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    I lost a cup of coffee. It vanished into thin air. You know when you get older things mysteriously seem to disappear as though they have been swallowed by a shift in the matrix. I looked everywhere for it but just gave up, and did not tell Mrs Dusty. Then we went grocery shopping in our car several kilometres from home. Coming out of the supermarket and heading back to our vehicle Mrs Dusty, points out that there is a coffee cup sitting on the rear bumper. It still had coffee in it too.
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    Hi I am a silent reader to this forum, I got my 186 DE granted today. Visa: 186 DE Onshore: Yes State: NSW (sydney) No. of applicants: 2 Role : Developer programmer 04/11/2019: Nomination & visa applied 13/03/2020: Nomination Approve 13/03/2020: s56 Request 21/03/2020: Submitted required document 21/07/2020: s64 second instalment invoice require, transferred on the same day 22/07/2020: Further Assessment 19/08/2020: Visa Grant
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    It looks like only silent readers are getting visa all the time
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    Been raining all day on and off. The grass likes it (@newjez will be pleased he's saved some money). The cat hasn't moved all day.
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    Reversed the tinny into the garage without lowering the fishing rods from their holders resulting in two smashed rod tips. To make matters worse, I superglued my finger to one whilst repairing it. Acetone finally saw the demise of it...............the rod tip not my fingers
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    Misty Sunrise Launching Lake Samsonvale by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr
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    Hi I am a silent reader to this forum, i got my 186 DE granted today. Visa: 186 DE (after 20 months on 482) Nomination and Visa Applied: 25 mars 2020 Onshore: Yes country: france health exam: 29/04/20 State: NSW (sydney) No. of applicants: 3 (daughter born here) Role : plumber s56 Request for More Information: 4 august 2020 / submitted : 18 august 2020 Nomination Status: approved 19 august 2020 Visa Status: granted 19 august 2020 I tried to give you the maximum of information and i am hoping it can help. good luck guys.
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    Probably not his best move https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/19/vaccine-should-be-as-mandatory-as-possible-australian-pm-says.html
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    Hi everyone Have anyone received an invitation for test and interview in Brisbane?
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    Of course it's real. It was lovingly brought back to life after chafer beetles destroyed it.
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    Also interested as I have received my approval letter, husband still waiting! for his, they must be worried about him. My letter mentions approximately 6 month wait for ceremony, but this might not have been updated since covid? Might opt for a virtual ceremony, but would prefer a real one. We are classed as rural on the Sunshine Coast, and I will update when we hear anything. Citizenship applied for on 27th May 2020, approval letter dated 6th August 2020. We were exempt from having to wait and take a test first as ‘geriatric’ so took about 10 weeks for my letter of approval.
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    Hi guys, I have been a silent reader since last month. I am wondering how many of you are currently offshore, and have any offshore nominations and visa applications been approved since the outbreak of the COVID-19? I have heard from both the HR and other sources that offshore applications have been processed pretty slowly (if have been processed at all). I will really appreciate other offshore applicants sharing their experience!!!
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    Grass is loving it. Garage roof is leaking sadly. Roofer coming tomorrow. Is that real grass? Looks good either way.
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    I'm not sure super glue would work. I would use araldite. My brother's neighbor drove into her garage door. She was inside the garage, facing the closed door. Apparently she put her foot on the accelerator rather than the brake by accident.
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    By the way, Me and my wife was not able to reach medical migration agent to help us. A registered migrant agent should still know how to assist applicants with chronic hep B carrier. Though they aren't that helpful to advise you. My wife get us to see a specialist who could confirm my health status, i did some blood test and ultrasound, then requested the specialist to provide as a letter indicating my status then we brought that letter during our medical health check for our visa, The MO received specialist letter and will attached it in out medical data. We also request to agent to attach the letter appropriately .
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    We said no as it was a first offer, and this morning they came back with full offer all in cash - so I guess I've run out of excuses to put it off now
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    I suppose he feels he can wear what he likes and feels comfy in whilst in isolation. He always looks hungover to me.
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    BPiA welcomes all who are interested to force the UK Government to uprate fairly all UK pensions. Read about the issue at www.endfrozenpensions.org and join BPiA for $20 at their website www.bpia.org.au. your small contribution to BPiA's crowd-fund will help us pay for the PR team who promote our cause with outrageous examples like this one published at the end of WW2 on VJ day https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1323371/state-pension-uk-pensions-poverty-second-world-war-Patricia-Coulthard-letter
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    I'm totally against a Republic. I've done a lot of work for the forces here and there are as many, if not more pictures of the Queen around all forces offices as the UK. When any of the Royal Family comes here people love them and turn out in their thousands. The Royal family seem to enjoy their visits here too and seemmore relaxed then they do at home. There's been a couple of referendums while we've been here and been knocked back by big margins. I hope the people that are pushing for a Republic have a long wait.
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    I like Harry he has done a lot for wounded military personal and the people he has served with have said he is a brilliant caring peron.
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    Not during isolation but I put a tub of Vaseline in the oven once. Dont ask me why. The smell will haunt me forever.....
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    Yes we arrived 2 Jan and now live in Port Macquarie. I’ve got a job as a receptionist in a medical centre, but hubby has suffered from effects of corona virus on the hospitality sector and has lost 2 jobs so far! Oh well, daughter has loaned us. Only so he can get a boat ....keeps him sane? Hope you are all well down in Sydney....sadly not much travel allowed at the mo!
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    Looking forward to happy UK independence day.
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    I have lodged the application through MA who informed me about TRN and password for login. Since I have lodged the offshore application (from India), I do not have to attend Medicals unless I get the intimation from Case Officer.