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    Hi Guys Finally I become Australian citizen Today . The virtual ceremony went for not even 5 minutes. It was simple and straightforward. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who helped with their experiences . I wish everyone all the very best for their respective journey . God bless All cheers
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    Brilliant. I really miss our 06.00 breakfast burgers ! Can't wait to get back to Aus
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    Movecube booked for next Friday and flights are starting to come down in price
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    Things getting back to near normal here. My youngest has his first day back at work in the beach cafe which has reopened. There's been 2 takeaway only places carried on at the beach and they've been packed. His place is a bit bigger and thought that takeaway only wouldn't keep them going. He was excited to be back at work. He had to be there by 6:00am.
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    My son in Melbourne has been looking to buy. He’s holding out now knowing prices will drop. He viewed some properties a few months ago and the agent has contacted him saying the prices have dropped if he’s still interested. In an area where places get snapped up quick, just goes to show the effect this is having. He’s in no rush, plans to hold out for a bargain.
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    Bit quite at this time of year. Still dark at 06:00 and he was back home by 11:30. I had a look in when I went for a ski paddle about an hour ago and they were busy with a big queue and all the tables full. Nice day again today, now it's warmed up from our 6 degree min this morning. Sunny and 22 degrees now.
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    I've spoken to a migration consultant and we registered our relationship last October and my working holiday visa expired in February. By registering your relationship that waivers and helps the factor of nor being in a 12 month relationship. Just so everyone knows also our baby was not planned it shocked us both up when we found out the news . There has been people apparently got there visa approves with 3 to 6 months time only so I'm feeling preety confident, I've done everything i can and I've basically been very truthful about everything so can't do much more than that.
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    You can apply for work rights if you can show hardship. However, be aware that employers don’t particularly like employing people on a bridging visa. This visa has a processing time of 50 years. During which time, you would have only access to limited health care under the reciprocal arrangement. You would have no access to state benefits. And, as the Australian government has done previously, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is abolished in the future. This would mean potentially having to suddenly leave Australia. At the moment, it is moot anyway as Australia is not processing temporary offshore visas and not allowing entry to anyone that isn’t a permanent resident or citizen. You would be far better looking at the skilled route.
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    Have to agree with you about the Sunshine Coast Paul bit I am biased.
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    I’d suggest you take advice from a migrant agent before you do what you’re suggesting. That doesn’t sound like a great plan. Just make sure you are doing it the right way, take advice.
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    It’s a large city now so there are good and bad schools and good and bad areas. You won’t be able to secure a rental before you arrive anyway, so the best bet is to book a holiday let for three or four weeks when you first arrive and have a drive around the suburbs. I know two managers at my old workplace who lived in Newcastle. They got promoted to the Sydney office but they refused to move their families from Newcastle, because they felt it was such a great place to bring up kids. Says it all really
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    Heck! You are in a right old mood s713. Your posts today are so negative. Cheer up, it might never happen.
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    my mate sam said it was just a fist fight. And I believe him.
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    Yes, it's not uncommon. Unfortunately there's nothing he can do except apply for his own visa. There is a Remaining Relative Visa in theory, but it's not worth applying for. Only a few of them are granted every year, and the queue just gets longer and longer - he'll be in his 60's before he gets it. Currently, even with Covid-19, holders of permanent visas are allowed to come to Australia. So if he can get a permanent visa, he'll be able to move. If all he can get is a temporary employer-sponsored visa, then it won't be useful until the borders open again, which might not be till next year.
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    Received an e-mail from the Victoria Museum, asking if they could put one of my fish photos in their reference files. I had been asking around if anyone knew what my little fish was and the Victoria Museum came up with the consensus of opinion that it was a barred yellowtail shad; a member of the trevally family. Odd Spot...It is considered common, but in 25 years of fishing here, it is the first time I have caught one. Cheers, Bobj.
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    Lived in Australia for over 40 years now. Never encountered any of the hazards mentioned in your list. It's easy to avoid bushfires by not living in or near the bush, it's easy to avoid floods by not moving to a flood-prone area. Swim at patrolled beaches to avoid sharks. Hardly any wildlife are found in the suburbs where most people live. Spiders are a beat-up, never see any, never known anyone injured by one. And there are no flies or mozzies where I live in beach-side Sydney. Over 25 million people live here quite happily - forget about the whingeing poms on this site, some of them have made it their life's work to find things to have a moan about. The biggest annoyance for me in living here isn't even mentioned in your list - and that's the cockroaches that are endemic in coastal Sydney (but you do get used to).
