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    So I got up, had some soup and toast, had a shower, took a powder. Still feeling sh!t but no worse so hopefully in recovery mode. Called my dad - seems ok but he is one of the most at risk (mylema) so I'm worried. Made me think about what's important in life. We should start being nicer to each other - never know what's around the corner. To all the at risk people on here, please take it seriously! To those who can't (take it seriously), do it for those people above who's life might depend on you. Sermon over. Now I need something funny to watch. Any recommendations?
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    One for Simmo, Very Stormy and for anyone else on PIO who is feeling glum.
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    Happy to say I’m now officially an Australian Citizen! Ceremony went ahead today, albeit with Social Distancing and no photographer or friends/families allowed. No reception afterwards either. A strange day, but understandable given the current environment. Happy to finally become an Aussie! It’s been a rocky road at times, but I finally made it! Good luck everyone on your journeys! Over and out! Dean
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    Hii Guys Just update Applied Nomination and visa Dec 17 Nomination granted today. Looking forward to hear good news. Thanks
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    There is no ability under the current legislation to "extend" a visa. The Department's advice on this is that all visa holders onshore should apply for an "appropriate" visa, which would likely be another visitor visa. If there is a no further stay condition on the current visa that needs to be waived first, and the Department says it will take a "flexible approach" to this. They have diverted additional resources to handling these requests.
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    We imported 2 vehicles in our separate names as you use the name the vehicle is registered in. Also my car went in the container as the general shipping was in my name. My Wife was a returning Australian but still had to comply. I don't know how old your Volvo is but read my post before I cannot speak more highly of Iron Lady who were great and their agent in Perth saved me being wrongly charged thousands in stamp duty. (You have to collect your car from a compliance centre. The licensing centre tried to charge stamp duty on its shipped value - does not apply to a personal import - but luckily the Iron Lady agent had warned me to object. The girl had to ask her supervisor who then accepted it was a personal import.) And collection and compliance were handled smoothly for us. But in hindsight I would not recommend bringing a UK Volvo to Australia unless you realise what may happen and have money. Volvo were good in extending the warranty for Australia but I then paid $2000 for a 2 year extension (on advice from a dealer) as parts are expensive and may have to come in from Sweden. I couldn't adapt the GPS for Australia. My 5 year service cost an arm and a leg - I thought the dealer was joking with me as he read the numbers singly...2, 1,...2..4...then I looked at the invoice and it was 2 thousand 1 hundred etc....Since writing the post, Volvo have closed one of 2 dealerships in Perth (and one now covers ALL Western Australia) and, had I bought a new Volvo, I would be facing a 90 km trip each way on the most congested part of the freeway to get it serviced or repaired. And fears of being stranded if more that 150 kms from Perth (the generally applied recovery limit unless its a brand new car). Don't want to be a killjoy. Been here 8 years and love it.
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    As suggested in another post, China needs to answer some critical questions that the world will be soon asking. No its not too early to be thinking about the next virus coming out of China. It will be interesting to see if the UN General Assembly has the ticker to ask these questions. I doubt it . We are told this is the Asian Century. Funny that. The Chinese people that I met did not consider themselves Asian any more than a whole lot of people in the UK would consider themselves to be European.
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    That's what I thought. Life is pretty crazy at the moment regardless of which country you're in. Fingers crossed for you and good luck.
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    Yes, all Australian banks are covered by a bank guarantee of up to $250,000.
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    The u.s has just started trials on people , in Seattle. Once all this dies down ,and it will , I hope the bloody chinese are held to account .
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    Paracetamol OK, ibuprofen and cortisone aren’t
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    stick to the paracetamol......I heard a few days ago that Ibuprofen can be bad with this virus.....the anti inflammatory can aggravate the infection.....its funny all the stories that come out when something like this happens but there is apparently some truth in it......
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    Hope your on the mend soon
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    So brilliantly written and absolutely spot on! https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/15/kate-reveals-she-is-up-to-carrying-out-that-royal-duty-bearing-a-grudge-against-harry-meghan?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
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    Also slightly confused - surely it is your parents that have to provide evidence for the Parent Visa 143, and not the child (in your case dependent adult) I did not realise that immigration/centerlink contacted all dependent adults directly. Maybe Others on this forum with dependent adults could assist/provide some useful information for you / or your parents
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    When Coronavirus has run its course it, the world will be asking China to please explain. We need to go to the source of these outbreaks. The source for both SARS and now seemingly Coronavirus (SARS is also a form of Coronavirus) stem from the culture at Wet Markets in China. I have been to the wet markets in Xian the walled city, in Xiang Province in western China, which overall was fairly clean Wet markets are those where the streets and alleyways are wet from the melting ice from the many seafood vendors and for the fact that the blood and guts from slaughtered animals is hosed down. The issue is cultural, or it was when I was there, in relation to wild animals. Some chinese people, not all of course, believe that consuming wild animals is a sign of wealth and status. You can purchase, at significant cost, wild animals in wet markets and have them slaughtered in front of you, The worst that I saw was the slaughter of Wolf cubs. The vendor will tell you that warm meat is the best meat. That is the culture and practice that needs to be outlawed and eradicated. Its the custom that is the problem. If people are willing to pay high prices for wild animals, then a market will follow. Strangely the wet markets are actually regulated to some extent. There were police everywhere in the Xian markets, but they were only after the clandestine pirate DVD vendors.
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    Do enlighten us, I need cheering up.
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    It's OK my friend already has a cure for this latest outburst...... If things carry on then I'll post a separate thread ..........also has a reason why all this has started.... The US are to blame ...viral experiment gone wrong ....
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    I found some paracetamol powders that seem to help with the headache and temperature. The dry cough and no snot seem to make it feel different from a conventional cold/flu. Dry lips too.
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    Liverpool are probably going to be the only team in history to retain a trophy after being knocked out of the competition......
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    Cheers, Bobj.A bit of class
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    Telarc Digital combo CD Erich Kunzel conducting the Cincinnati Symphony Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture, Op. 49 Capriccio Italian, Op. 45 Cossack Dance from Mazeppa
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    The fact that he chased him will I feel be his downfall. I am 100% in favour of protecting home and family BUT once you chase someone outside and kill them while trying to detain them you are on thin ice legally.
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