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    Not sure if anyone else has seen this. It was in the text of the auto response email received from WAParents today. IMPORTANT NOTE Finalisation of many Parent Visa applications will be put on hold for a period of approximately two months. The situation will be reviewed in late May 2020, and further extension/s will be provided if necessary.
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    Had a quiet day today, spent most of it wired up to my IV fluids, BP kept dropping to between 75-80/42-54 so was in and out of consciousness. I would usually be admitted to hospital but I’m not telling anyone.There isn’t anything they can do and it’s more risky there. ‘On the positive finished watching Mr Mercedes that was good.
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    FINALLY I GOT MY PR ...🥳 All the best all of u guys..
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    Still there if anyone wants to see three aligned planets. @Toots Look east at about 40deg. Cheers, Bobj.
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    Bonnie Scotland is the prettiest place in UK. A standard of living and way of life way beyond anything they have away out there. Scenery and endless miles of pristine unspoilt clean deserted beaches to die for. Highly recommended.
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    Impressed hoe boris is handling this, can you imagine if it was corbyn and abbot.
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    You will only get the test if you are hospitalised I believe. Which is why nobody will ever get a grasp of infection rates or mortality rates of COVID 19. It is much the same here.
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    If you ever had doubts as to the power of bots on the internet. As soon as trump put forward the idea of the economy restarting in April, I have seen wave after wave of supporting posts on social media. It's quite amazing. I'm almost believing it myself. The cure can't be worse than the disease. I even saw on post on another site that said a quick death could have been a blessing for many of these senile old dears. That was posted on the day we lost a healthy 19 year old in the UK. Trump really wants the markets to go up, and he is doing everything he can short of actually tackle the disease to make them go up.
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    My eldest has been informed by the department of health that she has been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and should self isolate. Which comes as no surprise as she already knew a student on her course had tested positive (the Uni already informed her) but she was last in class with the student a week ago. She could have been infecting all sorts of people in the meantime. She hasn't because she barely leaves her room normally and has been going out even less with the virus but the potential was there.
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    I believe one of the criteria is close contact with someone with COVID 19 though I may be wrong. The criteria for testing though needs to be widened considerably. I would say, at a minimum everyone displaying symptoms and everyone carrying out essential services in healthcare, social care, retail, even logistics. We are trying to contain this blindfold.
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    Hi guys, I’ve never posted nor been a member of this forum before but i’ve been visiting it several times for the last 4 years and it did bring me comfort. So here’s to helping or maybe inspiring someone else out there to keep hope and keep pushing! Applied for Nomination & Visa 187 - Perth - Disability Support Officer - 22/08/2016 Nomination Refused - 11/10/17 Visa Refused - 17/11/2017 AAT Applied - 04/12/2017 AAT Opened case and requested more information - 29/11/2019 Documents Sent - 13/12/2019 Nomination Approved by AAT & sent to IMMI to review Visa - 13/02/2020 Request for Medical & police clearance from IMMI - 21/02/2020 Police Clearance Provided - 25/02/2020 Medical Clearance Done - 26/02/2020 Visa granted 24/03/2020 Good luck to anyone out there still waiting. The road is long and hard and several times I have wanted to give up. But finally I got there! So maybe you will too!
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    Please keep posting, let us know how the Drs telephone call goes, we might only know each other via PIO, but we can and do support each other, All the best for tomorrow xM
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    Daniel Andrews is no Scott Morrison. Here in the big smoke we have not even seen or heard from DA, thankfully.
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    Hi OzinEire, According to Australian High Commission London, they are operating as normal, however, there might be some delays in Visa Processing due to Covid-19, this is comforting. On the flip side, till 2 weeks ago a lot of people on the forum were posting news about their Grants. Since last week I haven't seen any, this is worrying. We will get there eventually !. Stay Safe.
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    The food will return to the shelves in the shops.....you just need to let all the idiots fill up their cupboards first then they will stop buying giving the shops an opportunity to refill the shelves......we have noticed this weekend that the shops are starting to return to some kind of superstore resemblance......you just need to keep calm about everything because its the panic that creates all the problems......We have had all our National trust parks closed over the weekend.....its a crazy decision.....people need to go out of their front door......you cannot be locked away for months at a time so to shut all the parks just forces people to congregate in smaller public areas.....if parks were open then there would be more space to exercise/walk etc This virus struggles to survive outside......UV.....temp all have an affect on it....the positives of allowing people to get out and walk will out way the negatives of the virus.....I wonder how many people are contemplating suicide because they are terrified of this virus......how many people after 3 months locked up are going to be mentally fit not to mention their physical health.....it all must be put into perspective.....at the moment it seems its just panic panic panic about this virus.
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    None of us know what any of them are like really. Kate plays the part very well. Always smiling, looks nice, seems a doting wife and mother, has produced kids as would be expected and the kids look sweet. She may be genuinely lovely, she may be the complete opposite behind the scenes. I’m not keen on Andrew. Can’t say I’m a royal lover at all really although I don’t dislike them. It’s not their fault they were born into that family, something very few people would want.
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    Palm Cove, Port Douglas & Kuranda
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    Venus Bay, VIC Diamond Bay, Mornington Peninsula Eden Inverloch, VIC Mogo, NSW
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    i really liked Launceston when i was there last year.
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    Tasmania also has lovely beaches and mountains.
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    Tasmania has a lot for such a small place. Good farming country, vineyards, towns with character, mountains and rainforests.
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    The Kimberlies and Northern Territory desert Cheers, Bobj.
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