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    Moved from Surrey to SE Queensland with wife and daughter 5 years ago. We have managed to survive all the earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters so far. Most people we have met since arriving not so lucky. Its a wonder there is anyone left alive, frankly. Seriously, we are just hanging on. Best stay in East Sussex. Keep safe!
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    Honestly depending on your interpretation of the posts, Australia must be a pretty awful/dangerous place to live. The recent fires were absolutely dreadful, and your heart goes out to everyone who was affected, but not all of Australia was affected. and there have been bad floods, but other countries have also had similar. I read that flood victims in UK are still waiting to return to their homes, and the fires for example in America were bad. I’m from the UK, and moved to the Sunshine Coast 17 years ago., and there is nowhere else I would rather be. I have lived in Africa and Borneo, spent lots of time in the UAE, so can compare Australia with more than just UK. Of course it doesn’t suit everyone, nowhere does. I have seen 3 snakes in the garden in that time, my husband assured me they were harmless tree snakes, he is no expert! No bad spiders but they are probably around. We are not overly bothered by flies or mosquitoes. No crocodiles here except in the zoo, and not many shark attacks either. Summer is hot and humid for 3/4 months but the rest of the year is lovely. I admit I don’t walk so much in summer, but for the other 9 months i am out most days, no problem at all, and I have to admit to being in my 70’s. Life is what you make it, wherever you end up. Quoll, I was in Borneo during dreadful smoke from fires, that went on for weeks, couldn’t see much further than 10ft, and my husband could even smell smoke in the flight deck thousands of feet up in the air, fires happen. Best not mention the sand flies there, I flew back to UK with over 30 bites on my back once. I really find the wasps are a problem in England in summer. Nowhere is safe.
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    If you are really that nervous about crocs, heat, etc etc don't choose to live in tropical Queensland. Fires will always be a danger in Australia. We have lived in Perth, Sydney and now Tasmania and apart from the odd spider and the humidity in Sydney (yuck) we have never encountered any of the other things you've listed.
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    Stufftif... But stood outside at 5.55 to 6.05 Amazing, the number of candles lit along our street to remember them. Cheers, Bobj.
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    They're probably newspaper editors and journalists, making up click bait stories so that they can continue to dine off the lives of others. Its always a "source" which could be Moira from the tearoom who heard from Betty that Agnes' daughter used to work with a guy that dated the sister of someone that worked for Meghan. The story is also semi plausible but completely generic "guy moves overseas, might miss home, could put pressure on relationship". Groundbreaking journalism. The sooner they're left alone to get on with their own lives the better.
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    Hi guys, I'm trying to find out some information on applying for PR, I'm currently on a 457 via and now allowed to apply for a 186 Visa, If there are any good posts in this forum please point them out as I can't find them and hate to be that person which posts up a topic which has already been spoken about, My company is allowing me to apply for PR, the visa is called Permanent Employer Sponsored or Nominated Visa 186 on the ImmiAccount website, I will be applying for the visa by myself and not going through an agency, but the agency is working with my company on their end for the process, I'm just trying to find the documentation I need to gather or advice to get my application in place, So far this is the information I need to gather Medical Examination (X-Ray, AIDS, etc) has to be completed by Bupa A criminal background check by Australian Police Service A criminal background check by home country Police Service Identity Documents (passport, driving license) Skills and qualifications (degree papers) CV, employer references ID (scanned photos, bankstatments) I'm under 40 and single, Britsh so I believe the rest of the requirements don't matter for me (such as English language documents, partner, dependents, etc) Is there anything I am missing or advice I might need? I would appreciate any help, Please let me know if you have any questions if I have made a mistake, Thanks, Adam
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    Just as an aside. My son was walking in the bush in Gippsland yesterday and spotted this. One old timer reported that the big cat of the Bowens was legend so he will leave his camera out for a while and see if it returns. Must say I’m not happy that he’s there with the 2 granddaughters