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    We have been invited to a bloody "zoom" party for her mates husband's 50th. How tf do I get out of it. "Zoom" party I ask ya!
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    Gardens pretty much done now. still a bit of damage from the chafer grubs but nearly there.
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    local birdlife red kite, buzzard, Sparrowhawk, kestrel. (not my pics)
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    I guess of all these people crowding on the beaches some are thinking this virus stuff is going on and on and sooner or later they will get it so it might as well be sooner. They probably figure they are young so they will survive it anyway- they don't give two hoots about vulnerable people. Funny that some will no doubt have attended the Black Lives Matter march, too. Too thick to get it, always will be.
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    I meant the post to which I responded, the one I quoted, but never mind. I have plenty of worries by the way so don't throw any ozzie cliches this way, thanks.
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    Compensation for what? It is not the responsibility of the department to tell you o fill the form in, thats down t you, and your agent if you used one. What law changes are you referring to? If you mean the change in quarantine charges there is no way you would get any compensation because of that. And I think you will have to be patient a bit longer. Its not even July yet, and you say you have been waiting since early June. Many people have been waiting far longer than that.
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    An extension on the date to validate your PR would be you'd think the kindest resolution, asking people to apply again for a visa is quite a rough blow, considering this is totally out of your control. Definitely speak to your agent, maybe under the circumstances there are other options. You work hard and spend a lot of money / time / stress to get the grant in the first place you don't want to have to go through all that again if you can help it. It's a really tricky situation. I have a situation myself in that I already have my PR, but the Travel Facility expires soon, so i will have to return and stay - which was my plan for this year anyways, its just now a lot more complication and rather stressful. I can tell you though Australia is a brilliant place to live, and absolutely worth all the effort and more, i'm sure you will already know this from your family who live there already! Good luck with it all
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    PR and Citizens don't need exemption to go in but they do to leave, so once there you will need to apply for an exemption to leave stating you are returning to your country of normal residence i guess. Problem with this is no one really knows how long these exemptions take! My understanding of it is they basically don't want anyone going in other than PR or Australians returning home to stay. I think i would also be worried that If they see a return ticket for a short trip it indicates you're not actually returning home to Australia and they might not let you in at all Im sure there are many others in this same situation who can offer advice on their experience
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    I might be wrong but once you have entered you won’t be able to leave unless you can get a travel exemption. Ed
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    It's all relative of course, but yes there is real and extreme poverty in the UK and Australia. Edited to add that you do indeed see far too many people starving and kneeling in the street. Look to the rise of food banks as an indicator of this
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    Talking to UK friends in my age group 70+ we were nowhere near as restricted. I didn’t realise that they weren’t allowed out if over 70? Not sure if that was only with health problems, we were advised to be careful but could go shopping for groceries, chemist. The supermarkets had special times for only our age group to shop to protect us. We could go out for exercise as much as we wanted. There was so much help for us if we needed it, we were well looked after but not totally locked away, but obviously very sensible and careful. Single friends found it harder, but we all telephoned regularly to keep in touch.
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    The lockdown here was pretty easy compared to just about everywhere we saw on TV. Beaches never closed, loads of people out exercising, biking, running swimming. People generally did the right thing though and kept to themselves or their immediate household family for a month or so. Even after that people tried to keep their distance. We had very few cases really though, most from a cruise ship, mostly Germans who were treated in the hospital where my wife works. Most recovered but some died. No transmission to any staff or WA people though. One thing that was locked down early were our international borders, then our state borders and people coming in made to quarantine from about March. That saved us I reckon.
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    Keep your flippin hair on why don't you. Jeez you are a right Mr Snappy today. Of course those two headlines are sensationalised. That's what the media does. No need to get too carried away about it though.
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    It must be quite satisfying for them to do something which is different from their normal daily routine and also of immediate benefit to the community.
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    What pleasure do people get out of going to an overcrowded beach? Most of them have probably got a lovely garden to sit out in if they want. I really, really loathe crowds so that looks like a total nightmare to me. I would do practically anything to avoid going to a place like that. Of course the media are always at hand to make things look worse and I'm sure there are plenty of beaches elsewhere that didn't look in any way as bad as those that hit the headlines.
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    I'm not stereotyping people. I'm stereotyping a job. Security guards/patrols are poorly paid and have unsocial working conditions. The result is as stated.
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    I heard several different things today that I think are so wrong. First someone in the small bridge group on the Sunshine Coast that i am starting up again next week, told me she would be away for 10 days, first visiting her daughter in Toowoomba, then travelling to the Hunter Valley for an 80th family birthday, before returning and available to play. Not a mention of isolating. No problem to get permission to travel over the border. Next I went to the hairdresser, I haven’t been for ages and had to give in. He mentioned how several clients had been to NSW, for long weekends and one or two straight in for a haircut the day after they returned, but only mentioned it while sitting there. Unbelievable. Then his wife had just been to the laundromat next door. There was a young English lad in there, so she asked if he had been caught out by the virus and had to stay. Oh no he said, I’ve just come from Melbourne and supposed to be self isolating but I’ve got to do my washing haven’t I!!! She told him what she thought. The potential o the virus spreading is scary due to stupid selfish people.
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    A friends gave me this chocolate recently. There is also a dark chocolate version but I prefer the milk one. It's very nice indeed. It's made locally by a Belgium man who moved to Australia.
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    If you can afford it, do it now. You have to explore the experience of these things yourself, and no one can make the decision for you, but once you have "tried it" it will hopefully help you make up your mind. We've ping ponged, been back in the UK again for just over a year now and due to fly back to Aus in August. We've loved our spell here in the UK but it's just not for us anymore. However, it's been money well spent as we've had incredible experiences and thoroughly enjoyed it. There is no shame in returning to the UK, or returning back to Aus, you need to follow through on your feelings, just be prepared to spend a lot of money I wish you well.
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    As I had taken a break from university, my latest assignment was the first in a year. Got my results back and managed to get 80%, my highest mark to date!! Got one more to submit then thats all academic work done for second year. Also managed to get home for a bit the first time since Christmas. So my mood is finally lifting.
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    Well whatever it is, it’s lovely and I like it a bit too much!
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    Once you start application, you need to continue filling the form up. The application portal will guide you and tell you what documents you need to submit. You don’t have to guess anything or asking others advice on it. The immigration department will ask the relevant documents according to your circumstances. In general it is pretty simple and based on id check and security check. good luck !
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    Hi I am new here and eligible for citizenship next month. can anyone suggest me the documents I need to submit for my citizenship please. i got my pr from 457. thanks in advance
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    Where there's a will there's a relative as they say...