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    I live just south of Narooma. It’s the biggest town in our area and where I go to do shopping, see doctors etc. My husbands family has lived in or around Narooma since the area was first settled. It’s a beautiful place that is swamped with tourists in the warmer months but lots of people visit on weekends as well. The ‘empty houses’ Dusty Plains mentioned are holiday homes owned by people mainly from Canberra and Sydney. There doesn’t seem to be much crime and it’s pretty friendly although it can take a while to make friends if you keep to yourself. If you join the local clubs like surf lifesaving or volunteer firefighting etc you’ll be accepted and made to feel welcome. The golf course is gorgeous and follows the cliffs around the beach. When whales migrate you can see them from the golf course and areas around there. The schools are good especially the primary school. Shops are basic but you can get everything you need. We go to Canberra regularly for the weekend if we want a major shopping hit or want to see the ballet etc. It’s about 3 hr drive but it’s a pretty drive and doesn’t seem that far now I’m used to it.
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    Sorry to hear that @simmo. Go to the hospital or doctor asap. Don't try and be a hero or sit there suffering.
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    Has @simmo posted at all the last couple of days. Hoping all ok there. Let us know if you are on the road to recovery.
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    Just that flat earther, anti vaxxer perthbum
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    There’s been so much noise about “not enough being done” etc - it’s really good to see measured, well thought out things being done rather than reflexive “don’t think, just do something” nonsense. This is government governmenting like you hope they can. The lack of politics and inter party fighting has been really refreshing and has actually started to restore my faith that maybe not every single one of them is a self-serving c unit. Did anyone watch Question Time the other night? Matt Hancock and Andy Burnham having sensible, conversations and agreeing with each other on the joined up approach that’s being taken. Despite still managing to raise points specific to their own manifesto. It was actually like 2 reasonable and educated adults conversing. Was mind blowing. Even Eton are helping out. They closed to their pupils on Wednesday and as well as providing the below they’re making the boarding houses available to local medical staff who may not be able to get home, plus making their online courses available nationally. And according to the article, the school is picking up the tab for the lot.
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    Wow, just wow. UK Government to pay up to 80% of wages. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-51982005 Has that ever happened before? If the message that this isn’t serious doesn’t get through now then I have no idea what will.
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    Very bold and commendable action indeed. It's been interesting to see politicians coming together, blurring the lines of left and right and getting rid of the petty bickering normally seen in politics. Not a fan of Mr Johnsons political leanings but have to applaud this move as it will be of huge relief to many families. It would be nice to see it extended to self employed individuals as well but it's an excellent start.
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    His wife wasn't well either. Hope they are both alright.
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    She kept saying 'oh I'd rather be stuck here than back home hahahahaha'. Well, now she is, and she isn't laughing anymore.
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    Well I don’t want to say exactly where I am on the internet but I live on a property roughly 30 mins south of Narooma. The closest township to our place is Bermagui but it’s more straight forward to drive from our place to Narooma than to go to Bermagui. I don’t know if you have ventured down this way yet but driving into Bermagui involves crossing a lot of one way bridges and it’s easy to get stuck behind slow moving traffic. It’s a nice drive though if you aren’t in a hurry and the town is very pretty so you should definitely visit if you haven’t been already.
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    Do as I do, work online.
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    With only a third of the numbers, the school can seat children further away from each other, so they can achieve social distancing.
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    I looked into this once. I agree there is too much that can go wrong. I would say you'd be much better off to either (a) lower your expectations and buy a smaller place in a cheaper area to get into the market, or (b) rent where you want to live, and buy an investment property somewhere cheaper. Properties in regional areas are much cheaper so you stand a good chance of finding something you could afford. The capital gain won't be as good - however country properties can often command high rents, and you can get some great tax breaks if you choose wisely. When I owned an investment property, not only did I pay no tax on the rent, I got a big tax refund on my PAYE tax as well.
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    Bad news is Australia banned all visitors but good news is family members can travel. Like husband wife so just pray for visas
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    “The Earth is flat and man didn’t land on the moon”
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    Because the UK govt haven't thought anything thro, it was obvious this would have to happen 3 weeks ago but they are acting as if it's come as a surprise. Matt Hancock the Health Minister seemed terribly pleased with himself when he claimed today the there were 150 trucks of protective equipment for delivery today to hospitals when deaths have climbed to over a hundred and still GP surgeries say the do not have testing kits nor adequate protective gear. And the govt refuse to say it is a childcare measure, it seems to me that there is no joined up thinking happening in govt, it's all kneejerk stuff with, it seems, many in our govt not wanting to impose restrictions on the populace, which they will have to do eventually. The longer its left the worse the situation will be of course
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    There was a call held between various industry groups and the relevant minister to discuss visa implications of the “ban” and on this matter we were informed that people “who have been granted a permanent visa offshore are still permitted to enter Australia, even where they have not previously been to this country.”
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    HI guys , Hope everyone safe and stay strong against this COV19Crisis. Is anybody know when you are hold bridging visa A while you waiting this 186 grant, can employees change their condition to work part time of casual for your employer who nominating you for a PR ? My workplace will shut and they have to cut fulltimer for next 4 weeks. Hope you guys will not experience this issue. THANKS
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    Just a bit of light relief. So much so all this singing I think I have the crooner virus!
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    Stufftif...But got a knock on the door and a lady asking if I was Bob, On affirmation, she proceeded to ask how many toilet rolls I needed????? Seems that a Facebook regular had asked a person to send some to me. After a few giggles, I was given 4... Cheers, Bobj.
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    No, but it's a nice enough little place, fun to watch the seals at the opening. Small NSW country town with all that implies, lots of tourists and I should imagine a fairly cliquey local mob. Lots of retirement places down that part of the coast.
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    Hi all, Just wanted to let you know. We got our Visa granted today.
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