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    Will do Toots. Tough week ahead, partner moving into a rental. All very real now.
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    I agree with Marrissa's comments that the pandemic wont be over any time soon, but probably side with mrsmac regarding timing of the move. While the pandemic will continue to be an issue throughout 2021 and more lockdowns may come and go, I would personally wait until the current UK lockdowns have ended/eased before making the move. Things will be quite grim for a month or two at least, until the UK (more specifically England) get things under control and start to ease restrictions. Moving internationally is hard enough without trying to line up jobs, buy cars, register for sevices etc etc in the middle of the biggest health crisis in a century. I would look to move from February to April, with the caveat that my view might be different if returning to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, where things arent currently as bad.
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    I love Australia, but if you keep scratching the surface there is just not as much underneath as the UK. I don't want to use the word sterile, but I just don't think it has as much depth as the UK. I had to live away from the UK for 10 years to realise how much I actually took it for granted.
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    I have switched charities recently. Nobody likes to talk about their benevolence, including me. I am certain that there are many posters on PIO who do something similar. Yet, my main international charity had been Oxfam until Oxfam notified me that they were about to enter into what I saw as purely a political venture and quite obviously a departure from their original mission. I dumped them in a heartbeat, or at least, in the time it took to exclude them from access to my bank account. Lately, I have discovered Foodbank which seems to me to be a very worthy charity. Foodbank is also supported by the NSW Government, and by the larger grocery institutions such as Coles Woolworths etc and is aimed at providing meals to the needy and also they run a program to counter hunger in children. Foodbank’s School Breakfast 4 Health program now serves over 137,000 meals each week to kids who would otherwise go without. But with more children going hungry than ever before. Sorry Oxfam, but I now support non-aligned, non-political benevolence at home. https://www.foodbank.org.au/children-are-going-hungry/?state=nsw-act
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    Lots of returnees feel the same as you. At least you all went back and didn't stay in Australia slowly starting to hate the place. I've known people in Canada and New Zealand who also returned to the UK and are perfectly happy there.
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    With the U.S. Election, plus the Tuesday statement on Australian interest rates due from the Reserve Bank and ongoing Brexit discussion announcements from the UK, the market is expected to be understandably volatile this week. We suggest that anyone looking to reach a specific rate leave an order with your FX specialist so that, if there are sudden moves, you don't miss the opportunity to buy or sell your currency. GBP/AUD currently trading at 1.8420 - market currently seeing the emphasis to the upside with the next resistance at 1.8500 AUD/USD currently trading at 0.7008 - market seeing the trend to the downside with the next support at 0.6970, then 0.6900 Our team will be on-hand 24/7 for our Poms In Oz members - in Australian time on our Sydney office number from 8am: 0414 838586 and, after 7.00pm (AEDT) on 02 8228 1490.
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    ... and that’s the point, you weren’t a permanent resident at that time (s5 of the Citizenship Act).
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    There's not much inviting going on for anyone at the moment for 189 or 190. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia/skillselect/invitation-rounds You have a good number of points so I would leave your EOI in the system.
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    I think, at this stage, it might be quite difficult and certainly very costly to get flights back to the UK in time for Christmas. Perhaps consider the option you have of enjoying one last Christmas and summer here in Oz whilst sorting out your exit for Easter in the UK. At least you will not be going back to the cold winter months where you are more susceptible to viruses. Another benefit is that the children can go into the last term of school to be connected with friends before the summer holidays. I don't know how long you have lived in Australia, but I imagine the children might settle better if they have a couple of weeks holiday at Easter time before heading to their new school. It also gives you time for a break, to re-adjust and settle in. From this end, you will have time to sort out your house, to prepare and pack for your departure. Time also to enjoy the company of your friends here, to visit those few places you haven't yet got to, and to prepare your children for the next adventure. It would be a lot of pressure on you to pack up your life here and be back in the UK in time for Christmas.
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    I think your husband is right. I wouldn't expect the situation to be any better by next Easter. The government obviously doesn't either, because they've consistently said the international border will stay closed till at least July next year. If you are going to wait until the pandemic is "over", you'll have to stay until some time in 2022. As we've seen, the risk to children is very low.
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    You're probably like me, tried using your Aussie card at British retail websites in the early days of internet shopping and got refused. I think nearly all of them have caught up with the global economy now and you can use any card.
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    I never had a problem with using my Australian card for purchase.
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    I told you. He is standing up to the woke mob.
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    It is true, I did love it and I could love it again! I intended to go there this year but Covid 19 thwarted me, but at the same time, Covid 19 led me to Surfers Paradise! What is the problem with Perth? It's the most isolated city in the world? So what? Do you need to go to Sydney or Melbourne because the services are not available in Perth? No. And Perth is closer to Europe which nobody ever mentions, and closer to many other parts of the world than from Sydney or Melbourne. Nowhere to go? Personally, I hate going away for the weekends but if I loved going away - east, south or north of Perth? I've done some of those trips myself - out to the York, Northam, etc or south to Margaret River and Albany. In England I preferred spending my weekends in the New Forest on my doorstep, within walking or cycling distance. It does not really matter where I go. Perhaps I am, what is the right term - insular? provincial? like a Medieval villager - they never went more than seven miles from where they lived? I don't care how far I am from Europe or the Eastern States or Brisbane and there are always alternatives, eg New Caledonia if you miss France- I have always wanted to spend a few weeks there.
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    You must have needed an RRV at some point then. It is possible your time was re set somehow because of this. Perhaps any time between visas? the calculator should give a date when you are eligible.
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    But 2020 is unprecedented times, people have been laid off and unable to get other work, having to claim benefits possibly for the first time - not everyone is out to use the system, many are horrified that they are now forced to.
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    No because they get admitted to hospital with a range of complaints caused by lack of adequate food https://borgenproject.org/hunger-in-the-united-kingdom/
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    I think that’s harsh. This thread was set up after there were complaints about ppl asking how the queue was going on the main, and very informative parent visa thread. I’m personally not bothered if other things are discussed but I’m not going to complain about people like myself desperately looking for some light at the end of the tunnel and asking if there has been any progress. I think both threads have a useful function depending on your current visa position. Just saying!
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    You'll be fine! Just have a quick one liner to reply - like "yes thank God I escaped" or "have you ever actually lived in Australia??" or "been watching a lot of Home and Away have you?" I found that most people did a bit of a double take once they've asked the usual inane question and not got the response they anticipated.
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    Someone please let me know how immi inform us about citizenship ceremony they will post a letter or email ?second that letter appear On immi account too or not thanks
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    Hello, Even with 80+5 points for 190-VIC is still not enough. Seeing, the latest trends (especially for Pro Rata) even 90 pointers are not being invited by VIC. I would suggest that you try to increase your points if you do have the option for that. One of my friends (Business analyst) with 85+5 points and D.O.E as Dec, 2019 is still waiting for the pre-invite from VIC.
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    You need at least 90 points for the 189 visa. When you say you hope to be sponsored by the Victorian govt, are you sure you mean a 189? Don’t you mean a 190?
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    I don't think there is "something else", because temporary visa holders are not allowed to enter Australia, so you can't get an employer-sponsored visa or a 491 visa.