hotel, and when I stayed for a couple of weeks in Applecross, Raffles hotel became my local. Spurs fans go to a pub in Subiaco - Rosie O'Gradys? Or is that the name of the Irish pub I went to in Northhbridge when I stayed there for a week. No matter, they made me welcome. I liked Subiaco too, ditto Freemantle though I've not done the Gaol. But then again, I don't 'do' the tourist attractions. Here in Surfers Paradise, as I said on another post, I am older than most of the buildings and I have not been on a single tour in three months. Those shopping centres you describe could be any of the suburban supermarkets in England - Tesco, Morrisons, ASDA (tho I liked ASDA). And since coming to Surfers I've done exactly as I did in Perth, finding myself some local bars. OK, none of them have thatched roofs or do real ale but the people are the same. My brother just came back from Waxy's Irish pub where he put his bets on the Melbourne Cup saying how friendly it was and he'd made five friends just by asking how to put bets on. He shamed me because I went in there and was put off by the queues and too shy to ask for help with my bets. I never get tired of walking along the beach in Surfers and I never got tired of walking or cycling in The New Forest. They are both unique with their own different attractions. You may just get a shock if and when you go back to live in the UK and find that you miss OZ! You won't be the first to be like that.
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    You can get your British passport before you go if you want. We've not bothered with 2 passports, just use the Aussie one, too expensive to keep 2. With a posting name like Irish4ever no big surprise you are heading back.
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    A girls day out yesterday. Did a lot of walking in the hills near Sheffield then had a late lunch in this quirky little place.
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    Quick update - Just had my citizenship ceremony today (23/10/20). Ceremony was done at local council offices with about 23 applicants. We were split into groups of 3 or 4 and then each group made the pledge, before being presented with a certificate and a bag of goodies. Next step - Apply for Australian passport!! Citizenship Application: 12/1/2020 Received Invitation for Test: 20/7/2020 Test Date: 5/8/2020 (Passed) Received Ceremony Invitation: 1/10/2020 Ceremony: Done on 23/10/2020 City: Perth