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    Having seen some posts from my Scottish relatives, I think I see why they've done that. They're seeing families out with their kids and grandparents as if it's holiday time I'm sure there are lots of parents doing the responsible thing, but the crowds at Bondi yesterday demonstrates how many stupid people there are in society. Once the schools are closed - which they will be next week I believe - I bet we'll start seeing kids hanging around in shopping malls and playing with other kids in the park. Keeping the schools open must be horribly stressful for teachers but at least it keeps children out of circulation.
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    Hope your feeling better soon pal....... As an update. Symptoms have been mild today. This time yesterday i thought I was going to have to call 999 now I feel reasonably well. Fingers crossed it's on its way out. The worst thing about this though is that it comes in wave after wave, you think you're getting better then you get hit with another one. I have never experienced anything like this in my life if and hope it never too again. Stay well everyone and thanks for your thoughts.
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    The UK and Australian governments are saying you don't need to wear a face mask, and good luck finding any anyway. But this article is interesting - the research shows that even a DIY mask cuts the risk of transmission: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/258525804_Testing_the_Efficacy_of_Homemade_Masks_Would_They_Protect_in_an_Influenza_Pandemic I was talking to a retired doctor online yesterday. He said that when he was a student, he had his own cotton masks, which lasted right through his studies. There are hospitals in the US putting out appeals for volunteers to hand-sew cotton masks for them, here's how to make them if you want to make your own:
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    I probably used the wrong word, i meant the big wig types, not a regular bank worker person. And the point i was trying to make wasn't comparing me to them. I was comparing the wages that support workers get (I'm not a support worker) to the money that big wigs get and the ones that are incredibly important in these times; NHS workers, Health Care Assistants, Carers, Support Workers, Shop assistants, public safety, utility workers and so on. All on poor poor wages. All I'm trying to say is times like these appear to have highlighted how important the lowest paid workers are...i think it's nice positive sentiment!
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    And I thought I was the only one. All my working life, I had a desk planner on my desk - even once they went out of style. The reason? So I could remember what day it was. For some weird reason, I've always had trouble remembering what day it is, even when I was in my twenties. They say the brain only retains what's important, and at some point my brain must have decided days of the week aren't important, because I'm hopeless.
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    Same here. Over 70s and some health issues allowed going out but keepa distance from others. Only very high risk groups need to stay home completely.......at the moment. This will likely change because people are morons it seems.....
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    As a Registered Manager of a Residential Care Home with a high risk young fella with tons of underlying health issues these are very trying times for me and my team. To go alongside that i have a visa that needs activating by December (hopefully it'll be ok by then but who knows?!) so all in all coronavirus is affecting me on a number of levels. I have asthma too so it could be bad for me if I got it. I think they key worker list in the UK shows just how important the lowest paid people are in society - they should be appreciated more and they should have better lives. Support workers are expected to go to work and have absolutely no option to work from home yet they are paid so poorly - usually minimum wage. Are the bankers and stock workers helping out right now? Or are they figuring out how to cash in on this?
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    I've seen that too, before the virus - people using gloves to handle food and then taking money without taking the gloves off. I think gloves are a good idea if people use them properly
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    You are far more on the ball than I am Ramot. Since I retired, I never know what day of the week it is. I'll take a look at the calendar and think "Is it really that date! Time is just flying by".
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    In less than a month from hardly any cases of Coronavirus had been reported in Italy. Now sadly over 4.000 people have died. The rest of the world is mad not to take every precaution possible and take the threat very seriously
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    Just that flat earther, anti vaxxer perthbum
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    Because I have more than one thing to say and the sentiment still stands applicable to what i rectified it to in the second post, big wig types figuring out how to cash in on this, like this guy. I mean i can list every occupation that has an over-inflated income in my opinion if you like? I'm sorry Tulip1 for my basic point which i obviously didn't explain well enough - support workers should be paid more, and knob heads making money out of this shouldn't be allowed. My apologies for my lack of eloquence and depth of detail.
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    Sadly keeping schools open though
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    golf is fine, no restrictions
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    Sorry for Doug, know how painful a collapsed knee can be, stay safe and hunker down, that's going to be difficult I guess for someone as active as yourself.
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    I like the boiled eggs theory; I worked in a fairly high-stress job for many years. I would sit down the night before work and go through my appointments diary. like many other people do. Yet even then and as now, I was losing track of the days. I am now retired and most of the time I haven't a clue what day it is and that is a good thing, the way I see it. Self Isolation even for 6 months is a time to review and to take stock and to discover what other things you can plan for and achieve. It can be a good opportunity to see yourself doing things you may never have dreamed. What is the differnce between Monday and Saturday?...........Nothing but boiled eggs. The way I look at it is this. This current scourge will end, and so I will use the ensuing time to be in a happier and healthier position when it does.
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    Rang my nan up just now for mothers day, as my grandad passed a few years ago she's on her own, she's upset at being more isolated than she already is. She has health issues. My mum and auntie and uncle are going round to visit but separately, I feel really bad that I can't be there aswell but it's for the best. I was planning on going home for a week over Easter but I think i'll have to stay here, as it'd mean getting in two trains or two coaches (they will be reduced or cancelled soon anyway) going through London, and my home town is one of the worst hit cities currently .
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    You guys are a few weeks behind the UK in the evolution of this thing. As someone in the UK, forget masks and gloves. There is only one thing to do. Go home, stay home. Literally stay home. For those that dont know / don't follow UK news anymore. This is where we are: Schools closed Universities and colleges closed Most none food shops closed cafes, pubs restaurants and things closed Local government buildings like library's closed Churches closed I personally have just done a week of total isolation. I now have another 12 minimum to go.
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    I am confused by the gloves. A shop worker last week was wearing them whilst filling shelves, blowing his nose then working the till as I went to pay. It looks like people are being told to wear them, but don’t know when to change them and I doubt they are using sanitiser in the same way they might if they had bare hands so possibly more risk of infection as they are not being properly educated!
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    See, you can do it when you put your mind to it In other news:
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    Apparently vaccuum bags are good material for this. They help you to stop spread if you are infected. If you are not leave masks for people who really need them. A bandana is good as it stops you touching your nose and mouth when out. We all do this a lot without even realising it.
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    On a lighter note, Now we are self isolating, it’s difficult to know what day of the week it is with no structure now to the day. To help our ageing brains we will have boiled eggs for breakfast every Sunday,, so at least if we can remember we will know the next day is Monday the start of another week. Any other useful tips to help our predicament? Thank you
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    So Trump isn't a racist then? Or is he a racist......I think I can be pretty certain.....I would go as far as saying 100% that you think Trump is a racist and you use words like "xenophobia" to label people and put them into boxes which is something you also like to do.....so Parley was correct......the point he was ,making was that you labelled Trump a xenophobe (racist) for closing the borders....."an exercise in total futility which only served to stoke up xenophobia which has served him well and was doubtless his motivation".....thats pretty much what you said so c'mon mate.....if you write it....own it.....
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    When ???? After the sars outbreak in 2003 , nothing was done . China's economy has been trashed ? - I dont think so . China has all engines firing again , and is on an upward curve , already The timing of all of this ,is very convenient , just when the democracy movement in Hong kong was gaining some traction .
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