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    It would be difficult, but not impossible. There are plenty of people who have done it - I'm sure they were climbing the walls, but they've done it. So I doubt Immigration would accept that as a valid reason. If you're hoping to get an extension in the future, you'll need to have another reason, I think.
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    Not correct. My parents are on the same boat, paid 2nd VAC and couldn't head offshore before Covid hit. Our application is on hold until such time when they can head offshore, we requested special consideration for a visa grant and the response was that it is written in the law that they have to be offshore. We were clearly told when our police clearances and medicals expire, we will be requested to provide new ones if we don't make it before they expire. As a side note, I'd rather provide and receive 'advice' based on facts than opinions. Above are the facts of my parents case.
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    Hey Original UK citizen i thought I’d give my timeline as I just had my virtual ceremony last week. I was very lucky with how quickly mine all processed: Applied for citizenship: 14th Jan 2020 Test Date: 11th March 2020 (rescheduled from May). Approved same day. I called Home Affairs in July to follow up on virtual ceremonies as may need to leave the country in Oct. Told to email to request which I did. Email received 31st July with ceremony date Virtual Ceremony: 6th August 2020 - finalised same day. Currently awaiting certificate in post. Sometimes following up helps. Good luck all
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    Are there water restrictions in place in England, similar to across Australia? Or a drive to encourage water usage reduction? In Scotland there is an over abundance of water and therefore no need to give it much thought. When I first moved to Australia I became more aware of how wasteful I had been in Scotland prior to my original move to Aus (eg leaving the tap runnign while brushing teeth, ridiculously long showers etc).
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    When we lived in Australia, my wife was a social coordinator for refugees, a lot of whom were deemed 'illegal'. The story I remember most was one of a Vietnamese friend of hers who had escaped the war in the 70s. She mentioned that she fled Vietnam is a boat, was intercepted by pirates, was raped, had her baby daughter taken and her husband murdered in front of her. Still, she encountered a lot of hate in Australia. I am playng down her story, it was much worse if you want the details. I always wonder whether people have the slightest idea of what refugees go through. If your experience is the Daily Mail, I know the answer is No. It's a shame in 2020 that people aren't better.
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    Plenty of people have quarantined with very young children and often with more than one child.
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    Unfortunately I can't respond to enquiries such as this one that are made of me personally, otherwise I fear I'll be inundated with similar questions. There are resources available to help you, including a parent tracker and the auto-email available from the PVC. Best regards,.
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    Hi Everyone, An update as today we received an invitation for our interview and test! Very surprised - we were not expecting the invite so soon. We thought there would be a big back log due to Covid. It is scheduled for 11th Sep. We're located in Perth and our application was submitted on 11/02/2020. Our daughter became a citizen on 05/08/2020 as she didn't need to have an interview or test. Good luck to everyone here!
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    I know no one will care but........... I ain't read many earlier posts since my return but from those that I have............not much seems to have changed. I'm guessing the lockdown may have stimulated "conversation"
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    I think both Biden and Trump show occasional signs of cognitive decline, which is frightening given the power they will/already hold
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    @kittyMB This is so sad that they are almost there and you have paid up everything and yet can't get the visa in hand. It's true that it is the law that they have to be offshore. But if DIBP could only consider and manage some cases as exceptional circumstances would have really helped. Having said that they may have their own challenges to deal with whilst issuing these visas. Even if NZ was open to us it would have helped. Hope it all falls in place soon. The anxiety levels for all families waiting has probably hit the roof.
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    The OP sounds quite young so their situation could change. Who knows, they might end up with citizenship.
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    The idea of leaving a club is so you don't have to ask them for any special deals. You've no need to deal at all, just do your own thing and if they don't like it tough.
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    It all depends on the specific circumstances and there is no "one size fits all" answer to RRV questions, especially when travel facilities have lapsed, or there has been a long absence from Australia. I recently obtained an RRV for a client who had not held Permanent Residency for over 20 years. The details are very important in such cases and well researched advice, specific to the case can be invaluable.
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    It's not a matter of how many years you've been out of Australia. As you know, there's an initial 5-year travel facility on your PR visa. If you leave Australia, and there's only one year left on your travel facility, you'll have to return before that year is out, or you'll be barred from entry. Once that travel facility expires, you need to apply for a new travel facility (which is the RRV) and the same rule applies. A former permanent resident can always apply for a RRV, even if they've been absent for many years. The longer they've been away, the harder it is to get one, but it's always worth a shot. If that couple had worked in Australia for many years, and all their children were Australian citizens, I'd have thought they'd have stood a chance.
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    Thanks for reply. :)
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    For your own and everybody elses safety you shouldn't be looking to avoid quarantine.
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    Having recently celebrated my 80th, all my cards from relatives and friends back in the UK took anywhere from 26 to 37 days to arrive in Melbourne. I suppose one of the reasons is that international flights into Melbourne have been stopped. (my understanding ie). The cost of postage is getting pretty high now ,over 2GBP. My younger sister sent a customised one using Moonpig which was actually posted in Australia and only cost $1.10 and arrived well on time, in fact it was delivered 9 days early. Don't know how much the card actually cost her. I tend to use JaquieLawson ecards now especially at Christmas time.
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    Met some of the locals today
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    Hey Guys, Just an update. I got a text message from IMMI yesterday stating that my Citizenship interview (that was cancelled back in March due to COVID), was now being scheduled for 24th August. So they are starting them up again here in Perth. I got straight on the website to re-schedule and luckily enough there was only one other appointment available for the next few months, and it was for today! So i managed to book that in and happy to say the interview and test was all very straight forward. Now just hoping and waiting to get approval and a ceremony date. My timeline: Arrived: 01/03/2012 PR: June 2015 Citizenship Application: 02/12/2019 Interview & test: Scheduled for 15-03/2019 (cancelled). Passed 31/07/2020. Approval: TBC Ceremony: TBC
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    Well I ended up just keeping my test date, Covid hit and although we were waiting for a ceremony we knew the virtual ceremony may be the only option. Then about a month ago we got invited to a ceremony and had this on Thursday. Delighted to get this done, another segment in our life journey achieved I guess! The ceremony was good and there were a few Covid rules put into place but this really didn't dampen people's spirit! Good luck to all, getting this over the line!
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    Hi Guys, A newbie to the forum. Applied on July 2nd 2020 and looking at other applicants, I can see there is a big wait for tests and interview. Hope to get one by the end of this year. Pray that the tests start ASAP. I can see some people have put petition in Change.org. Signed it straight away. Hope, something happens.
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    Hi guys We are now finally Australian citizens!! Had our ceremony online on the 6th July which only lasted 5 minutes. Received our certificates within a week. So happy to be at the end of the whole migrant process and now able to call myself officially Australian! Very proud! All the best to everyone still waiting.
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    Hi Lin, Any individual over 16 years old need to apply separately. Below 16 years can apply with any parents. Your husband can apply a new application through same immi account. In some stage of your application it will ask your husband TRN and your TRN with his application so that it merges together prior to sit for citizenship test and interview and citizenship ceremony together with whole family. -your apply with kids -husband apply alone Hope it helps
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    Hi everyone, I am prearing myself for mcq test and not fully aware of which textbooks do I need to read. Can you help me ? . Thanks a lot in advance
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