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    Really bad news, so worrying for people in Victoria. Hope people living in Melbourne get the message that rules are there for a reason, and those that flout them and think it’s a laugh and enjoy their sad moment of fame get get a really huge fine. Not sure if you live there Parley? If you do keep safe and everyone else
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    Hi guys want to share my timeline. Visa and nomination applied AUG 2016 refusal of nomination DEC 2017 refusal of visa JAN 2017 Applied AAT nomination DEC 2017 and for visa JAN 2018 AAT case opened FEB 2020 requested further documents Documents submit MARCH 2020 Got invitaion for hearing JUNE 2020 Hearing was on JULY 2020 after hearing they give us 10 days to submit more documents. 22 july nomination Approved and visa application sent back to immi for reconsidration RETAIL MANAGER NSW 187 DE waiting for next steps. thanks
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    What is the point of being hansom when I have to cover my face? I now know how average looking people feel.
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    You are talking about Victoria, Melbourne in particular. That's what happens when people flout the rules and common sense does not prevail. Just shows how contagious the virus is. It's easy to control here in Tasmania being an island. Apart from one recent returnee who was tested positive there has been no new cases here for a couple of months. Things are just about back to normal. Hardly any cases of colds and flu either.
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    My neighbours choir is still singing on zoom, she really hopes no one can hear her, as it must sound very odd
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    That was an american thing, presumably something to do with racoons. Never used in Australia that i'm aware of as an insult.
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    Got my result - Negative. Good news.
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    Nooooo! I would always double check what so called "experts" say - especially in the real estate industry - and check with the relevant authority which makes the rules. Fortunately these days it is usually easy to find online. Owning a home in another country wouldn't make one ineligible now...and I suspect it was the same back when your son bought: https://www.qld.gov.au/housing/buying-owning-home/financial-help-concessions/qld-first-home-grant/apply-first-home-grant
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    Can you provide a link to that G2G Facebook page? Sadly, the Federal government's attitude is that people "have had plenty of time to return home" (the Prime Minister said so in a recent press conference). The feeling seems to be that if people have managed to delay their travel this long, then they must have somewhere reasonably comfortable to stay overseas and wait out the crisis. You and I know that's not reasonable but unfortunately, there aren't enough people in that situation (even though I'm sure there are thousands) to make a dent. The government has other priorities, and keeping the borders closed is good for votes. So I don't see them bending any time soon. I'd say, apply now but also make some contingency plans. Options that I can see: Perhaps you should go back to Plan A (your husband does an activation trip). This might be the most sensible option, as these restrictions are likely to continue for another year, and unemployment is sky-rocketing in Australia - so it might be wise to stay in the UK and hold on to your secure jobs in the meantime. I know your heart is set on WA but could you consider going to another state? Each state has its own border rules, and you may find other states are not so strict. Maybe look at Geelong in Victoria or Newcastle in NSW, or Brisbane. @AliQ, is this going to affect you?
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    Not really. One mistake was made, in that the government thought people in hotel quarantine were sensible adults and wouldn't need prison-level security. It would appear that one security guard got infected (the rumour is that he had sex with a guest but it's not substantiated). He then attended large family gatherings - which were already against the rules at the time. All the early spread came from families visiting each other, contrary to the rules already in place. Now we have community transmission, and again, it's idiots. People are going to testing stations at shopping centres because they have mild symptoms, and then they're going shopping. In fact, it looks like most of them are continuing to go to work, too. Australia had good rules in place from very early on, and a high level of testing too. Where there have been outbreaks, it's generally been people flouting the rules that have created them. As you know, the advice across most of the Western world has been anti-mask. Nothing to do with whether they work. It was a calculated lie, to preserve the supply of masks for health workers. I always felt that lie would backfire. People in Melbourne seem to be embracing reusable masks.
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    I agree. The problem is that the mask impairs breathing too much if you're exercising vigorously, which could be dangerous. So it's for the safety of the jogger. But the whole idea is that you're still supposed to be socially distancing, so the jogger should be giving other people a very wide berth. I know a lot of them don't. My oh saw a t-shirt on Facebook with "You're too ****ing close you ****" on the back, he's very tempted to buy one!
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    That's tough and i hope he got the correct info , we were told it doesnt matter what property you have owned overseas, if its your first home purchase in Aus you get the grant. I know of quite a lot of families who received it back when i was doing relocations, all had had a UK home at some point. Cal x
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    Always good to share information, at least now you can be prepared for when they ask you for evidence of genuine need for nomination
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    Ill have another look at this. But inclined to just fill it in in may name. Still packing sorting and trying to find flights.
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    All you can do is apply now and see what happens. Try not to waste energy catastrophising. Your passports and evidence of your visas are obvious for documents. Talk about the fact that you are returning permanently to live and that your house in the UK is being sold so you have no home there
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    Respectfully, in my opinion you appear to be looking for a solution that probably doesn't exist. You might open accounts with different banking institutions that give you an ability to access a Government guarantee in the event of a banking failure, but even then as a creditor of a failed institution you could find yourself having to take a haircut in the event of a banking collapse: in such circumstances could a Government step in and actually have the financial ability to secure the interests of all depositors? You may have to keep your money under the bed and not go outdoors ... Stay calm, and don't panic! Best regards.
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    We are your online friends @Toots
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    If 'planning to fly' means you haven't booked yet, then I'd planned to fly a lot earlier than a couple of weeks before my visa ran out. Based on what is currently happening down in Victoria there's unlikely to be lifting of restrictions any time soon, and seats on planes could possibly become even scarcer. I say 'seats on planes' rather than flights because having a confirmed reservation is no guarantee that you'll get on a plane at the moment. If you are serious about getting here before your visa runs out, then try and get here as soon as you can - and good luck!
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    My travel/Australia themed 30th cupcakes. Oops the picture has went upside down and can’t fix it!
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    Thank you for reporting, I don't think it is, beneficial keep spamming the site, begging people to sign a petition, as frustrating as it is there i a massive pandemic, and some members ignore the facts DOHA staff are at risk also. it says up to 27 months for 90% so chill.
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    There is a special light in the late afternoon that catches the reflection of the houses opposite in the lake.
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    10 dead in one day including a man in his 40s. And 459 new cases in Victoria That is really bad news.
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    Just had a covid test. Not very pleasant.